The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Cherish Your Blessing

June 24, 1987

Yes, it is really me, Heung Jin Nim, and Jesus is here as well. Please continue to pray together. It is so beautiful to see you two praying together. This will make an indelible mark upon your spirits and bind you together creating a magnetic force which will draw others uncontrollably toward you. The strength of your unity is due to the power of the Blessing. You can't imagine its power spiritually. "What is the difference between the Blessing and marriage?" you have been asked. This is the answer. The Blessing is a special new relationship you enter into. You enter into a spiritual statehood.

Jesus speaks

You don't know who you really are, but you are now of royal blood actually of higher and nobler blood than royalty. You are purified. That means you can relate directly to Father God as His "flesh and blood," His heavenly reflection and as His own child, His son or daughter. Marriage, on the other hand, is the institution of being together with a spouse and forming a family unit, relating to another horizontally. The Blessing is vertical. The give and take of love and relationship in your marriage creates a horizontal force and pull between you. The give and take of love and relationship with God, your Father, creates another sort of force and pull vertically. The Blessing then, creates a kind of "intersection" actually it's more like a big interchange on a grand highway a place where these two POWERFUL forces meet and connect, where you, your spouse and God meet. As you can imagine, this is a very "heavy" place, spiritually speaking! This power is yours to harness as blessed couples. This is why praying together is more powerful than praying alone. Brothers and sisters, cherish your lives. Cherish your existence on earth at the same point in history as the time that the True Parents walk the earth.

Most of all, cherish your Blessing and the opportunity it gives you to rise up and meet new heights. You will see the face of God, your Heavenly Father. His eyes will glisten with tears of joy and gratitude and, of course, with endless love. As your eyes meet His, you will know that all your hard efforts and suffering which it took to arrive at this place have been repaid a thousand fold. How precious you are! We love you and will always be near.

With great love, Lords Heung Jin Nim and Jesus

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