The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Why do we need more speeches by Heung Jin Nim?

June 24, 1987

To my brothers, my sisters:

I want to speak more about "Why do we need more speeches by Heung Jin Nim and by Jesus?" First of all, let me say, "Why do you really need God? Do you need God to accomplish your mission?" Yes, of course. But why?

It's hard to know why you need something that you're not quite aware of. Can you tell me why you need the sunshine? You need a vitamin, yes, but there is much more to it than that. Simply, let me say you need the warmth, light and beauty of sunshine. Can you imagine how your spirit would sag to wake up each morning in dark coldness? But truthfully, isn't that how you feel spiritually? Even the physical sunshine can renew you so much. But without spiritual sunshine you are still pale, weak, depressed. You want to do your mission, but sometimes you even forget why.

You really need God's love. Without it you can't feel any warmth, without its light you really can't see the color of life around you, cant even really see the Divine Principle, the Bible, or even yourselves clearly. So you need God's love.

Like Jesus, Father wishes to go to each of you, healing you personally. But the True Parents must achieve the salvation of the world at all costs. They agonize if you don't follow and don't save yourselves, but they are like people carrying a time bomb. If they drop the bomb to heal each one, then they can lose everyone, including you! But still, their heart is so great. They do love each one of you so much. They have charged into the enemy camp, cut your bonds, tied your ropes around them, and are pulling you out, holding the time bomb in their hands. They must get that bomb to a safe place before it goes off. This is true, brothers and sisters.

So they call to you, "Come on! Come on!" Are you going to just stay seated and let them drag you? If you really are so weakened, that's permissible, but if you begin to get strength, get up and grab your brothers and sisters' ropes and pull them too!

If you're really the children of such heroic parents, then you too will want to charge the enemy camp and rescue their other children, knowing it's the heart of the parents while they charge ahead to save the world. They are really doing this. Charging forward with the ropes of their children bound around them so that you can be dragged away from the enemy.

But you know, young children may still complain, "Mommy, Daddy, This is uncomfortable! When will we get there, Dad? Mommy, please stop and let me rest! Cuddle me!" But the parents can't stop, so they try to reassure you with their talks. To the older children, they must shout, "Grab the little ones, and follow me! Hurry!" They may even seem very grouchy at times, right?

Okay, so I am your older brother and I have started things ahead of you. I have really seen what's ahead, so you can believe me as I reassure you, okay? And I see the heart of our parents, and our Father, God, and I can reassure you. Also, the parents have given me the "medicine bag." I can come along the path and heal you, get you ready for the last stretch into the home-land, where your parents have been leading you. And Lord Jesus and I have the water and the mannaso can you really make it without us?

God is all around you, but you really can't feel Him. But I can help heal your heart so you can feel Him. This is the best medicine, my brothers, my sisters. When you get your first pure taste of His love, you'll be running so fast to get more. Like junkies who'll do anything for a fix, you'll become heavenly junkies, who can do anything heavenly for God. You need my speeches, my voice, so that you can hear the way and follow. Then you will grab my hand and the hand of Jesus, then He will embrace you and patch you up, like in the Wizard of Oz. We'll clean you up and present you to God and your True Parents, and even, really, for the first time, you will see yourself.

I love you. Jesus is here and ready to help you. Believe in us. We are waiting for you.

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