The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

I have been working with each of you

June 28, 1987

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am so happy to be greeting you this special, this magic morning. I can't tell you. I want this to be just the beginning. C. and R., how often can you meet? Please meet often in a prayer together every night for a week if possible, but don't disrupt your responsibilities, of course. Then after that, meet as often as possible. First, to start, don't advertise at all. When we have the fire going we can add more wood to make it bigger. If we add it all now, it might hamper the fire, right? Those who should know, do know at this point. All of you here who can come, also attend. If you can't physically attend then pray for them as a support team. Okay?

I want you to know I have been working with each of you. Yes, each one. I already know everything about you, and you each know me a little. Give this some thought. If you didn't know me then why are you here? Why are you motivated to know me better? It's because I have touched you with my love. Whether in a dream, by reading Principle along with you, through inspiration or trucking down the road, you have all come to feel my spirit enough to come closer. So please think of the area where I have been able to reach you that tells you something about where your own channel is not too busy, where you're "clear" and that will be the easiest place to "receive" me, to start. Was it Bible reading? Then read the Bible. Ask questions, ask Jesus, ask me. Talk to us and write down your answers and your experience. Was it late at night, as you drifted off, that you found your mind tuning in to the Heung Jin Nim and Jesus Late, Late Show?

Then keep tuning in, but now talk to me, to Jesus, and keep pencil and paper handy, or a tape recorder, and talk into it what you hear, write down what you hear. I may sound distant at first a nudge, a whisper; my face, just an impression in your mind but grab it! Listen carefully. If you listen to the whisper, that's like "tuning in" to that channel and getting rid of the static and noise from other channels. You must begin at the beginning. Don't expect me to just shake you and say, "Wake up," or appear in your room. You have to get your "radio" set to the right station first, so this is how it will start. This is your job right now. Tune in. Then you will hear my further instructions more clearly. This is important and I have called each of you already. EACH of you, not one of you slipped in unnoticed, okay? So you will recognize me, but you need to have faith and reach out a bit for a pencil, tape recorder. Do something. Call my name, Jesus' name, substantially, with your voice and these acts of faith will be rewarded. It's that simple. This is more important than you can imagine. I will explain this a little later.

God Bless You!

Heung Jin Nim and Jesus

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