The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Heung Jin Nim in Russia

September 4, 1987
Delivered at the New Yorker Hotel

It's incredible. It is just incredible. It's just incredible. It's just incredible! A million times, it's incredible what Father has done, what True Parents have done on this earth, the conditions that they have laid for this to take place. You will never understand until you come to the spiritual world so many of the things that are possible from this side. In Africa now, so many things are happening. I am really possessing that brother, taking full control of his body. His spirit is not there, as you understand from your side.

That's what you understand. Fully, of course, many other things, many other things are taking place at the same time. But this is the way that I can really work directly and experience this world so that I can move among the communist countries and I can understand much more deeply what's going on in those countries than I can pick up spiritually. By going there myself, I can mobilize the spiritual world. I can connect into all those spiritual worlds the spirits in those countries that are not able to connect in with me because I'm in the highest realm. And it takes a person with a physical body to make contact with another person with a physical body. It's so incredible now. I can go through this brother and make contact with those spirits. I can begin to mobilize those spirits in those other countries, those communist countries. It's so incredible what Heavenly Father will be able to do through me as I do this.

And the power of our Parents will be multiplied a million times over. We can mobilize the spirits of all those who have been killed in communist countries because of communism, because of those regimes. Those spirits can be mobilized. Those ancestors, those relatives of the people in Russia can be mobilized. Just by connecting with a few of the spirits, a few of the ancestors in key positions, I'll be able to reach out to many others who would have no way of connecting in just through the spiritual realm itself because they have no idea that I even exist. They have no idea how to connect in with the highest realms.

They didn't know that Jesus existed. They heard vaguely about him but many of them were never given any information about Jesus at all. So when they went to the spiritual world they could never make the connection. But through physical bodies and through my physical presence in those countries, through my presence in a physical body in those countries, I will be able to mobilize the spiritual world and connect them and assign them to responsibilities to save the communist countries to fight against, to confuse the communist leaders, to mobilize the people, the religious people of those countries, and start giving them spiritual experiences which will really change their lives and multiply their faith and quickly, quickly be able to mobilize the spiritual world and all the spiritual people of those countries.

There will be no stopping the power of our Lord, True Parents, our Heavenly Father no stopping my power and Jesus' power in those countries, if I could just visit there. These things you cannot understand with physical minds holding down your spiritual mind.

But our Father understands these things. Our Father has advanced to a stage of really dominating everything, yet even some things are new to him as well. But I share everything with Father. I connect everything with Father's heart. I connect everything. I report to Father directly every day. In every moment I am connecting with our Father. He is so happy, so joyful, gaining such confidence to speak.

Also Rev. K. How much Rev. K., is so much testifying to me now! Because Rev. K., knows clearly, understands much more deeply than anyone else about the spiritual world, his testimony means a tremendous amount. His testimony among all others among the 36 Blessed Couples, his testimony really has a solid foundation that brothers and sisters can receive, even in Korea.


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