The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

My love for each of you

September 19, 1987

My dear brothers and sisters:

Words cannot express my love for each of you. You know that so long ago when Jesus sacrificed his life, it was an offering not only by Jesus, but by his Father God "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, Jesus..."

You know this, in a way, but I want you to think about it for a moment. Jesus was and is so beloved by God. You must know. God had never had a son so close, who knew His own heart so well. God's own blood ran in Jesus' veins, yet God had to watch His dear son suffer each step of his life. You know if you watch your child take his first steps, you watch with pride and joy. But God watched His son take his first steps over thorns and stones. He watched His own son grow without enough food, without good clothes, but most painfully, He watched His precious son grow up so, so alone. It was so unspeakably painful for God.

After such a life God had to let this son of His, His only son, die a most miserable, painful death, hated and scorned. We know God sacrificed Jesus, but who else sacrificed Jesus? Did Jesus have a father and mother, friends or family who also sacrificed him, who shed their tears for him, who said good-bye to him? He had no one else. No one else for so, so long.

When you think about this, can you imagine that the reason God endured this, and let Jesus Christ endure this, was because He wanted to "tidy up" the world, or judge the world, or make the world obey His laws? Could He have made this sacrifice based on some transcendental love which floats high above you? There is only one reason God could make this sacrifice because He loves you, each of you so deeply, so intimately He loves you so much. Can He love you so much without knowing you? No. He knows every hair on your head!! Because you don't know Him, because YOU have been blind, you cannot imagine the very clear, penetrating eyesight of God. He knows you to the core. So He loves you. This is the only way He could make such a sacrifice.

Now when you think of True Parents, God's children now on earth, you think they cannot really know each one of you or love you individually. Yet they sacrificed the life of their own son to save you. Again, I ask you, could any father or mother do this for the sake of a vague "religious group"? Could they truly do this for the sake of judging you or could they do this for a faceless membership? No, no, no. Because you cannot clearly see them, you can't conceive of their clear vision. But they see you clearly. They love you. Because of their true love they could sacrifice the life of their son, their beloved son.

I cannot express their love in words. But think about this, please try to understand. They know you, they see you, they love you. We True Children also went the course of not having the individual attention and care of the Parents. Yet I testify that they sacrificed us to save you, because of love, only love. They loved us also but we went the same course as you, we also had to strive to understand to reach up to their love, so we understand well your struggle to feel loved. Please believe me, I was sacrificed that Father might live to save this world and I offered myself because I want to bring you my Parents' heart and love. I know how much they love you. Please have faith, you can feel this, it's essential that you do. I love you so much. God bless you!

Your brother,
Heung Jin Nim

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