The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

The significance of your blessing

September 27, 1987

My brothers and my sisters,

Jesus said, "What does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world but lose his own soul?" In the same way, I want you to understand the significance of your blessing and your spouse. What will it really profit you if you become a great leader, the very best in your mission, or even win the whole world, but lose your blessing? Or perhaps, you win the admiration of the whole Church, the top leaders, you are loved by the whole world, but you lose your spouse? Can the whole world love you in the same position as your spouse? Have you thought about this? There is only one person out of all the people in the world who can represent this closest love. That is your spouse, however humble he or she may be or however great he or she may be.

Even if your spouse is very great, the important thing to you is not how great your spouse is but how much he/she loves you. Isn't that true? If your spouse does not love you, it doesn't really matter how great he/she is in others' eyes, right? That's because there is nothing greater to God than love. It's that simple. And so the most important thing for each of us is how great a reflection of God's love we can become.

To make a base for God's love to come, the husband and wife must come to reflect God. The husband and wife have to be united. The degree to which God's love can come is the precise degree to which they are able to unite. Because the husband and wife are united they become a substantial body of God. Then, there would be no envy between husband and wife. The husband would not be envious because his wife carries the child, for example, because he would be so close to his wife that in fact it would be like his own body carrying the child. From the wife's side, she would not be envious that her husband has a more commanding position, because to her, he is like her own body.

A husband and a wife together make the complete image of God. Centered on love, the united husband and wife can do anything. This is the Principle. This is the ideal. This is what you have all been working so hard for. You have to realize the value of your own marriage. Without marriages like that, God Himself cannot experience True Love, and God Himself cannot see His own image substantially.

The more a husband and wife are united, the more successful they will be, because they will attract and make a base for God's power to come. Without Mother, Father could not be the Messiah. So whatever your mission, however important your duties, or however unimportant you may feel, the truly most important thing is the degree of love and unity that you are making in your own marriage.

This is how all people of the world were meant to live. All children were meant to be born into families like this. All creation was to exist to bring joy to families like this. This would be heaven on earth. Please pray about this. I love you. God bless you.

Your Brother,
Heung Jin Nim

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