The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)


July 1, 1987
Delivered at the Keio Plaza Hotel

The real problem with pornography is that it is a spiritual disease. Because the original fall involved lust, every fallen person has that base deep in themselves. When you watch pornography you do two things. First, you stimulate that root of sin in yourself. You have no idea how strong and dangerous it can be. It's lying there in everyone waiting to become an addiction. When you start watching pornography that root of sin is stimulated and it gets really hungry. It wants more and more. You find it so hard to stop watching. It's not like anything else that you might be looking at. Part of you gets really fascinated.

More than anything else in the world, this is the one thing that is hard to stop watching. And the memories stick in your mind and they keep flashing back into your memory stimulating you again.

Secondly, when you watch pornography you set up a powerful give and take base. The give and take multiplies the energy and the feeling. It is like an addiction that man has had for 6,000 years. It's lying there sleeping until it is awakened. Any give and take relationship that you set up in the spirit world is very powerful. That's why you must always be careful what you are having give and take with.

Remember that old potato chip commercial, "You can't take just eat one." This is really true. All members should always be careful what they are having give and take with in their minds. It should always be heavenly things. Every give and take relationship carries with it an inherent direction. Essentially you can only have give and take that is centered somehow on God or on Satan. "Man cannot serve two masters."

The real problem with pornography is in the spirit world. And this is something that most of you know almost nothing about. You can't see the changes coming over your spirit as you watch pornography. It's kind of like those old werewolf movies where the guy step by step turns into a werewolf in front of the mirror. Think what happens to you as you watch pornography. First you get fascinated. Then you get stimulated. As you have more and more give and take, you get into a kind of trance-like state that you have to snap out of. This is like a spiritual possession. You will attract to yourself then spirits that have a similar nature and base.

When you are having a certain type of give and take (almost any kind), you almost cannot have any other going on at the same time. Can you carry on two conversations at the same time? Can you think about two things at once? Give and take is basically an exclusive relationship unless it is give and take with God (or another person) who can help you grow broader and broader through giving higher level input. But still even in that, God is teaching you only one thing at a time.

This is the danger of pornography or anything else that has satanic origins. It's the give and take, the relationship. From the give and take there is always a result, a change, or a new creation. You by the relationship are always going to be going in a certain direction spiritually. If it is a self-centered direction, it's hard to break out of it and reestablish a relationship with God.

This is where repentance is the key. The power of repentance is so great because Satan cannot repent. Repentance means "to change direction." Repentance breaks the cycle of give and take. It allows God to step in and "turn on the lights." You can see what you're doing suddenly for what it really is from God's point of view. The truth sets you free of the give and take that has bound you to this "Satan" (self-centered idea, possessiveness of some thing, or whatever it may be). Effective repentance must be learned by every one of you.

More about repentance later.

Love always,
Heung Jin Nim

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