The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

There needs to be a strong Unification Church laity

June 25, 1987

Question: An interesting thing is happening with three of the men for whom I do word-processing. Yesterday, upon delivering their work, each of them spoke with me in ways which made me believe that spirit world was influencing them somehow. The first man asked me all of a sudden upon my arrival: "Did man originate from Adam and Eve or the animals?" He then told me how upset he feels at the problems of the PTL (Praise the Lord) leadership, and he asked, "Now whom do you trust?" He felt very strongly to try to get my opinion on these matters.
The second client is just starting out as a lawyer. He began recounting how much more support and work he would like to give me, but his business is slow. The third client is a man who is restarting as a real estate broker after taking a long leave of absence to recover from surgery. He said exactly the same words to me, how much more work he would like to give me but he lost all his clients while out of work. It seemed such a coincidence that their conversations were so parallel. What does all this mean? Should I be helping them or guiding them in some way?

Heung Jin Nim answered: Since you genuinely care about these people, you can pray for their success, but tell them that you're doing it. They already sense God's good spirit through you and are drawn to it. That it why they confided in you at all. They are all very sincere and good people. Then when they succeed, they will sense you were "a kind of spiritual good luck charm," and they will question you further, as though very hungry for this type of knowledge. They will want to get closer, to find out "what makes you tick."

Meanwhile, I think that it's a very good idea to push for a type of U.C. Sunday service which is more secular in nature. I understand your point, J., that the present service is not appropriate in certain ways, especially for a witnessing tool to offer inspiration. That is really what it is that you sense is lacking. The present Sunday services are valuable and meaningful, but they cannot be used effectively as witnessing tools the way Christian church services are. I think the U.C. could pursue this idea of finding another place of worship, where holy and uplifting songs are sung, and beautiful words of inspiration are presented. Then when they ask to know more about you, you can bring these people, the ones already drawn to you, and they will be touched, deeply moved, and won over. Jesus and I and many others here are doing our part from this side.

But there needs to be a strong U.C. laity set in motion and in place to support this aspect, in adaptation to the services as we now know them. These are rather private, in-house gatherings geared for solid core members. The movement updates and seemingly harsh directives presented at these meetings would "blow them (the newcomers) away," I know. (It even blows away the old-timers often, right?) The building of this laity is where the "home members" can really contribute. This is desperately needed and is very worth-while. Rev. K.'s speeches are also needed, though. There is a need for both types of meetings. One is not to replace the other. Rev. K. is expressing Father's heart and directives. Not all ears can hear him. But try to understand and appreciate him. I have already told you how precious he is and what he represents.

I have more I could say, but I know you must go.

All our love, Your brothers Heung Jin Nim and Jesus

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