The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Eighteenth lCC, Korean CARP Members, and the Japanese Won Jun Tour Group

August 23, 1987

Brothers and sisters, I really want to welcome you here today. And my heart is full of tears as you come because you have been tearful in receiving me. And always this meeting place is a tearful place because what we are doing is not only important, it is deeply profound in the realm of heart. And so tears are the water of life for our spiritual lives. As Father always says, you can't force yourself to cry. But if your heart starts to come and if you start to feel that realm of heart, then the tears come involuntarily.

Yes, I want to say something about these little children here today. In a way, it's my theme. These little children represent the whole world two little babies about 20 pounds (about 9 kg) worth represent the whole world, white and yellow and black. One little child is a girl with a black and a white parent. And the other little child, the boy, has a yellow and a white parent. And I brought them here today, not only for their benefit or for the benefit of their physical families, but for you because I want you to understand yourselves through them.

These babies are absolutely pure. They are purer than the cake and the fruit on that altar. And that is what I am fishing for, in a sense, in you fishing, with a divine hook that God has given me. There is no bait. There is no technique here. If you see that hook, I shouldn't have to tempt you to bite it. It should be obvious. These babies are pure in their hearts and they have no cynical mind. Their hearts are completely open. They are so precious to me because they really are the children of our True Parents. But I tell you, you have children of True Parents inside of your own spiritual womb.

And do you believe that this is a hospital here? It's not just a hospital for healing sick people. Get that out of your mind! Because as long as you think you're sick and don't see yourself as a newborn child of True Parents, you've always got the wrong notion. This is a maternity hospital for newborn babies. And they are the healthiest little things on the earth.

You know when the baby is born, there is a lot of stuff that comes out with the baby that will be thrown away. They call it afterbirth. It will be thrown in the hospital garbage cans and locked up in plastic bags and incinerated. That's your experience today, many of you. But I tell you something, the baby and the afterbirth have to come out. You can't have the baby and parent that baby until that afterbirth comes out because that afterbirth will infect, inside if it doesn't come out with the child. That's why many of you may be experiencing two things today.

One thing is the pain of that sin you feel inside, the pain of your own suffering. But I want to tell you that that suffering can give birth to the new baby. That afterbirth is the very thing that kept the baby alive.

Do you know the value of your suffering? Don't look at that suffering in an ordinary sense. There are people who are suffering in this world without any understanding of why. But you should know clearly why. My Father has said it over and over again. Look at his life. I tell you, when you finish suffering on one level, you'll go to another level. And you'll continue to have child after child in yourself. Rebirth is not just one time. You may have a hundred spiritual children out of your own womb by the time you go to the spiritual world. I want you to understand that this is the place to be rid of that. Some of you here are locked up inside. I'm so sorry to see it. I'm so sorry. I want to see you liberated. I want to see more babies lying here in this beautiful green grass. Please understand, it is not me alone who speaks. It is God. It is the heart of God that wants to speak to you through me.

You know, Heavenly Father brought a great host of people here today to meet you. They're here to help you. They've been very close to God and in the spiritual world they've come closer. And they're standing over each and every one of you today trying to help you because they know that, unless you yourselves can really have those children and give birth, there's not a lot of hope. They themselves can't do so much without these newborn spiritual lives. And they want so much to help you. Please let them. Please feel their hearts around you because those hearts represent God. Please understand. Yes, I am here with you, but I wanted them to come also Jesus Christ and a whole host of saints and the highest spirits of the Unification Church and of Christianity. And they have great hope for you. Please know that you are chosen people of this age. You're chosen to come here. You are very special, brothers and sisters.

I want to tell you something else about these babies. These babies black, white and yellow, a little boy and a little girl they represent Korea, Japan and America. And their parents with them, even though these are not True Parents, no, they've been blessed by True Parents, and in that sense, they represent True Parents. Do you know how much our True Parents have shed tears over the unity of these three nations? And this is the birthplace, not only of your own spiritual new child, but this is the birthplace of Korea, Japan and America for this era. These babies represent that and their parents really come here representing our True Parents.

Never look at things in an ordinary way. In the spiritual world we see significance in the bloom of one rose. We see significance in the birth of a bug. And you can't find significance in your own lives sometimes and this is what is so sad. Please look within. Those of you who need to go back to the Won Jun and get to that Won Jun and put your hands and your head on that Won Jun and pull that grass and feel my life and my heart, go ahead! You know who you are. Nobody's here to judge you! This is a maternity ward. It's a place of birth. When babies are born, there's nothing "cool." Everyone just spreads their legs and pushes! So, go ahead. Spread open the legs of your heart and push that baby. Go ahead. Please don't hesitate. You've been hesitating too long. Too long! Please! I tell you it's not what I say that's important; it's what you do here today inside of yourselves. I'm just a helper. You call me Lord I cannot transform your life. It's only as you and I take hands together that your lives can be transformed. Please understand that. Go ahead, let it out!

(Members go to the Won Jun again.)

Brothers and sisters who are here, please be patient and wait. I want to wait. Please pray and help your brothers and sisters. If you feel to help someone, go to them and help them. Please help them. Please help them. You have to touch one another to help each other. Please help each other. (Crying.) If you feel a desire to help someone, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. It's the love of God that wants to help that person. It's not you. Please don't be afraid. It's God's love that wants to reach out to that person.

(Members pray at the Won Jun for a time.)

Can you understand the heart of heaven that wants to help you for no other reason but divine love? It doesn't want to help you because you've been sick or because you're in such a woebegone state, such a bad state. It doesn't want to help you because you're members of the Unification Church. Heaven wants to help you because you're the sons and daughters of God, very simply. And I feel that heart of heaven for you. That is the birth that is so important. That is what I spoke about before. Please get out of your heads once and for all about "spiritual phenomena."

I've been so angry about this about people going back and forth about "spiritual phenomena." The problem is that you don't trust your own heart. If you ask God for bread, will he give you a stone? It's not the spiritual world that you are afraid of. It's yourselves. And this is the time to wake up to yourselves because you're afraid of what you don't know.

Fear is always accompanied by ignorance. I want you to discover your heart. You don't know what a baby looks like until it is born. But when that baby is born, then you can see its face. You can see the pink and beautiful color of the cheeks. Or, in the case of these babies, one is pink and a little yellowish. One is white and a little brownish. And you can see those nice curls and you can see every little dimple. But when it was inside, you couldn't see it. Well, it's the same with your own hearts. As long as you are not born in heart, you don't know what's inside. And, therefore, it's very hard for you to reach to the outside. And fear of the inside leads to fear of the outside. Therefore, we are all afraid of everything inside and outside. That's been the fallen world up until now and we have to be honest with ourselves we bring those kinds of things with us, even to this Won Jun ground.

This is the time and the place to let it out. You say, "I don't want to make it dirty here." Don't worry. The minute it comes out it gets cleaned out. We've got heavenly janitors in this place.

Please understand, the birth of that new child from your own life will bring you courage, wisdom, understanding and a greatness of mind and heart that you've never ever experienced before. That is what has happened in my life. You think because I was born to the True Family that it was always natural with me, but I had to go through growth. I had to go through pain of suffering when my parents weren't with me. But in preparation for my own ascension and at my ascension time I came to understand. And I saw the birth of my own baby. And I come to you today (admittedly through a limited being), but as much as you can I want you to understand you're not who you think you are. The person you really are is trying to be born right now.

Satan has been working so effectively with all of his brilliance. Remember, he was the star of morning. He was made to help people think clearly, and yet his mind became fogged. And yet it remained so sharp to justify his own fallen nature and to come to you in history and help you fall away from God. That mind is what you've been identifying yourself through up until now. Too much! Too much! Don't accept it. It's a bad habit of thought that you've got. It's a bad habit. Do you understand like smoking? It's like a drug habit the way you think many times. This is the time to change that habit. Cold turkey, baby! Drop it here! Drop it here!

I'm sorry, I get carried away. I realize not every language has the same terms. I'm speaking in English here through my translator. What I mean to say is leave it here. And from here you've got to go back. And you will have to work hard at making those changes substantial through all of your experience and all of your life, all the things you run into every day as a leader, as a member of the various projects that you're working on. But don't accept the old habits any more. I really pray that that baby can be born from you today, that you can give it birth, that you can nurse that child at your own breast, that you can nurse it, and that you can raise it up, that you can grow it up.

My True Parents are with you all the way. They're with you all the way. Father is going crazy to give birth to a new world. Understand though, Father is working on a very big level. Also he's working with people who are not yet able to fully understand him and understand what you are receiving today. So he has to speak many times in terms that he would rather not use. He'd rather speak very directly. But at the Science Conference or through the different projects, Father has to mute his words or make them a little different to help these people enter in closely so he can speak more deeply.

My gospel and my mission is you. And Father has given me the commission to speak clearly for him to each of you. Do you think I'm just speaking for myself? I'm in contact with my Father every day, every moment, and I know his heart. And it's he who speaks to you today. And my mother is right at his side and they want you to be born. As you know, my parents love to have babies.

My little sister is further up the hill, but she's working hard. Unfortunately, physically she was born and she died in a few days. I tell you, if you feel birth today when you go back down this hill, don't let it die in a few days. Don't let it die! You go to those who are spiritually inspired around you. You eat all the food you can get. You know how hungry a new baby is? They're desperate for food. Maybe you think you're the one who's feeding the world. You old members particularly, and I know you older members here, you're feeding everybody with what? What are you feeding them? Words? Yes, I feel anger not personal anger, believe me. But I'm angry at the way Satan tricks us so many times! I want you to take them to your breast, those new members, and feed them the milk of life. But first, you've got to nurse yourself. And believe me, men, you're given nipples for a spiritual reason. Those are life-givers.

Please don't let yourself go away from here and forget this experience. It's as profound as you make it. It's as deep as you make it. I feel more and more desperate every time that you come here that you can have a serious experience that you take back with you not as a memory, but as a new reality in your life because our movement needs a new generation. A new generation, do you understand me? (Yes.) You look at some of these old ministers down in Seoul, ICC members. Some of them are on canes. Some have come in wheelchairs. God loves those people for their lives, but they are not so effective any more. Some of them can't speak clearly. Some of them can hardly walk up a flight of stairs without being totally exhausted. He certainly doesn't want to see us come into that place spiritually. He wants to see you strong as an ox, deep as the ocean, full of life!

I'm so happy today because again we've gathered three nations that are central in God's providence: Korea, Japan and America. I know you've got to be apart from each other to translate, Japan and Korea, but when I'm done, it's my greatest hope that all of you just rush together and embrace each other. You have been in the womb of my True Parents. These nations have been in the womb of my True Parents. And do you know that one cannot be born without the birth of the other? If Japan thinks it's born and already growing, it's wrong. It cannot be born without the birth of America. And America cannot be born without the birth of Japan. Japan cannot be born without the birth of Korea and Korea cannot be born without the birth of Japan and America. All three nations must be born together and this is an important spot where that can happen. Do you understand me? Do you understand me? (Yes!) If one nation says I've been born and the other two are just unfortunate, this is a big mistake and you've got to take that out of your mind.

Father is asking for a profound love from each of you for each other: Japan, Korea and America. And you are just now beginning to open your eyes a little bit to the light. Yes, all three nations are the same! Don't think that you are already the elder, already grown up, and the other nation is a poor, insignificant little child. Don't think that way! That's you're family: father, mother and children. The children are born from the parents but the parents must be born through the children. This is the time to bring it about. Where else is it going to happen? Can it just happen vaguely or because we all understand the words of Divine Principle or the words of Father?

We've read speech after speech; those words are important, but until these hearts are born, through our 5 percent, reading words doesn't matter. The speeches; I know, you begin to go to sleep reading them. I've seen many of you nodding off and slobbering on the pages. And it is so sad because those words come out of the heart of God and they shouldn't have spit on them.

Brothers and sisters, it's important for you to understand that when you go from this Won Jun and go back to your countries, you've got to spread a new gospel. And this is not a gospel that you spread because I said so. It's a gospel that's going to come from that newborn baby here. These little babies, I wish that every one of you can hold them today, if their parents would allow it even for a moment. And think of that as yourself because the gospel needs to be spread by little children who are pure and innocent and who don't get caught by skepticism and double thinking and all of the complexity that is that afterbirth.

Remember, I told you, it's through that suffering that the baby can be born. So don't be caught by guilt for the past. Satan grabs your guilt and he holds the afterbirth and shoves it in front of your face and says, "Aren't you terrible?" But you've got to understand that the suffering gives life to that baby. Please know that! The fact that you are here means that through your own suffering path you're ready to give birth. Remember, I said this is a maternity hospital this afternoon. It's a maternity hospital.

I'd be willing to stay here for a hundred days with each and every one of you if we can have the birth of that baby. You know, it takes nine months for a baby to be born nine months of development. And God nurses each and every child. You know, you think of the fallen world, and those babies born in the fallen world are full of sin, so maybe God doesn't pay much attention. Don't kid yourself. Every baby represents God's hope for a righteous man or woman who might grow up and do something in this world of sin. That's the way God nursed you when you were in your mother's womb. So if God is willing to wait for nine months and stay with you and hold you and embrace you and give you life through that womb, then I know God will let me stay here for a long time with you to help you give birth to yourselves.

You are the generation that is going to save this world. Please understand first, second, third generation it doesn't mean just physical things. Your second generation comes out of you, comes out of you! If you think you're just a member of this sick and old, dying first generation, what a terrible self-image you've got! It's something like the Israelites out in the desert sands. If that's true, you better just commit suicide right now. But, I'll tell you, why don't you commit suicide in the spiritual sense. Get rid of the first generation and move on into the second generation a happy suicide. You understand my meaning? Not one born out of frustration, but a joyful laying aside and a willingness to be that newborn baby.

Newborn babies, they're kind of foolish, aren't they? They're not so sophisticated. They poop in their pants. They make strange noises. They cross their eyes. But we all love them and we all want to be that innocent. As you go back to your people, you may even find one of our members who says, "Now what happened up at the Won Jun?" It's your opportunity to share.

Don't be afraid to be called a fool. Don't be afraid to be called stupid. Because it's people who've been willing to be fools, like my father who is called worse names than a fool, who save this world. My brother Jesus, he was called incredibly bad names in the Jewish language, but he never changed. My father is the same way. He didn't care about being sophisticated and accepted by his peer group because he had no peer group. He had peer hell. To this day, in front of you, do you see how free he is? God loves that freedom. God loves that freedom.

Brothers and sisters, I want to help you gain that freedom because with that freedom comes a courage and comes a capability that you can never imagine. And you're going to go so far deeper into the Divine Principle. The word of the Divine Principle that you have understood so far is just the front door to the Kingdom of Heaven. It's like you've been reading signs on the front door. But open the door and you'll start to see the living Word.

It's something like the Old Testament (days). The Word was very important to the elders. But when the living Word came, Jesus Christ, they were confronted and they had to overcome concepts and go through the door, And when my father came, he was confronted by the slaves to the scripture of the New Testament here in Korea and in America and around the world who did not understand the living Word of God in His son.

They did not understand. And so God's son was rejected over and over again because people were so much into Bible verses. You see it in the ICC conference. These people's heart is in a book. But it's so hard for them to understand the real love of God that wants to come to them. Brothers and sisters, you are the ones to carry it to them.

I want to speak to each group here. CARP members from Korea, you need me! I love this nation because it's my Father's country and it's really the homeland of my heart. My own physical remains are buried here. My Original Palace is here in this place. You need to bring all your brothers and sisters to this place.

You cannot fight the communists just on a theoretical level. You can give great lectures very intellectual presentations. But without the spirit of that newborn heart, you will not defeat them because they have within them, whether they know it or not, a satanic heart that's very much satanically alive full of anger, full of resentment. And the only way it can be countered is not with theory, but with divine love.

Divine love, do you hear me? Hate the idea, but love those communists. They're your brothers and sisters on the campus. They wouldn't know what to do if you came up and started shedding tears on their shoulders and grabbed them and cried. They wouldn't know what to do. They might beat you but their heart would be torn in half. And you'll be purchasing the soul of a son or daughter of God.

Remember what I say. You need to come here! CARP leadership, come here and I'll speak to you through somebody. You're going to get it! I'm not interested in just a couple of mediums here and there. I could speak through whom I want. If they have a little foundation, I'll use them. This is a powerful dispensation. CARP members, do you understand me? (Yes.)

Our Japanese family members, Japan is an important nation. But I want you to know I wish every Japanese member could come here and be on this Won Jun at the same time. I wish they could coat this hill like ants and come to understand my heart and the heart of God that wants to be born at this time. You know about the heart of God. You've experienced it, many of you, through many tearful moments through my parents, our True Parents.

The heart of God wants to express itself in a new time and in a new way to each of you. God wants to express His heart through your heart. My True Parents or myself have been able to give many messages to you, but I tell you, God wants you to know that He is in your heart. The same God that walked with Jesus two thousand years ago is walking with you today and inside of you. Those who are here in this Won Jun tour, you've got to go back to Japan and spread this word. Don't be afraid. God is with you. I am with you. It is important to work in the proper way. I don't want to bring conflict, but, at the same time, I want to bring heartistic revolution. And in Japan this is very important today. Japan has a great destiny for our True Parents, but Japan must take this step of heart in order to fulfill.

Great things have been fulfilled in the past, but people who have fulfilled the great things in God's providence get stuck in the past many times and stand on their foundation of the past and do not continue up the hill. That's why this Won Jun represents the hill that everyone must climb within themselves, within their national movements. Do not rest on your victories of the past. This is a time when each Japanese member must have a victory now and each day, each day, each day! It will be in the heart.

Our Japanese sisters and brothers have worked so hard over the years, but I know many of you are still waiting for the birth of that heart in yourselves. God wants to give you that birth. Please, please come. Please come and experience that birth. Heavenly Father wants it so deeply. This is the time. This is the time. I must say it you have relied very much on your capability. And this is like a good mother who went out and did great things for her family like those education mothers in Japan. But the purpose of their children is not just to grow up and make a big pay check.

Our Japanese family has been making a very big pay check for our world movement and so many tears and so much heart and love has gone into that and so much dedication. And even human lives have been sacrificed. But please understand, on that foundation this is a time now to step aside, when each Japanese brother and sister can come to a completely new level, new birth. That's why I'm coming to Japan. That's why I want to work in Japan. That's why I want to work through your central figures. Please go back and witness to your central figures. Witness to them in all humility with prayer and sincerity. Pour it out and don't be afraid to be the fool! Do you understand me? Please don't be afraid.

Many times, you're too humble and you don't speak. This is the time to share with humility. But humility is not just being quiet. Jesus was humble. He shouted his head off! My father is the humblest man that ever was. But look at him, he loses his voice many times in prayer, in speaking. That's humility to God. Humility to God equals strength before God's children. And so, you've been humble, but this is the time to be truly humble and this is the time to let the voice of God speak for this time and this era.

Our American family, I'm very happy because you came the furthest to be here at this Won Jun. Brothers and sisters, I want to reach out to you today. Please reach out to each other. This is a one-time chance perhaps for many of you. Many of you have worked very hard and I know that in America, Japan and Korea and America have been working together. It is really the laboratory for the new age really the laboratory the place where our True Parents are and really, in a sense, a big maternity hospital for the birth of the second generation. It is the place where many Blessed Children are being born now. But also, this is the place where much rebirth is needed. Much afterbirth has to come out. And not all of our American brothers and sisters are going to be able to come here. Some, they wish like anything that they could come here and be where you are today.

You know, it would even be meaningful to take a few pieces of grass back to them and give them to them. They'll cry. They'll cry! Take a piece of grass from my Won Jun and take it back and give it to someone who couldn't come and who never has been able to come. Take it to them and love them with it and maybe that can be the beginning of something great.

America is a key nation in the Providence. And though it is in an archangel position or in the child's position, providentially it is in a very powerful position, as you know, in this world. And what Father is doing with these American ministers is not just for the ministers, and not just for the congregations. Father wants to bring American society as a whole to God. And it's through those people who at least love God and love Jesus that he can work.

God cannot bring the politicians here easily. They're all concerned about their face. He can't bring the businessmen here because the only reason they come here is for money. God wants to bring the ministers because as narrow-minded as they sometimes are, at least they get excited about Jesus. And they get excited about God. And they get excited about the Holy Spirit. And he's trying to help them get excited about Divine Principle and someday to discover their mommy and daddy, their own True Parents. He wants to see little babies down at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel even though they don't come here. Even if one could be born every conference, that might be one new-age Billy Graham, a new-age Paul Yonggi Cho, to go back and set America on fire. They're the ones who need your love.

We're still not fully accepted as Unification Church members. People are still suspicious. But those men and women who are down in Seoul today, those Christian ministers, they're the ones who can go back and spread some fire. Look at W. Look at Archbishop T. They don't care any more what people think and they may not be getting big results yet, but what they are doing will not fail in the long run. D., he doesn't even know what's guiding him. He's inspired. It's the heart of our True Parents. And I go around there.

That's the way I want to work with many of them. I want to say it again to you, though, that Jesus will work with those ministers as you can begin to work with me. And this means not just in your heads. This means to really open your hearts as I said. Spread the legs of your heart and have that baby. Go ahead. Go ahead. The labor pains are great, aren't they? The labor pains are great. Spiritual pain is far greater than physical pain. But I want you to know, if you understand the significance of that pain, what can follow as you continue to push with all your might until the veins stand out on your spiritual neck. Then you will know the significance of the pain that you go through every day as you go about your mission back in America.

Your pain is not for nothing, brothers and sisters. It is precious pain. God weeps over you, not out of sympathy alone for the pain you are going through, but a profound weeping at the birth of a new child your new child and the new child of Christianity that wants to be born.

Again, yes, many of them proclaim us fools, but I said it before, don't be afraid to be called a fool. If you're afraid to be called a fool, why did you join the Unification Church? And you know we are called a lot worse than fools. My Father weeps over your birth and over the birth of Christianity. Please understand, again, these three nations can be born together here today. Ladies, make those babies available to everybody. I hope nobody crushes one with love, but please let them be touched. They represent a new world. Those blessed children, let me say this, those blessed children are not just a new physical generation.

Sometimes you look at those blessed babies and you agonize over your own sin and you wish that you were true, a blessed child nursing at his mommy's breast. But I tell you, you too are that second generation. Please, please know. Please know that. Look at yourself and see yourself as you really are, as God sees you. And don't envy these children because you will parent your own blessed children in the future. And if you envy them or are jealous of them, how can you love them?

You can only love them as you love yourselves. And when you've come to discover the child of God in yourself, then you can really love them with the love that they need. Please, please understand that, because this generation needs great love. It needs great love. And the love of our True Parents, though it is universal and powerful, needs to be represented by you the parents. Please understand that. I love you. I love you very deeply. I love you.

I have put the ball in your hands. I have given to you the most precious thing that I could give you today. And I ask you to treat that carefully in your own lives. I don't know what more I can say to you. Again, if you feel anything still holding back, go to the Won Jun, even after this is over. Forget the cake. Go to the Won Jun. You need the Won Jun more than the cake. Eat the cake after the Won Jun. And go to one of these little precious babies and take that baby in your arms and know how God looks at you. He doesn't even see your sin. To Him, again, it's just like the afterbirth. When the baby is born, does the parent embrace the afterbirth? Do they put the diaper on the afterbirth? The parent just sees the baby. That's what God is looking at in each of you today. That's the secret of restoring the world. It's that we need to see the baby of a new age in each one of you.

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