The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

The Heart to Win the Victory

September 6, 1987
Delivered at the World Mission Center

J., I'm guiding you. You don't need to worry. I'm developing your heart because the heart is the key point. Your heart of responsibility is the key point for fulfilling your responsibility. By investing your heart in people, brothers and sisters, completely to the limit, your heart is growing, you're learning. I know it's difficult to believe this. It's difficult to understand it that this really could be the foundation for the victory. But all the organization that you're doing now can be based on heart, can be successful and can be done once the heart is in the right place. Trust that.

If you don't have the right heart first, all the organization in the world won't make any difference. The heart is the most important thing, the heart. What is your heart? What is the content of your heart? What is the level and depth of your heart? What is the level and depth of embracing people and feeling responsible? You must get to the point of taking responsibility fully in your heart for the 7,000.

But much more than just getting 7,000 people to Korea, the responsibility is to save America and the world. The responsibility is to save the world through these ministers, to organize these ministers to save the world, to plan, to understand heartistically what has to be done. The ministers have to take responsibility themselves. They have to be trained in a way just as Father is training our members. The ministers have to be trained also to take responsibility for the world. I'm not talking about just bringing them to Korea. I'm talking about life change. We're talking about training programs for raising their consciousness, training them to love, training them to save (their) members, save people of the world.

Some entirely new program for ministers, entirely new level of consciousness has to be reached. There has to be a recognition that it's not just one thing, but there's higher levels everywhere all the time, higher and higher levels. They must take responsibility themselves to do it.

Discuss some of your ideas with Rev. K. Get input from him. Get some input from many places, but take responsibility. Take responsibility. That's the most precious thing for heaven to be able to see, for Father to see, for Rev. K., to see that you are taking responsibility. Then as they see that, it will be given to you. It will be shared with you from heaven. The guidance will come, the direction will come, once the heart is there to receive it. Don't worry about that. Father is fully in charge. We can give Father plenty of information, spiritual helps, to completely tell him the way to get victory. Don't worry about the white people or a lot of your struggle or where they're really at. They'll come eventually. They'll come. I'll lead you to the right level of embracing them, thinking about them.

It will all happen centered on True Parents. It will all happen. It will all come to pass faster than you can possibly believe. It will sweep you up completely. Trust. Trust. Connect with True Parents. Study the Divine Principle. Live for others is the key point.

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