The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Who Is This Guy Heung Jin Nim?

June 22, 1987

Brothers and Sisters,

Okay, who is this guy, Heung Jin Nim, who just keeps popping up talking so much? Why doesn't he just lay down and keep quiet like the other folks who pass away? What's so important, anyway, that he keeps talking to everybody all over the world we already have enough speeches to listen to as it is. I know how you feel.

Please understand that these are not ordinary "speeches and sermons." Your leaders' speeches are so necessary to lead you to accomplish your mission of saving this world. But who will save you? If you don't allow for your own salvation, you will quickly lose your belief, your hope and your faith for the world. I'm here, Jesus is here, to save you. You must meet me.

You think the talk is so long given by your Korean IW, but how blessed you are to have a Korean blessed 36 couple with you! They won't be here forever, and in the future everybody will ask you, "What did he say, what was he like?" America, being in a special providential position, is receiving so much, so that you can bring it to the world! Later, when you see how much you are needed as leaders, missionaries, won't you regret that you can't share this because you slept through the talks? This is true.

I can't tell you how sad I feel to see you walk away and say, "Oh, his talks have no love. It's just push, push, push." You really don't understand, I'm afraid. He loves you so much. Do you just want to feel peaceful and cheerful, even though people are dying all around you? If that's really what you want, why don't you worship at a bar or something? You don't need God to do that. In other words, you really don't need God at all if your goal is to feel peaceful and cheerful in the middle of a dying and desperate world.

I want to bring you God's love to heal you, to help you feel true happiness. This is the purpose of my speaking. I know you need God's love desperately. No one wants you to feel true love more than the True Parents, myself and Jesus, except for God, your own Father, Himself. But do you want to feel His love? His love is so great, so great. Parents want you to reach it so desperately, they will push you just as hard as they can. And so will I.

But I can help explain and heal you so you don't break when you are pushed. But when you feel God's love, do you think it's a kind of a numb, "Blissed out" state, where you can feel peaceful all the time? This is not how true love feels, my brothers and sisters. True love cannot feel happy when someone is dying. Yet you will know more happiness than you have yet imagined. But since you really can-not imagine this true love of your Parents, of your Heavenly Father, you don't exactly run to get it, jumping over Satan's hurdles, one by one, punching down Satan's angels as you go, do you? Not exactly.

If you knew, you would try much harder, but since it's impossible, until you come just a little bit closer, then what do you suppose God is telling the leaders? I'll tell you. I know He's crying out, "Push them!" He's crying this to push you nearer to Him. This is the truth, brothers and sisters, and I want you to know when you go to your services, when you hear the leader speak, it may sound so harsh, pushing and pushing. From now on I want you to hear God behind this.

Hear God crying to hold you God can't stop now. He sees you so near. Yes, He wants to just grab you. This love is so much greater than just feeling nice and peaceful. Please believe me. You are hearing true love calling you. Love is pushing you. Jesus and I want to open your eyes to this so you can understand this. We will be here with you on your path, holding your hand. When you feel the hand of Jesus, the hand of Heung Jin Nim, then I hope you won't feel crushed by the strong talks of the Korean leaders. The point is not to crush you but to get you to win. Then who gets the prize? Is Rev. K. going to get your prize for pushing you to win? No. He's pushing you but the prize is all for you. Brothers and sisters, pray more to love God, to feel God's love.

Because of my sacrifice, Jesus and I can bring God to you. It is easier than ever before for you to feel God's heart of love for you. Please make even a small effort for this. Even your smallest effort touches God so much. Please try hard. God your Father has been waiting so long for you. Together we can win for Him. I will be with you. Jesus will be with you. If you want us with you just call. If you want to win for God don't even call, I'll be there.


Heung Jin Nim

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