The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Are we ready for the great victory?

August 25, 1987

How are you today? Time is passing by so quickly. Still we have so much work to do and so little time left. Over here we are ready for the great victory. Are you ready? We must come close to each other. It's very easy when you hear these words to feel that "Yes, I want to do that," but then the next day we feel the same again. We must mature ourselves toward each other, so when you have your own children you will be mature and ready to take care of them, with the fullness of your love and not the littleness of your love.

If someone gives to you, you want to receive the best, so it's just the same with other people. They also want to receive the best. You are no different. We are all created by God with a body and all organs and especially with a mind and a heart to love. We must be able to make the best outcome from the worst situation.

No matter what, we must advance, and see where we are going. We must have the goal clearly in mind and feel, "Oh, it is in sight," because it is very close; it is just a matter of walking, but if our heart remains the same we won't feel any difference. When our heart changes and becomes close to God and True Parents, even little changes seem like big changes, but when our hearts remain stagnant, even when big changes occur we won't feel anything. So the choice is ours whether we want to advance now or just wait for the next time.

Let us improve ourselves day by day. Let us comfort God's heart through our unity and our love for one another. Let us start fresh every day with greater love and greater hope.

I love you very much,

Heung Jin Moon

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