The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Sixteenth ICC at the Won Jun

July 19, 1987

Brothers and sisters! Brothers and sisters, I greet you in the name of our True Parents. You weren't calling me; I was calling you. I'm not anywhere else, but many of you were. I couldn't feel your hearts. I want to speak, but it has no value if you are in some other part of the world. Or if you can't open your doors, then I feel crazy standing out here with your doors locked, speaking to you, but you're inside somewhere. Please, please, you need to repent to God for that. Not to me but to your Heavenly Father. I want you to know this is what I've been going through for three and a half years. I've been calling to you; you haven't been calling to me. Yes, I'm very sorry, too.

Brothers and sisters, I am happy to have you come here to this Won Jun. You came here, and that's already a condition, but I know that your hearts and minds were not able to prepare themselves enough before you came here. The person I'm speaking through, D., he can say it, even he himself went through a struggle the last couple of days. So I feel very much this group, especially you Americans, need to get through your concepts, and be able to move into the realm of an open heart. Not just for this Won Jun time, but you represent a particular spirit in America, that needs to be opened up. It is a spirit of dryness. Of dutifulness and obedience to True Parents, but it is dry. And I want you to know that it is in this realm which I am trying to bring forth that you are going to find the showers of blessing, and your life will be resurrected, in whatever you do.

So, it is I who am calling you; you don't have to call me. J. said it on the bus and it's true. I'm with you all the time. If you try to intellectualize and find out how that can happen, as he said, it's like trying to explain a computer to a three-year-old daughter. It's not possible at this time to give you all those dynamics, because until you've come to that level you couldn't understand the concepts anyway. So that's why your faith has always been important, your faith in God, your faith in Jesus Christ, your faith in our True Parents and your faith in me. Faith believes without seeing.

Many of you believe in many things, but because of your dryness of heart you're still skeptical. You can't believe without seeing. You've come to a certain amount of the way through the desert, but now sometimes you stop between two sand dunes and you don't have the power to climb up and really see if Canaan could be up at the top. And so you are digging sand, dutifully and obediently, but that's not your job. It is your job to go forward, and this is not just an external responsibility; it is not just obedience to Father's latest project.

It is going forward in your hearts, and that's what the Second Generation providence is all about. There are those who haven't been able to keep a strong sense of mission because they have such a desire to go forward in their hearts. And they've been condemned, because they were so desperate. There are others who are doing their mission like clockwork every day, who can't go forward in their hearts.

Whom do you feel God is closer to? Yes, God is close to everyone; He's close to everyone because He is the Father and everyone is His son and daughter. But when he sees someone who is so desperate in their heart that they can't even keep their mind straight, this is the one that God really wants to embrace!

That was Father's situation for so long. No one knows. They think he's got everything clear, everything straight in his mind; all the providence, but many times he's been so desperate in his heart, looking for someone who could understand, and looking for the person who could embrace God that he was crazy inside just like a tornado, running around in circles! Please, please, let this be the beginning point of a new time in your life. This moment is very special for you. This is the time to open those doors and pull 'em off the hinges, because if they're open they can close again. Why don't you just pull the pins out of them and throw them away and burn them, and bake it into a big hole, a holy hole. Then you and I can freely come and go together.

It hurts my heart to see how locked in, our people are. In so many ways. Many times you think that the providence is going forward because Father's projects are going forward and Father, he's going forward. And you're working hard, whatever your job be, your mission you have to understand something. That going forward at this time, when Father wants to bequeath his heart to the Second Generation, it means going forward in your heart, into the Second Generation.

The blessed children are leading the way. They've been put in that role and that responsibility. The blessing several months ago for the 36 couples of the Second Generation, that was a very important time, and a time of great hope for me, because it was a time when each of you could join with them. If it's just the blessed children that are the hope, then what of all of you? What is the hope for you? Are you just the servants who work hard on Father's projects and beat your brains out every day? That's not God's desire for you; it's not our True Parents' desire for you. They want to bequeath more to you. Obedience is something, but it is not the key to inheritance. Obedience is an important part, but it is a step toward a more important dominion of heart.

You know the Principle, the foundation of faith is a foundation, but you must build upon that obedience of faith. And it is there that many of you have been stuck. You obey, but if the heart doesn't grow, then what you build on the foundation of your obedience, I'm sorry to use the word, is corruption.

In your hearts and in your minds. Because anything that's not growing is dying. Please understand, this is your time to grow. And I want to see you grow. That's the whole purpose of the bridge that's been built. It is not only that I want to come over the bridge to you, but it's I that want you to come over the bridge. That's your five percent. I don't want you to look back on this Won Jun experience as a beautiful moment when Heung Jin came over the bridge and embraced you and touched you.

I want it to be a realization that it was you coming over the bridge and we could meet midway. We could meet midway. That's the most important thing. Many of you have a concept about yourself which is so limited. So limited! You say, well, I don't know about this, I'm not that type of person, I'm not spiritual, I'm not a heartistic type of person. But, what do you think heaven is? It is the realm of heart. And if you don't relate with that, then where are you going to go?

To the intellectual heaven? To the instinctual heaven? What heaven are you going to? It is the heaven of heart and there is only one. You and your spouse, you and your family, and you are charged with leading that family. So if you have such a concept about yourself, what about your spouse? What about your family? What about the people you influence day by day? Where are you going to take them? That's why, really, I want to kick you, and make you realize that there is a new realm that is open, and that the time of growth is here. It's not the kind of person you always thought you were; something new has opened, and you can be a person you never even imagined.

That is the wonderful surprise that our Heavenly Father has for you. That is what He wants to give to you at this very moment in this Won Jun. Please understand this. In fact, unless this new second generation can fully bloom forth, in our movement, the world cannot be saved. The world cannot be saved. And so I'm asking you to take a deep dive into your own heart. A deep dive. And blow off all the old identities that you have held, and the limits and the fears that are connected with those identities.

You identify yourselves in certain ways because you're afraid to step outside of those boundaries you've set for yourself. Isn't that true? (Yes.) ISN'T IT TRUE? (Yes, it's true!) You're afraid. I wish that you'd leave that fear with me. I can use it for restoration. I wish you'd leave it with me here today. Leave it with me. It can be turned into good things. Crap can be used for fertilizer, to grow God's Kingdom. But I tell you, you don't know how to turn it into fertilizer yet, for your own growth. It just sits on top of your own head many times. And this is sad. And this is something that you have to break through. Please understand.

I'm sorry to be so intense today, but the realm of the heart is an intense place. The humor is great, the anger is deep, the feelings come hot and heavy This is not a diplomatic realm. I love you. I'm a gentle soul; I died a gentle soul. But gentleness; Jesus was gentle; my Father is a gentle man. He feeds birds in the back of his garden in the winter. Little crumbs. But he's a man of God. And I'm a young man of God. And I want to be like my papa. And I want you to become like my father. And like my mother.

That kind of gentleness is ferocious gentleness. And Satan is terrified. Satan is not yet fully afraid of you. He still can hang around you a lot. But I tell you, you're not so many steps from becoming a terrorist to Satan. You're not so many steps as he would have you think you are. He's pulled the wool over your eyes many times. And made you feel like you're so distant from anything righteous. But believe me, and understand, and you know that Satan is the father of lies.

But your Heavenly Father and my True Parents, and myself, too, we represent the truth, and if I say it today it is true: you are very few steps from becoming a blood-curdling terror to Satan. Don't believe his lies any more. Hasn't he been whispering in the ears of humanity long enough? Yes, we've been almost praying to him and believing everything that he said. His motivation is wrong. His heart is wrong. His words are wrong. It's because we still give so much of ourselves to him in our identity. We don't stand up and say, "I'm the Son of God! I'm the Daughter of God!" Maybe in our minds we don't know that, but in our hearts we have to stand, and realize that that's true, and when we say it, feel it down to our toes!

Never forget that. It's not what you know that's going to change this world, it's what you can become as a man and a woman following our True Parents. That's the inheritance. They want you to inherit their very heart, and the spiritual heart is the very center of each person. The very center, just think of it; when you talk of the center as the beginning point of yourself, what room is there for Satan? That tiny point, from which all of heaven begins, leaves

Satan no room! But many of you have not reached your own hearts, so you're many miles from the center. And Satan's been occupying that territory. It's like a DMZ. And stopping you from going to your own heart with lies. He can't really stop you. Not if your heart is true. I speak to you through the center of your heart today. And that's why you feel something in your hearts. That's why you feel something you don't usually feel, isn't it true? (YES!) I want you to come and live there with ME! And not be wandering out in the highways, 'cause they're full of corruption.

I'm very happy, because I feel those doors trying to be pulled off of their hinges. I can feel it. You're making an effort, and a lot of you didn't even have a hope when you were on the bus. Somebody here didn't even think they'd be able to feel anything.

This is the meaning of resurrection in this time. I tell you, a few minutes here, talking together, listening to your own heart, a few minutes with me, and I'm no miracle. Father asked me to take a role and I did. I'm the sign of a new age; I'm the beginning of a new age of heart. But the central player is yourself. It is yourself.

Please, don't turn me into a god that you would worship. I'm the first of the second generation; I'm the first of the second generation. But I want you to join me; each of us are to become as gods. God's sons, God's daughters. To inherit fully, through our True Parents. Most of you don't worship yourself enough. You don't think highly enough of yourself. You don't go to your most holy place and see the sanctity of your own heart, inside. Satan is blocking the door to your temple. Please, take your offering to the most holy place each day. Don't forget that.

There is so much to do, and Father is heading up so much. Father cannot go around and evangelize the way I can. Not because he's not capable of it, but because his time on this earth is short. And Father needs to have impact in so many areas: the academic area, the religious area, the economic area, the business area, the trade area, every area. That's why, while he's a physical man, he needs to have physical impact, on the physical world.

I represent Father's heart, and represent Father's heart to each of you. You and I are the ones whom he's sending forth in all those missions. But again, the inner content of your heart is what is going to bring the great success. We will make our mistakes; we will fall down; we will lose money. We will lose a professor here and there. We may antagonize somebody. But if your heart is there, God will guide you. We can't do everything perfectly. But if you come into that direct dominion of heart, the dominion that some of you felt you weren't capable of, then so much can happen.

Please understand, please understand my heart, too. I really want to help you. That's all I have is my heart and my desire. I took a mission for my True Parents just the way you did. Just the way you did. You call me Lord, OK, you call someone else central figure, and someone else this or that. I am in the Lord position but I have my mission too. And I want more than anything to fulfill it.

I'm simply an extension of Father's heart now. An extension of his heart reaching out. You have no idea how many tears he cries for you, so that you can open yourselves and realize. Father can't speak so much about me, because then again you start praying out of obedience. He wants you to reach out. He wants you to realize. You're grown up sons and daughters now, not little kids. Honestly speaking, those ministers at the Sheraton, they're the little kids right now. But without big brothers and sisters, who's going to guide them? Who's going to guide them? Your bigness is the bigness of heart.

Please, please, as you've reached out to me today, continue to reach out, and reach out to those little brothers and sisters. Many of them have degrees. They have big resumes. But all of that could be burnt up in a fire tomorrow. God wants you to write a new kind of resume. It has nothing to do with any earthly schools, with any kind of institutions of the past. There is a new school that's opened its doors: the school of the heart. The school of the heart. And God wants you to graduate.

At this time I've been appointed the dean. And there was never a dean that wanted to see you graduate so much. I'll give my life blood for that. J. said, I gave my life. But I want you to know something: I'm still giving it. The first action was the physical body. But the spirit goes on, and my heart goes on giving day by day. That's the most important giving. My body was just like taking off my clothes. That was nothing. But it is my heart which is given to you.

Please understand one more thing and then I'm going to finish. You need to realize that this is a new era; I want to say it clearly to you. This is not like the past. There were times in the past when sensitive people opened up spiritually in our church. But at that time there was not yet the providence in the spiritual realm that could be opened up through my Seung Hwa. Now, an intimate part of the second generation is my relationship. I want you to know I even suffer trying to reach the second generation. I'm not some ghost! I'm a brother. I want to communicate with my heart, and when I'm treated like a ghost coming around, and people don't realize my desperation, to embrace and to be embraced, it just kills me. Please understand! Don't treat me like Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

I'm sorry, because I've been somewhat angry today. But believe me, the bigger portion is love. I love you. And I want you to know me, too. Please understand, you have a very important mission. I don't want you to go away from this place just feeling down. And I say these things in trust today. I say these things, trusting that you know. And once I felt your heart open, I felt so much more free to say. If your heart couldn't open, then I'd have to be diplomatic and careful. But I don't like it.

The way of heaven, and this is why Korea was chosen, the way of heaven is, let it all hang out. Let it all hang out. Once the trust is there, let's get down to it. And so I say these things in love and trust to you. And I ask you to go back to America with a new gospel. A new gospel, to each of the nations, the regions where you're from, the cities where you're from. This is not a matter of sharing it verbally, or giving sermons on your experience at the Won Jun or in Korea. Yes, you can do that in some way. But the bigger and most important thing is your life as you go back.

Your doors may not be off the hinges yet, so you'll find there'll be times when they want to blow shut; the winds of Satan come along and want to blow them shut, want to lock them. You have to keep an eye open and keep working at the pins, so that you can finally pull it off the hinges. OK? And then, something new is going to happen in America. And it's very close, it's very close. And don't be intimidated by people who can't accept this. Don't be intimidated. It's simply showing you that those brothers and sisters need to be helped along. Brought along by the hand. Obedience is a very simple realm, but the realm of the heart is very deep. And as you open your heart you're going to be able to believe so many things you couldn't believe in the past by your simple obedience nor by your dutifulness. Again, the regions of the heart are vast. Vast regions! You haven't even begun to realize.

Think of how the pilgrims felt when they began to realize the dimensions of America. Well, can you imagine an ant setting one foot forth in this mighty universe? That's where you stand. And a million times beyond that is the realm of the heart. A billion. In fact, there's no number. I love you. Jesus, my brother, is here. He loves you, too. Time is short, today. And it is time for me to now become quiet. But I won't say that it's time for me to leave, because I'm not leaving. Can you believe that? (Yes.) I don't hang around up here at the Won Jun. I've got a very busy schedule. I've got a lot of miles on the KAL Club. And on every other airline. I've got a lot of miles. And there's a lot to do, even today. Don't ask me how I can do it. God Himself knows. But I want to be with you; please open your heart. If you open your heart, then you can become the medium. You may not speak, but you can communicate with me and I'll show you how to reach into your own heart. And how to go to that center point, at which place Satan has no room to get in.

It's a bit of a journey, but DON'T GIVE UP, don't give up, DON'T GIVE UP! Don't give up, I want to say it a hundred times. Don't give up. So you've been very stubborn and determined in the past, and not giving up in terms of your responsibilities. But now you need to make a determined effort, ten times that determined in terms of reaching into yourselves.

That's why sometimes you felt empty because your determination was more external, but not internal. Sometimes you gave up and you felt such a split, didn't you? Is it true? (Yes.) Yes. Well, it's very simple. So, this is the time. There's never been a better time. This is becoming tradition, but I want to ask each of you now, as we bring this to a close, to reach out to your brother and sister, whoever it is next to you, and just embrace them, and anybody you feel to embrace right now.

Go ahead, just let it go; this is the age of family, the age of family. And then I'd like to pray. (A moment of embracing.) This is still Heung Jin Nim; Heung Jin Nim wants to pray. Our dear Heavenly Father. Father, my heart is full of tears this afternoon. Because I feel again like many lost sheep are coming home. Father, as we go back down this hill, to reach out to the ministers, we too can relate with them. We're not merely those who've come to be with the good shepherd, but we too have been lost, and so we want to reclaim that good shepherd. He has been also wandering, looking for us.

I have felt his heart, and I know the heart of Jesus Christ more intimately than ever before. He is the good shepherd who has not had a flock, and he's been wandering alone on the hills, and through the valleys, looking for his flock. And now I too have found that same experience in these last three and a half years. My flock is very small; and really, my True Parents' flock is very small, and as we go on into the second generation period, I pray that there may be an all-new flock, with a new kind of wool and a new kind of heart. And it's not only a flock of sheep, but a pride of lions, which can represent heaven on this earth. And have the confidence, in our God, in our True Parents. Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for the opportunity to share with my brothers and sisters.

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