The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

I want to speak to all of you

September 19, 1987

I want to speak to all of you. All of you. Every one. I don't just want to talk. I want to have a relationship with each one of you. I can't come to you on the clouds any more than Father can. So many times I've tried to reach you but you wouldn't respond. Please try. I am your brother. I'm only separated from you by the walls you build. How many of you are asking yourselves if these are my words. Stop asking yourselves and ask me! I can only come as close as you will let me come. You have the power to push me away.

True Parents. What do you think of them? Who are they to each one of you? There are no excuses in spirit world. There is no way around our individual responsibilities. Some of you are scared by this. Some of you think it is a burden. YOU must build your relationship with True Parents. It can't be given to you. Nothing comes on the clouds. Unless YOU build your relationship with True Parents, it isn't yours. It won't belong to you. You have to be co-creator. This is such a blessing. Receiving is a responsibility. The love that God gives us isn't complete until it has been received. Don't let selfish desires block you from receiving the all-fulfilling love of God. God's love makes everything complete. And without it nothing is whole.

So brothers and sisters make yourselves whole. Become True Children to the True Parents. Fill yourselves with God's love. You cannot believe what it will do. It doesn't have to be made. Only received. He is waiting, brothers and sisters. He has been waiting for so long. He has only known waiting until our True Parents came. Won't you come, too? God is waiting, True Parents are waiting. Jesus and I are waiting. But we aren't just sitting on our hands! No! We are giving everything for God. To you. Don't sit down, don't walk. Run to God. Run to True Parents. It is the thing Heavenly Father desires the most. Do you believe me when I say it is what you want most, as well? Don't lose sight of this goal. It is so easy to become distracted. Make conditions!

Before you can defeat Satan you have to separate from him. Once you stand separate from him, God is clearer, Principle is clearer. Once you've cut your ties with him, then the REAL battle can be fought and the TRUE victory won! Be serious. Don't be weak. Live for True Parents. Die for True Parents if you have to. Everything you do should be to bring you closer to them. What point, what meaning is there to anything else? None! Absolutely none! Nothing has value unless it is connected to True Parents because only True Parents can connect all people and things to God.

These are more than words. Words are a vehicle to express heart. Won't you take my heart, brothers and sisters? Let me touch your hearts. Let me lead you to True Parents. True Parents is such a beautiful word. Think of the INCREDIBLE heart that these words carry. They are the most important words because True Parents are so vital to God. You need True Parents. The world needs True Parents. The whole cosmos needs True Parents. Even God needs True Parents. They are his True Children. And through them, you can be God's true children, too.

Your Brother,
Heung Jin Nim

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