The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

You're the Teachers

September 27, 1987
To the 40-day Workshop at the New Yorker Hotel

Good evening, brothers and sisters, I have been listening to your prayers. I am so affected by your prayers. I have been just waiting here listening to your prayers; and I feel so many different characters of prayer, so many different versions that you have.

Some of you are coming from places that are very heavily burdened. It is hard for you to accomplish a whole lot, because you are carrying a great weight from your ancestors. Please have patience. And brothers and sisters who have good fortune, who have light burdens, who have good ancestors, please reach out to those ones who suffer and struggle.

You brothers and sisters who have burdens, who suffer and struggle, have great weight on you. Maybe you don't know why. Maybe you're very embarrassed about it, it's hard for you to talk about. Please, please try to confess, as Rev. A. says, even if it's just to someone you can trust. Find someone you can love, even confess to me. God will help. And brothers and sisters who have a greater fortune, a lesser indemnity, a greater ability, please, please don't just rush forward, egotistically desiring to get merit and accolades for yourselves. Please don't be concerned about position, and don't be preoccupied with your external mission, but take some time to look back at your brothers and sisters who are heavily burdened. And really search in your own heart for the resources to speak to them.

All of you here, have been called as leaders of our Church. Our True Father knows each one of you, and so you are in a position to hold out the helping hand. But I just want you really to find within yourselves the resources of love, the resources of heart. I am a resource for you. Let me be a resource. Don't just rely on your own personality. Sometimes you can give your own testimony, but go deeper than that, to God's heart. And really serve your enemy, love your enemy Cain. They're not your enemy in the sense that they are trying to maul you or molest you. But you make them your enemy when you're afraid of them or when you push them away.

When you alienate them, you make them your enemy. Because you don't love them enough through your Abel position, your Jacob position. Please be like Jesus, like a hen who longs to gather her brood under her wing. He wanted to gather all of Jerusalem together. You be like that. Gather your members, gather your brothers and sisters, touch their hearts, lift off their burdens. Then they can rush forward; they can support you very much. And you can be much, much greater. Not just one super leader with some difficult members that he feels resentment about, and tries to replace or kick out or something. But be a more humble leader, who waits for a while for them to catch up, and then goes forward together.

You are all called as different parts of the body of our True Parents. Some of you are great speakers. Some of you can pray really strongly. Some of you can lecture well. Some of you can sing well. Some of you can witness well. Take that gift that God has given to you and develop it. Have heavenly pride about it. Don't be jealous of others who have a different gift. Satan will tell you that somebody else is getting ahead of you, or Satan will tell you that you should resent someone else, or he will make you jealous, or make you want to tear someone down. This is not only destructive, but it distracts you from the gift that you have in your own heart. Find that gift, find that golden center of yourselves, brothers and sisters. You're the golden center of love, the golden center of God's heart.

My brothers and sisters, I really respect you all very, very much. Even the youngest one of you. I really love you and respect you. All the True Children really love and respect the members, while the members are envious or jealous, or have some walls or some crap in their minds towards them. My brothers and my sisters of the True Family can't show that love and that respect, because there's that barrier blocking the way. You're not ready to receive it. You wouldn't understand it. But brothers and sisters, I hope that you recognize the meaning of this. I really want to bow down before you. (He bows.)

Because I am your servant. And if you're servants then I'm a servant of servants. I am the Lord, but if I'm just a Lord up here by myself, with a few other spirit men, I'm not very happy. If I've got to go down to the servant of servant position, I will. I'll give up all of my glory to come and meet you. Please look for me even when you are in the lowest place in yourself. Even when you're being most sinful. I'm not afraid of that! I'll be there with you! Don't you think I understand temptation? Don't you think I saw it all? I grew up in America. I listened to punk rock. I know what kind of abominable sins are in your hearts, and used to be in your lives. It doesn't bother me. True Parents' love is totally victorious. It's like a raging fire; and that sin is just like autumn leaves, that get burned up into nothing. You've just got to rake up the leaves and light it with the match of truth, the word of truth.

Don't be afraid of your sin. Face it! Take responsibility for it! Take it in hand! Flatten it, choke it; it has no power over you. You have True Parents; you have the Principle; you have your original mind. Grow up. I grew up very fast. I got a crash course. I got a crash course! Do you want that kind of crash course? You don't want it. It's not fun. But you've got to have that same kind of guts. Don't be afraid of your sin; don't run away from it. Turn around, face it. Put it up there where everybody can see it. We've all got the same sins, they are variations of the same fallen nature. Just put it up there and we'll all shoot it down together.

Then you'll really be powerful; you'll be juggernauts. You're like the U.S. Navy now, in the Persian Gulf. You've got all the fire power in the world, but you're not sure about your will, and these little motor boats of Satan go around in circles around you, hogtying you. You become a laughing stock. You're just like the U.S. Navy. Come on, fire a few shells at Satan. Knock him out of the water. Clean it up; clean up the whole world. It's just your will, brothers and sisters. I have a true will. I'll lead your will in the right direction, right towards True Parents. I won't stop until you get there. I won't stop; you may stop; you may get tired, but I won't stop. If you get tired, I go to somebody else. When you get some energy, I'll come back to you.

This 40-day workshop make it a victory, each one of you. How can the whole workshop be a victory if it's not your own personal victory? We don't want 99 percent victory, our Father wants 100 percent victory. But that might mean that some of you who are flying high have got to reach out to someone who is dragging, who is depressed. It might mean that. So ask me tomorrow, whom would I like you to talk to. You don't have to be heavy; you don't have to be holy. Just be a friend. Just share something; give something that's valuable. I really love being here with all of you. And I'm learning with you. I'm struggling with you. I'm laughing with you. It's a great experience. Make it bear fruit, brothers and sisters, with your own resurrected hearts, your own repentant hearts, close to True Parents' hearts, attending True Parents' hearts.

I really am looking forward to you all lecturing. Don't be afraid of lecturing. Just get up there on stage, and just give all you've got. Just give it all you've got; give it your heart. But do it with humility and seriousness. Nobody wants to see your ego up there. Give it all with God's heart.

It's a great workshop. I feel comfortable to be with you. I know there are still some rocky points; there are many rocky points in the spirit world in this workshop. But it is becoming more calm; it is becoming more strong. It's a beautiful experience. I really love it; I love it; I love it; I love the Principle. You love it too, don't you? (Yes.) Then really show Rev. A. that you love it. Support him absolutely. See the Principle from the inside, internally. Don't be so quick with your questions. Ask me for the answer; ask Heavenly Father for the answer. Read it a couple of times already. It'll come to you. Support Rev. A., really support him. Then he can really speak deeply. You can inherit something great from him. It won't rob you, it won't control, it won't wreck you; it won't brainwash you. It'll give something so precious to you, and then you can become someone greater than Rev. A.

When you're older you can teach 40-day workshops like this all over the world. In Africa, many brothers and sisters need your strong word of self-control. Everyone in the world in India, China, Russia. You're the teachers; God expects that of you. That's why Father wants you to learn how to lecture. Not so that you can just have a nice cozy home and fond memories. It's so you can multiply it. You've got to give yourself like Rev. Ahn does. Father needs people to go to Russia, go to China, go to India, go to Africa, go to South America, and be the rod of iron. This is where you get the rod of iron. Nowhere else but here. It's not going to happen by magic. It happens by memorizing it. It happens going into the melting furnace. With each other, the whole workshop must go into the melting furnace. Then it's victorious.

You're the leaders. And you're lovely brothers and sisters too. People love to follow you, just realize it. You've got great character, you're lovely people. Just let God come through you. You're inspiring. I mean it's no problem. The problem is inspiring yourself, and inspiring God. Then you can inspire the whole world, no problem. You're lovely brothers and sisters. That's why I bow down to you. That's why I long to speak to you.

Thank you for receiving me. I'm really grateful, and I thank you, and I love you, and I'll be with you always, wherever you go, I'll be with you always. I'm a true son of True Parents. I'm true and I'm faithful and I'm strong and I'm righteous and I'm loving. And I'm sacrificial. And I'll be with you always, brothers and sisters. There's nothing greater than the love of our True Parents. And I praise God and I praise our True Parents. Can I hear an amen? (Amen.)

Thank you.

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