The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Bringing True Sunshine to California

June 11, 1987

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Bay Area,

Hi! This is the team of Heung Jin Nim and Jesus here. We need to establish a foothold among you, and bring true sunshine here to California. This is a beautiful land but truthfully there is not much to make God smile. So much spiritual tragedy has taken place here, but I am here, Jesus is here to guide you in how to liberate yourselves, this place, these people, your spiritual children.

Many altars have been built, but are awaiting the warmth of my fire. What is the altar? The altar is all your hard work; but what is an altar without its fire? A heap of stones, brothers and sisters, a heap of stones, dry, dead, cold.

Is your hard work enough to liberate this place? How about your intellectual abilities, sophisticated tastes? No, none of this can cure you. When we dig deeply into the pain of your heart, what will happen to your philosophies and even the most sophisticated logic or sense of humor? In the doctor's office, all people sound the same. They all say, "Ouch, Doctor! Don't touch that spot!"

But the doctor must dig deeply. When that happens I may have to pull out some rather unattractive tumors that have been hiding in your hearts. How will you face this in yourselves and in each other?

If it's so horrible that you faint, that's okay for a while. But it will be most terrible if any of you turn to your brother or sister and say, "Oh, how ugly your tumor is!" while you're waiting your turn! Can you understand what I'm trying to say? Be humble. None of you are perfected yet. Yet I want you to be and want you to understand what perfection really is. I have so much to tell you. Will you listen? Please pray to me, brothers and sisters.

Now I must address some personal things: I need you as my "spy." You have the heart to listen to many people. That's what I'm looking for, not "religious" acts, not meeting-attendance. How is that going to help anybody? When you feel you can help you'll go, and that's soon enough. Right now, please work on this prayer experience. It's so important, you and J. praying together towards me and Jesus, and I will help you in your mission of guiding and helping others.

Yes, I am doing a very deep oil change in the old heart and you'd better find a big can for catching all the gunk. Try to realize and be prepared. It doesn't help if I have to go clean it off, does it?

Okay, this is what you should explain to the brother you are thinking of who has homosexual feelings. This brother is not really seeking to fall. He is actually seeking to be free and to cleanse his heart. He has reached his tumor, let's say. So he is having his moment of giving in to his tumor. I love this brother. I want you to tell him these things. Please assure him that his Father God does believe in him and understands his sincerity. You must help him realize that the tumor is death. He must not give in! He is actually near his cure.

You know by now that it's often "darkest before dawn." Please encourage him to pray to me. I will give him a channel to Heavenly Father's warm, pure love. That is actually what he is seeking. His Father's love. I know this. Yes, he is crying out now and I want all who hear of this to pray for this brother, to help him overcome this. If this spiritual part is healed, the physical part will be realigned naturally. Tell him not to worry about the marriage, but remember the untold value of the blessing.

Cling to your blessing and to God, even if you have to lock yourself in the closet for weeks. Many people are praying for him, and I want all brothers and sisters not to be like bad children, pointing and taunting. You all have your own tumors, and this brother's honesty is appreciated.

By this he can be healed. He must believe this. Homosexuality originated among fallen angels whose identity as male beings is not as deep as or doesn't have the same meaning as in God's children. These angels find a base in young men who couldn't receive love from their father, and searched for masculine love (young people also lack a strong sense of sexual identity until they have reach adulthood, and are therefore easy prey).

Because these angels were already fallen and because mankind had already fallen, it has no principled explanation but is completely unprincipled, yet with roots attached to the original fall. This is a very brief explanation but will help the brother you are thinking of. I will instruct him later about his marriage. Now he must worry about the blessing and his own healing and his relationship with his dear Father, God.

All people are manifestations of Heavenly Father's love. Men and women alike. Women are not opposite in the sense of being unrelated to men. We are two aspects of one love, and it is beautiful, natural, and he will understand this later, easily, as he is healed. Tell him to work on his first problem first, and I want all brothers and sisters to look into their own hearts as honestly as he has, and be healed also.

I love you all, and I have great hope for this dear brother.

God Bless You!

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