The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Fifteenth ICC at the Won Jun

July 5, 1987

Brothers and sisters, please come in close. Please come in close. Because our time is limited, I want to share briefly with you, so let's be seated on the lawn. I'd like to stand and share with you. Please be seated, especially the older ladies. First of all, I want to welcome all of you. Because I wait, this is sometimes a lonely place. I would like to have the whole Unification movement, all of our True Parents' spiritual family, come here. Of course I can come and visit you wherever you are. If your heart is there, then that's all that's necessary, but this is really my original palace. I want you to be here with me, too, to have a special meeting, that's why sometimes I feel lonely here. I am grateful for you who have come today, from America, from Japan and Korea. This is very special today. I really feel three central nations gathered here.

Why do I ask you to call my name out to pray? Do you think it's because I'm somewhere else and you've got to call on me? Why do you pray and call out the name of Heavenly Father? You don't have to call Him from anywhere. He's right there with you and (also) here when you came today. Also, I'm right here with you. I was there on the bus coming with you. Already, one old grandma saw me this morning. I've been around because your smell attracts me. The smell of your heart. But I want you to break through if you call that name out.

As you know, when you pray in the name of God sometimes you can't concentrate, so you just break it all and say loudly, "Heavenly Father," then you can bust that cloud over your head. Is it true? Have you had that experience? (Yes, in response.) Then please understand, sometimes there's a cloud of lack of concentration. There's a cloud of doubt, there are many clouds hanging over you. And to really call the name out is to break through those clouds just like a big 747 popping through the cloud layer. That's what I ask you to do. In fact, you have to do that every day in your life, not just in prayer. Especially in this age where the spiritual realm has come so close, you've got to pop through those clouds.

The spiritual realm is like a clear blue sky now, at least the part that God wants you to connect with. And so this is the time to break through your own cloud layers. Because as long as you're standing down on earth sort of looking at the clouds, you don't really know if there's that clear blue sky on the other side, so you go into doubt. You think, "Well, maybe the whole of the rest of the universe is just rain clouds." Or "My feelings..." or "My doubts..." But that's a thin layer and if you break through that, then you can make contact. You ask anyone here who has been having these experiences with me and they can witness and testify to you their own difficulties with doubt.

I felt you holding back there today. That's why I wanted you to express yourself more fully, express your heart more fully. I know you want to see me, but it's still too much in the head. You're going through too many things. The place of living belief, please understand me, is your heart. That's your channel to the spiritual world. It's the human heart. That's why Father is the master of heart. He's connected fully to God and to the highest realms of the spiritual world. That connection point that we talk about in the Principle of Creation, that harmonious connection point, is the deep human spiritual heart.

Since the Fall we've been trapped many times up in our heads and that's why we doubt. There is a layer of clouds there. The head can't be used effectively. The will can't be used effectively until the heart is open, until everything comes under that subjugation. Please understand.

I have some things I want to share with you today. It's important that you understand these things in your heart. Open these up because it is so important for you. Even on the bus I was sharing with our brother, as he prayed, my concern, and especially with this group. First of all, you are the sons and daughters of God. That's not a new proclamation. Jesus said it two thousand years ago. But it needs to be said again at this time. It needs to be said very deeply in light of the coming of our True Parents, in light of this opening-up period, where a bridge has been built from the spiritual realm.

That bridge is coming into your hearts, into you, into your lives. You need to be re-reminded. It's interesting to think that "I'm the son or daughter of God" in your mind, but it needs to be re-fortified deeper and deeper and deeper until it becomes your substance. It begins with a concept but it must become reality for each and every one of you.

Why is this important today? Because Korea, Japan and America are here. I feel all three nations are gathered on this Won Jun Hill. Spirit world looks at one person and sees a whole universe. You have to understand. The rational mind just looks at what is here and now, but the spiritual world looks at something far beyond. That's why Father many times speaks, "When you meet one man, you've met his nation." This is really the high, divine-realm concept of love, loving that one man as you love a nation.

Today I want to share with you something. It is so important now, more than any time in history, that the three central nations be unified. It is the pain of God that this hasn't happened yet. God's tears are flowing because this hasn't yet fully been achieved and our True Father is approaching 70 years old. So many sermons have been delivered. But again, with our cloud layers we are still blocking that unity and blocking the very hearts within ourselves that cry for that unity. Sometimes we've even denied it. The Americans said, "We don't need the Japanese in America. We don't need the Korean leaders." The Japanese have judged the Americans and judged the Koreans. And our Korean brothers and sisters are struggling also. This is really the time of the second generation. Please understand. This is the time where we have to understand some simple points. I want to share these points with you today.

No. 1: Why did the Messiah come out of the East? Why did he come out of the Orient? Out of a relatively new Christian nation? And yet there was that power to bring the Messiah through this nation of Korea. It's because Korea has the tradition of parent-child relationship. If you look at Christianity in the West, Jesus never established the True Parent position. There was never a wife. So in the West, even though Jesus is called "Lord and Master," our "Savior," and "Christ," and "Messiah," he is not known as our "True Father." And there was no "True Mother." Even the Christians didn't realize until our True Parents that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were in the father-mother position. They will argue today that that's wrong.

And so what is the tradition of love that's spread through Christianity in the West? It's brotherly love, brotherly love. Brother and sister! How many times have we heard that term in the West? Brother and sister. But please understand that love without the vertical line of parental love, brother and sister love, gets corrupted. Therefore within the history of Christianity, without the solid position of True Parents having been established, then there has been so much confusion, with talk and talk and talk about love. But again without the True Parents position, the love doesn't come.

Jesus has been struggling in the Holy Spirit realm and the Holy Spirit has been struggling in this world to try to express God's love. But because, again, True Parents' position was only established spiritually and not on earth, then the concepts of Christians have been limited. Jesus has been suffering so deeply to try to break through those concepts and help Christians open up. He couldn't be the True Parent but he could help them open up for the day of the coming of the True Parents. Do you see how difficult Jesus' position has been? And why he cries and cries in the spiritual realm? Why he cried so much with our True Father in welcoming him, and yet in his own pain his own pain because he couldn't supply a better foundation for our True Father when he came, and for our True Parents? He couldn't make a better foundation.

His pain is with me today. His tears are with me today. He's with me. Please understand that heart. What hurt him the most was when he'd hear our own Unification members teach that he had failed. Because he tried so hard and in his heart he feels already he failed, but it doesn't help to just say it so cheaply... Please understand. Today is the day of his homecoming as well as yours. We need to support each other and you need to support your elder brother, Jesus. And thank him for two thousand years on the cross and not a few hours. Never forget that point.

I want to go back now and speak about the Orient. Why did Father come to Korea? Because there is that tradition of "parents" through traditional religion. Even if it was non-Christian, it was traditional, strong respect and veneration of parents, love of parents that has fuelled this country for so many centuries. And the love of children and filial piety to parents was so strong. Also Christianity caught fire in Korea. It didn't catch fire in Japan. Japan has struggled to even accept a little bit of Christianity.

So Korea, among all the nations of the world, was a prime candidate for the coming of True Parents. And so where do we stand today? Our Parents have come out of Korea to bring that tradition to Christianity, of course, first in Korea. But the problem in Korea is that Korean Christianity came from the West and the West had no understanding of the parental role. So Father had to struggle against very fundamental Western concepts that the Korean Christians were holding.

Even the Christians taught that we should not worship or respect the ancestors in the way that had been done before. And so again, this was a hold-up. When Father went to the West you can understand why so much resistance came from Christianity because there was no concept of parents and also so much corruption because of lack of parents. No concept of parents, lack of parents, the corruption without parents, close-mindedness. Can you understand the problem of Father?

Now in our Unification movement this dynamic has to be successful. And so now Korean and Japanese brothers and sisters have come to America to really lift up Western Christian culture in the name of True Parents. They bring a vertical tradition with them. This is so important. The Westerners are Western brothers and sisters. We long for love. Many times we are reaching out for love but we don't understand even the kind of love that we need.

Our Korean brothers who have come to America struggle so hard many times to try to represent True Parents' love even though they themselves are struggling to overcome their problem with language, their own difficulties, the loneliness for their own families many times, the difficulties they have in reaching out. And sometimes, many times, it's been misunderstood. First of all, the Americans don't realize the struggle of their elder brothers and sisters. Secondly, Americans don't realize, again, that kind of love that's trying to come through the elder brothers and sisters that Father is trying so hard to express.

Don't you understand that behind those Korean elders are True Parents? Can you understand that? Realize their struggle to try to be a channel.

So I want to speak through those Americans that have come here to the East and speak about those Americans who have come to the East. The Orient is very strongly formed around the vertical hierarchy of parent-child relationship. But the very thing that Christianity is bringing and that Jesus taught so deeply is brotherly love, the love of the brother. This is really where our Oriental brothers and sisters need to expand more deeply and reach out in a Christian sense.

The new age is where parents and child love, and brother and brother love, brother and sister, sister and sister love. They lock on together. So the brotherly love of the West has to be purified through the parental love of the East. Can you understand? It's got to be purged through the Parents.

So many Westerners have come to the East and had a profound experience of loneliness seeking their parents, trying to find their parents, and purge their own corruption of the past without a clear parental relationship from their own past. At the same time, please understand, especially our Oriental brothers and sisters, that there is a need for you to ever more deeply seek to reach out on behalf of our True Parents and embrace the West.

It's important to understand that the Confucian history of parent-child, filial piety, is different from the new history centered on the True Parents. Confucian history was very much vertical order, but True Parents and the coming of True Parents, remember, is based on the Judeo-Christian, so there is the parental; but at the same time True Parents include the reaching out for the brother and sister. That is the challenge of the Orient: to go beyond the confidence in the parent-child relationship of the past and discover a new level of parent-child relationship as it is discovered in loving your brothers and sisters.

Is it clear? This is why our brothers and sisters from Buddhist background or from more Oriental background, you need to understand Jesus Christ and Christianity because that's the foundation our True Parents came on. So many times Jesus was sort of pushed out, pushed out because we thought, "That's the last Messiah. Now we have a new Messiah. We have True Parents." So the relationship with True Parents because of the past came pretty easily once you can understand. But there's a Christian background, a foundation, that also has to be understood. And if you understand that, then the relationship between East and West can be ensured in the heart, in the heart, in the heart. Is it understandable?

This is the day of the Second Generation. This is the day when God is opening up many things for you to understand. More than that, God needs people who have the open heart and the courage to take steps forward. Father has already said so many things. And we've come to understand many things, but one reason sometimes we have become skeptical is not because of the failures of those around us, but it's because of our own lack of courage to take the steps that Father has given us. Therefore, we don't see the reality.

Reality is born in ourselves and from ourselves. You cannot ask reality from others around you. That is where your belief will start to become stronger because you start to exercise the heart. Exercise the heart in your actual practice, actual loving, actual reaching out. That's needed because if you just remain in your head, sooner or later you lose power. You become just a drudging-ahead member with dogged faith and determination, but dead. And some of our brothers and sisters are actually proud of that but they don't even realize what's above the clouds. They don't realize the joy and the power and the love that's behind those clouds. Determination will not save the world. Love will save the world.

Also obedience will not save the world. Does it mean disobedience will save the world? No, that doesn't save it either. But again, in the tradition of the Orient, filial piety and obedience to parents is very important. Therefore, our Japanese brothers and sisters have really been strongly obedient in the past years to our True Parents. Father is deeply grateful and thankful for each of you who sacrificed so much from the blood that has been spilled on the streets of Japan and even America and throughout the world by the Japanese.

But again, obedience is not the ultimate. Love is the ultimate. A little child may be very close to his parents and be very obedient to father and mother, absolutely following everything father and mother say. But as that child grows, that child itself is asked to reach out, even as the Parents reached out, and express love deeply. So obedience as the Foundation of Faith is important but the Foundation of Substance is the direct dominion of God's heart. It is that heart that the Second Generation is expressing.

Sometimes I become frustrated because all around the world now, back and forth, "Is it really Heung Jin Nim? Is it really Heung Jin Nim? Oh, it could be some strange spirit there." And so back and forth, back and forth, many discussions over cups of coffee everywhere New York, Tokyo, even in Seoul. Please understand, Father put me in the position I am in. I made an offering, but, BUT, Father saw that that position needed to be filled because of what God is doing and how God wanted to work through that position. God Himself is the one who initiated True Parents. So when the Christians look at Father, for example, "Is he or isn't he? Is he great or is he the devil? Who is he anyway?" They just look at Reverend Moon, but they don't see the position of Reverend Moon and who is behind Reverend Moon and that it's a new age that is trying to come to their heart. So they just look at the individual.

In many ways that's the way I feel. Everybody's discussing Heung Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim, pro and con, pro and con. But that's not the point. My position was put in that way by our True Parents because God needed it at this time. Father did it in obedience to God.

When you hear the voice of Heung Jin Nim today, realize that behind it is True Parents, behind it is God, behind it is a new age that is trying so hard to dawn. So somebody discovers or finds out, "Oh, it wasn't Heung Jin Nim." And they walk away and turn their back on a new age that's trying to occur in their own heart. Do you understand me? Heung Jin Nim or not, if it wasn't Heung Jin Nim, it could be Joe Schmoe-somebody to take that position, to build that bridge because God wants to come over that bridge.

Do you believe that I created this providence? Do you believe that? So all this arguing is tiring to me. As Jesus said, "You don't see the signs of the times." I am one powerful sign of the times. Please pray to God. Look at what's He's trying to do through our True Parents. Yes, you've already accepted that. Please understand my position. It's on the same branch as our True Parents coming out of God.

This is the age of the heart, brothers and sisters. Why are we suffering so much? Why is our movement suffering so much around the world? It's because the hearts are struggling so hard to be open. Some people are locked inside. They're not even struggling because they're dead, literally. The struggle is important because somebody is trying to beat down the doors and open their own heart. Don't be afraid of it.

But it makes me sad. It makes me sad because I see how far we have been from God and the terrible pain of history to try to come back to Him. At the same time I feel joy. I feel so happy because this is the time of breakthrough. Yes, I'm talking to you, brother. I'm talking to you, sister. I'm not talking to a group here, I'm talking to you. My medium doesn't know all the names here and I work through cooperation with him. But just know that I know you. I know you, I know you. I know your life. I'm with you. And when you struggle, I struggle too. When you go through things, I'm with you. And I want so much to pull you through. Please, please understand.

This unity between the East and the West is so important now, but it will not occur only through obedience to our True Parents. Please understand what I'm saying. Yes, little children can be proud of how obedient they are to their parents, but many times five minutes after deep obedience to their parents they turn around and hit each other.

Maybe we hold concepts about each other. We don't have the courage, just like the doubt, to (be able to) punch through the concepts and come to know each other and touch each other. Do you know, touch is so important. Touch is important. Do you know how it affects a child when they're not touched? Do you know how it affects a heavenly child when we never touch each other, when we never reach out and when we are afraid to grab somebody because we might be rejected?

Everyone struggles. But it's important in this day and age and I know it's a challenge, especially for those raised in the Orient, because again, it's parental-child tradition, but the brother and sister (relationship), it's a little different. With Christians we're slapping each other on the back and enjoying so much. We need to bring the two together, the sanctity of the piety of the Orient and the love, the reaching out of the West. Without coming together today the world cannot be restored. That's why East and West have to come together.

Even our East-West couples many times judge each other, because they don't understand. So how much more the East and the West fail to really have the courage, and I say courage, to reach out and break all those concepts, and cut through the criticism of each other. Yes, it takes humility. It takes humility and courage and a heart that really longs for God's providence to be done.

If you will reach out, I will be there with you. I'll even help you (reach out) with your arm. I'll help you reach it out and touch the cheek of a brother or sister whom you might have hated before. Or you might have just felt that nagging, subtle criticism, that inability to express, and walking away, down the road, nothing said. It's a terrible feeling, isn't it? Don't let it happen anymore. This Won Jun is the point of unity, the point of heart. This is the heart of the world, not because of me alone, but because of my True Parents. This is the heart of the Second Generation the heart of the Second Generation. You say, "The Second Generation is only Blessed Children." Don't have that concept.

Yes, Blessed Children are Blessed Children. You have come out of it different in lineage, but you have been Blessed or you will be Blessed in marriage by True Parents. Isn't that true? And then in that sense you are Blessed Children of True Parents. Isn't that so? Then don't separate yourself from the Second Generation.

Embrace the Second Generation as you embrace one another. This is the challenge today. Our True Parents are looking for people who not only are determined and have the desire not to give up but who have that vision, that heart vision, and reach and reach and reach and go up that mountain until they can reach the top, even if it's a million miles. So determination (is necessary). Obedience is not enough.

This is the time of self-examination, even while you're here on this hill today. Just take a moment and examine the level of your own faith, heart, life. God has so much so give. True Parents want to give so much. They're not blocked. Father is totally free but he wants to clear any other blocks that we have. I understand my own Father's heart, too, ever more, because coming from the spiritual realm I run into the same resistance that Father met all of his life so I really understand the struggling of my Father. (Sobbing.) He never cries in front of people for himself. He cries for God.

You are an Abel generation. God wants you to know that heart. I want to share that heart with you. Please know this is a short time, only one hour. What is the time now? (Response.) Only less than one hour we could share. Let this be like an exclamation point in your life. I'm maybe not a great preacher yet. Also this person (medium) is limited. Please understand my heart. Please understand as you go from here, don't lose it. Not an experience, but a turning point in your life. Please understand. Love is the way, heart is the way. Brothers and sisters, I love you. Please, please take a moment, just hug each other. Roll over on the grass and hug each other. And take that from me, go ahead. Think of it as me, it's me.

Please, don't forget. Please don't forget. I'm still very tearful, but please understand, these are not tears of sadness. They are just welling in my heart. It's a feeling far beyond joy and sadness.

Even when you've been through the darkest night, you'll see the sun come up. I see the sun in your heart. I see the sun in you. You may not see it in me, but I see it in you. You are my hope. Please, please don't let our True Parents down. Brothers and sisters, I have to go now. I want to respect your schedule. I know. As you go back now to the ministers, just a final thought. Remember, they are going through what you are going through the discovery of True Parents. They're not that different from you. They're just at another stage. Please, realize that as you go through your processes of realization of our True Parents, of God's providence, of this age of heart, of me, Heung Jin Nim, that as you go through that, you can bring them through the process too. You can't take them up a mountain that you've never climbed. You can't stand at the bottom and just point your finger up.

Don't be a signboard. You're not a signboard. You're a climber. Climb. Please climb. I beg of you, reach beyond those frameworks, bust them, break them. I love you.

God bless you.

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