The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

The 36 couples and their meaning to True Parents

June 26, 1987

Brothers and Sisters,

I want to talk about the 36 couples and their meaning to True Parents.

Let me begin by saying they are the frontline. When things go wrong or when things must be done, they are the first among you to know, to take responsibility, to receive the judgment, too, at times.

Sometimes you all feel judgment. You realize how we have fallen short of our Parents' expectations and you feel miserable, unworthy, ashamed. You also feel alone, so you may begin to believe that you alone have been responsible, as you see everyone else appearing cheery and calm. But they may not be as cheery as you think. If they are, you must realize it's usually because they are very, very young spiritually, so this is the reason they don't feel any responsibility yet. But I don't want you to judge such brothers and sisters; just let them grow.

But what I'm getting to is when you look at the 36 couples among you, you think that they look so strong and great, you think that they just never struggle, never feel judgment, that they work so hard and never have any doubts. But let me tell you something about the "frontline." It means they "get it" first and often in your place, because you are younger. The more responsible you feel, the heavier your heart is with God's concerns, the more you have in common with your older brothers and sisters it means you're growing, not failing.

So if you can understand this, I want you to imagine how the 36 couples must feel at times. How do you think they felt when I was offered by Father and Mother, when my indemnity condition of coming to spirit world was necessary?

I knew how they felt, they felt responsible. Truthfully, they were so grieved and shocked, it became difficult for some of them to even look at True Parents, or look at me. Their hearts have been so heavy, so heavy. Aren't you touched now by how hard they can work, can continue when inside their hearts are sometimes feeling broken? You think that they can work so hard because they feel True Parent's love for the world often, and they may realize True Parent's love for them, but actually True Parents scold them first, and they have so often a lot to bear as they work so hard. Koreans, especially men, aren't raised to just express their feelings. You can hit them and they may not say a word, but the pain is still there.

The 36 couples feel and have felt all the pains, remorse, sorrow that you have felt and more because they are older than you. (I don't say this to diminish you, but so that you can begin to understand and feel one in heart with the 36 couples.) They just try to bear it and go on, for God and for True Parents.

When I went to spirit world, all the 36 couples suffered so much they love our Parents and were truly grieved to feel their pain, and yes, they felt responsible and guilty. They had to be lifted up. They really felt so heartsick and grieved. So that even now, it's hard for them to talk to me sometimes, because their hearts are deep and their sorrow is long-lasting. I can understand their hearts very well, and I am giving them time to heal. But my love for them is there and constant. Please pray for them, pray for them. I want them to hear my words of forgiveness, feel my love for them. I want to fill them with the comfort of my own forgiveness and love. I want them to prepare to enter Canaan they are so precious to Father, so precious.

Please pray for them from now on and love them. They work so hard, and have endured much pain for the providence and to restore the holiness and position of the 36 couples. This is of eternal significance. Try to understand their heart and work together with one heart, and most of all, love with one heart.

God Bless You,

Lord Heung Jin Nim

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