The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To Members in the Bay Area

June 21, 1987

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Do you all remember Heung Jin Moon, son of Rev. Moon, who was in a fatal car accident several years ago? Did you think that my death was my mission and now I'm playing harps up here in heaven, having nothing to do with you?

No. That's not the case; through my death a big toll of indemnity was paid. But what are the "tolls" for? Tolls are paid so you can cross the bridge, like the Golden Gate, right? Right. Well, I have paid a toll for you to cross an even more beautiful, large and glorious bridge and your toll is already paid! Yes, I, Lord Heung Jin Nim, and my brother Jesus stands by me. Let us tell you about a very special golden gate and where it will lead.

Brothers and sisters, some of you have been working so hard and some of you have at least hung in there. Right now I will ask you to drop all ideas of yourself, all "good" or "bad." To cross this bridge, my brothers and sisters, you will take my hand in one hand, Jesus' hand in your other, your eyes will be on True Parents ahead and you must be calling brothers and sisters with your mouth. This is worse than walking and chewing gum at the same time. So your mind will have to be free of many things, won't it? And all of you come together, brothers and sisters. From my point of view you are all equal in value. The providence, the land before this gate, the land on which you stand, is the land that you traveled to get here.

Some are good travelers, some are bad, but before we cross, look around you. You see your brother and sister they too have journeyed that same dry desert land that you have they too have hungered, thirsted, spent many a dark, cold night. Now is the time that you face the bridge into the new land. Let all the differences be washed away by your tears of gratitude, my brothers, my sisters. Let them be washed away now.

Who can stand before this bridge built with the blood, sweat and tears of your own Father and Mother, built for all, and turn to any other brother and say "I don't like you," or dredge up old problems. If you have something against your brother or sister, now is the time to go to them tearfully and patch things up.

Perhaps you have judged them somehow but you may have judged them by the "law of the desert." How many of you are really reading the Divine Principle and using it as your own law?

Many have created new laws in the desert but those are not necessary. They got you across the desert, but will they help you plant seeds or water your garden? You can now begin to see how desperately you need the Divine Principle. It is the all-purpose handbook. You had better cling to it, study it every day. We are entering a new land to all who hear, I say, "Come!"

Please think about this, pray about this. I want to come to you. If you hear me in your heart, pray to me, pray to Jesus, if you know Jesus. I love you so deeply. I come to gather you together for our Parents. Please study Korean so we can greet them all together. What joy you would bring them! If you hear, call me! I need you in the Bay Area and you do need me.

Love, your Brother,

Heung Jin Nim

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