The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Such poems as the earth has never seen

September 1987

Within a thousand sunrises
I have seen such a Love
Oceans and continents;

Walk with me for a moment
And I can lead you there
Where starlight is like

Rose petals falling on
Forest paths soft as
Morning's moss...

Bring to me the power of the pen and I will show you the beauty of such poems as the earth has never seen, within depths of heart so clear so as to provoke tears of joy at each and every verse The more you long to emulate that creativity invested in you by your Father, the greater will your ability be to reflect that which He has made within you. It is as simple as a smile, powered by the warmth of the sun a tear caught among the breezes of spring the boldness of your spirit will be unlike anything you have ever known and the joy of creation will be yours for evermore.

Never stop giving your heart for the sake of others. That is why God gave you such power of creativity. It is solely for the purpose of bringing joy to others and to Him.

That process of creativity is invested in each and every person so that all mankind could share the same joy God felt when He created the entire universe. Always strive to realize true creativity. Never give up your dream to be creative just like Him. It is a natural desire and is the reflective response of joy. Never, never give up your dream because it is His.

Your Brother,
Heung Jin Nim

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