The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

The significance of what we represent

August 4, 1987
Phoenix, Arizona

A change is taking place in each and every one of us. There is pain involved in some cases, but we have to go through and understand the significance of what we represent. We are the beginning of a new race, God's race, which includes all colors, nationalities, backgrounds and so forth. It's very interesting how God works, He will always amaze people, because He chooses people who never expect to be chosen. But somehow God knows us very well and how much we can love and stretch our hearts toward the restoration of all mankind.

God is always happy to see His children advancing, even if we are crawling toward Him, or if we are going a little slower, He sees the moment when we arrive home, because all the rooms are ready for His children. Right now He looks at them and sees many empty places, but the time is coming soon and very soon. At that moment of joy and love there will be many tears and lots of laughter, but now we must keep fighting and marching, things here are changing very, very quickly, so if we don't move fast we can't keep up with the rhythm of the providence.

My brothers and sisters, I'm very grateful to you, because now you start to understand a little deeper and I can see your heart, it's truly changing. Of course some of you are still hanging on to your own things, but I'm patient and have great hope for Arizona. We want to save this state and its great people. We know there are many difficulties, but through working together Satan cannot invade. Try to love those whom you don't want to love, through service and prayer, and your heart will open more and God will be guiding you what to do. You have to understand, I'm real like you, and I love you very much. You can ask parents how much they love their children and they can explain how unconditional that kind of love is. You are going to bring victory because you now start to understand that, through cooperation. God can work through you and success must come based on that principle.

When you pray you must believe that it can be accomplished, so it will be. Remember always your position, who you are, a child of True Parents, and act.

All that we are doing is a spiritual battle and so, as we break through, ministers will more easily want to go to Korea and Japan and to accept the new truth. Actually this truth is not new but has always existed. It's basically bringing back the work and love of Jesus; let us sing together and when we sing let us express joy from our hearts, let us sing from the heart not just from the mouth. To truly feel the word, we are singing and through the singing bring and feel Heaven. Heaven is in you, please express it! Don't just keep it to yourself. There is no meaning if you just keep it; you must show that you are a saint, not by the words, but by your action, by your heart, your joy of giving and sacrificing for the sake of others. Come, let's go, let's advance now my brothers and sisters, we are going to win!

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