The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To a prayer group of the 40-Day Workshop

September 22, 1987
At the New Yorker Hotel

Hey! Hey, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters!

I feel liberated by your prayers. I just want to tell you that I'm a regular guy, that I, you know, I'm a teenager in heart, I'm a regular guy. And your prayers are so powerful, and I'm liberated by them, because I have really powerful prayers, too. But what I want to tell you is that I can come any time, any time, because I'm a regular guy, and I can play with you, I can play music with you, I can sing with you, I can dance with you, anything you want to do. I want to do it with you.

In the letter I gave to T. today, it's about my wanting to be with you in your physical bodies. It's about the physical body. So T, just go ahead and read it. Just go ahead and read it; then I want to say something deeper.

(Actually Heung Jin Nim read the letter and inserted many comments about it while reading.)

How I long to have a physical body. Now it's OK; I'm really happy; I'm joyful because I'm one with God and with True Parents. And you know, eternally you won't have physical bodies either. Just a short time. I long to have a physical body. There's something great about it. You have a physical body; you don't know how blessed and precious this time is. Don't overlook one day. Take care of your body, your vehicle in the physical plane. Keep it clean and oiled and lubricated. It will serve you well, if you do (take care of it), for many, many years.

God set up the natural laws. To have dominion over the natural world means you understand those natural laws and dominate those laws. They are God's laws, and they are your own laws. They are for you to dominate, as part of your becoming co-creators, as part of your process of growth. You take dominion over the natural world; take dominion over your physical body. Live pure lives, pure and natural; take care of your bodies. Then it's easier for me to come into your body, for you to have a temple there inside.

To dominate them means to live according to those laws, those natural laws and principles you co-create them. No one has known the power of the physical body until our Father came, the man of God's spirit and God's dominion. Jesus could give his physical body to Heavenly Father just for a few minutes, for three hours on the cross. But it was a dying and tormented body.

But our True Father his body he can make love to our Mother, and he can speak to all of you brothers and sisters, he can dance in front of you, he can even drop his pants. He can do all of these wonderful and deep and powerful and lovely things. He can fish, he can wrestle, he can hunt, he can hike, he can breathe in and out the creation with his physical body. And our Heavenly Father can dwell on the earth in his body. Because it's pure, because it's totally offered. You do the same thing. Dominate your physical body. Dominate it and subjugate it! And really be strong; be strong with your physical bodies. Don't let it dominate you. And don't even let your regimen dominate your spirit, but just take care of your body, love your body. Dance, let your body dance and sing and let your body be pure.

Be pure, especially sexually. Let it be pure, let it be pure sexually. Clean it out; get rid of the poison blood, Satan's blood lineage. It really is in your body, you can feel it if you pray. It invades your body, even though it's a spiritual principle. It's spiritual blood, but it's really rooted in your physical body. Please purify yourselves; please be chaste. Even in your marriage relationships, you can have chastity. Chastity means conjugal chastity; it's a part of your marital relationship. Be chaste and pure, like our True Parents and like Hyo Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim, and like Ye Jin Nim and Jin Whi Nim. They have really powerful love, because they are pure and they are chaste. And you can be the same way.

Don't you see the power in his (True Father's) physical body his control? Father's joy of expression, his joy of life! The way that every muscle, every cell is united with his mind, united with his spirit, with his true mind.

For fallen man, the body is part of the creation that cries out in agony. It doesn't want to fulfill fallen desires. So it rots and it dies very young. It becomes very ugly. Sinners lose control of their bodies, and die a miserable death. Their joy is short-lived. Their agony is endless and endless; it seems eternal to them. You have a chance! You have a chance, my brothers and sisters. Don't let it pass by you, while you are in the physical world. You could leave any day. You never know when God may call you! I pray that you will live to a ripe, ripe, ripe old age. But you could go any time; you've got to be ready! You've got to be ready, any time. You have to be pure; confess all your sins, and repent before God. Any time. God's heart is aching over this agony. It seems like a knife in His heart, driven in there by Satan. And each sin you commit against your body, against each other, against God and True Parents, against your own integrity and original mind, only serves to drive that knife deeper into His heart.

Become open-heart surgeons. Open your heart, to repair God's heart. Let it beat freely again. Let His heart surge, and let the blood of life, the blood of His true lineage, flow through you. The heart and the blood. The heart pushes the blood of blessing, the blood lineage of relationship out to you. You are each a cell of God's body. And it also pulls it back to Him. From His heart to yours, and from yours to His, an endless flow of love.

Satan has stabbed His heart so it can't beat, and your sins keep the knife there. Evil demons and spirits in hell are like cholesterol in His veins, clogging the free flow of love, polluting the blood of life with death-dealing elements. The pure blood is pure energy to you. Sin robs you of energy. Father learned how to sleep three hours a night do you think it was only a physical process? No, it was spiritual. It was only the result of his coming into unity with God. As you grow closer to God, you will have more energy.

I want to tell you many things about myself, and about Father and Mother, and life with the True Family. You be my blood brother, blood sister, my kin, my clan, my cousins. Be with me in the True Family. Please come closer to me, and I can tell you many things. But it is not only your prayer, though that is the foundation. It is the conditions you set in your life, centered on Father's will, and you fulfilling your five percent, God's predestination for you. (The letter ended here.)

My brothers and sisters, you know I was born in our True Mother's womb. I was conceived by our Father's seed, by the seed of pure love. Our Father's pure, pure love, his strong love, his pure masculine love his pure masculine logos, masculine love entered into our Mother, and conceived me in her womb. And I took birth then and there, and I was raised up by God Himself. I was born in the womb of our Mother, physically. Brothers and sisters, you know, you can't be reborn physically, like Nicodemus asked if he could go back into his mother's womb, you can't do that. You're the last of the old generation, but you can be the first of the new generation. And the old generation (in you) will no longer exist. Because you can go back into our Mother's womb. Don't you see our Father's principle? Our Father is reaching out to you to give you the Blessing. Don't you know what the Blessing is? He's bringing you back into the Mother's womb. Just like I was in there; it has the same spiritual value if you believe and if you have faith, and if you absolutely become a child of True Parents.

Know that they are your Parents. You no longer have your old physical parents; they are your descendants now; they must be. And you, through our Father's seed, the seed of His love, His love and His blessing, the seed of Divine Principle, which is the DNA of the new creation; it is the Divine Principle. And Father is giving it to you. You receive it, and go into our Mother's womb. You will be reborn.

I know you've tried. I know you've heard this before. I know you've thought about it; I know you've wished you could do it. Maybe symbolically you've done it. You really have to do it, in your prayer and in your life, your whole life. You're still in her womb. When you see our Mother, really feel you're in her womb. She's nurturing you, just like you were in her womb. The whole church, the whole church is a communion, a womb.

Please, please be gentle to each other. Please help each other to be reborn, to come through that birth canal. It's difficult. It really squeezes everything out of you. All the liquid out of your lungs, it squeezes it all out of you. And you can be fresh, and you're a crying, crying baby. You don't know what's what. All you know is who your parents are. All you can feel is their gentle hands, and their pride in you, and their joy in seeing you be there. Even though you're covered with slime. Even though you're miserable, crying, worthless you are worth all of the whole cosmos to your parents, to our Parents. And all you can see when you focus your eyes is your Mother, is her breasts, her warm milk of life. And your Father's wisdom, and his love and strength. That's your position.

Please, just hold on to your Parents, and then you can begin to see your brothers and sisters. And they really love you, too. Oh it is so wonderful; the Principle is so wonderful. It's such a wonderful Principle.

You have to pay a lot of indemnity to receive it. You know you have to do that. And I really feel for you and I'll help you, and I'll pay it with you. I'll go the same way with you, every day. Oh, really, brothers and sisters, it's so wonderful to hear you pray and call to me. I really trust you. I love your hearts. I love all the goodness in you. That's what I see. That's all I want to see. Please show that to me all the time. Please be proud of your goodness. Like you're innocent little boy scouts and brownies, and you're proud that you got merit badges. You're so proud to your parents. They're shiny, and you shine them. Just be proud that you have goodness in you. Be proud of that; don't let Satan take it away. Just show it to your Parents, and just be proud and stand up straight. Be strong. Don't let Satan take it away, brothers and sisters. I'm standing right there beside you; I'm beaming, much more than you are. So proud and happy to be there before my Parents.

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