The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

God's Love

September 17, 1987
To the 40-Day Workshop at the New Yorker Hotel

Brothers and sisters, what J. has prayed is my prayer as well, in this way you can know how much I love you. How much I want to be with you and stay with you every minute of every day. And my love for you is so small compared to Heavenly Father's love for you. You can't understand. I couldn't understand, even I had True Parents but I couldn't understand when I was on this earth. True Parents' love is so great, it's greater than all the love of this world put together. But it's not like our Heavenly Father's love. Our Heavenly Father's love is so much greater than the love of just one couple, even though they are the True Parents. You must understand this.

Heavenly Father meant His love to be manifest through every single couple on this earth, through everyone who ever existed and was ever created, and that still would not be enough. Heavenly Father wanted to bring an infinite number of people into the world to be able to express His love.

Please try to understand Heavenly Father's love for you. You personally. For you, not for anybody else; for you for you. This is what's going to change the world, this is what's going to change brothers and sisters when they can understand this, and if they can feel our Heavenly Father's love, even if they can feel just a tiny little bit, it would change their lives. They could never be the same again. It's rebirth; it's new life. It's a whole new world completely.

You can never go back again after that experience. You get a taste and you want more and more. And you can't stop. And the only way to keep that love coming is to become a pipeline. When you receive it, you have to give it out; you have to you cannot hold it in. It just flows out of you, no way to stop it from flowing.

Please pull that love down into your hearts. It's for you and it's for everybody. It's for everybody. Please reach out for that love and pull it into your hearts. I'm just standing in the midway position, but the most important thing is that you can experience directly Heavenly Father's love. It's so much easier for most of you to relate to me than directly to Heavenly Father. So I will continue to come, until the last person is restored. If you can meet our Father, our God, then my job will be done for you, and you can become a child of God. You can become a small God yourself, when you experience His love and you can give it to brothers and sisters.

You were all meant to be Gods. There's no limit to your heart, and there's no limit for all eternity. Your heart will get bigger and bigger and bigger. And you think you can love now think of what True Parents' love is. True Parents have lived for 65 years. That's nothing in a lifetime. Think of Father's love now, and then think what it'll be like a hundred years from now, a thousand years from now, a million years from now. That's nothing like Heavenly Father's love. But you are supposed to be like that, too. That's your potential, that's your birthright, that's your destiny. Brothers and sisters, don't be satisfied with the level that you're at.

Please reach out every day for a new level. You can really begin to take off now. Now the spiritual world is behind you. Now the power is there to support you, as you jump in order to fly. It's possible now like never before. Just ask, just ask from the bottom of your hearts and it'll be given. Join together, as the brother said. Pray together. Invite us to come and help you. They can all come. As fast as you want it, it can come; as slow as you want it, it can come. It's worth any price: embarrassment, ridicule, persecution it's worth any price, whatever you have to face.

Whatever struggle you have to go through, believe me, it's worth it. Find the way. Share with brothers and sisters. Try to connect. You're all just little babies plucked out of your mother's womb sitting here. You don't know. You hardly understand anything. You have to share with each other as much as possible, so that you can learn much more quickly, so that your concepts can be broken and the reality can really hit home in your hearts.

So please share a lot, from the bottom of your heart. Don't waste time with small chatter. But really share your hearts all the time with each other, and share the Principle, deeply, just dive into the Principle. Real life is in the Principle. My heart, Father's heart, Mother's heart, God's heart is in the Principle. If you don't feel love in the Principle, then try to feel and recognize it's all entirely just an expression of God's love; remember what I said about God's love the Principle is that expression, it's nothing else.

You're all so precious: you're all so precious. Do you know what a mother feels when her child is born? The greatest pain in the world physically is taken away in an instant when a mother sees the birth of her child. Heavenly Father's rejoicing, Heavenly Father feels what a mother feels to see you here. Please, please be those children for Heavenly Father. And grow quickly, grow quickly to help us. Thank you. I feel your hearts pledging and I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful. Thank you.

And I'm so grateful to my parents (crying). Some day you'll be able to see Father's heart. And be prepared to cry a lot. But we must be strong. We must be really strong, because Satan has no mercy. No mercy at all. Watch what he's going to do to this world, and we've got to hurry. Look at the streets in New York and see what he's doing. See what he's doing to people. Look in the newspapers and see what he's doing. It's not just people going crazy, but Satan is trying to destroy all the hope of mankind, with viciousness uncontrollable, unexplainable viciousness.

It's totally senseless. People can't make any sense out of the violence of this world, and they'll just go crazy. They'll just snap and they'll just lose it. Satan will destroy their lives until there is nothing left. But we must love each other. It's the only hope we have. It's the only hope Heavenly Father has. It's your only hope. Can you pledge to do that? (Yes.) Thank you. Goodnight.

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