The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Thirteenth ICC at the Won Jun

May 24, 1987

Brothers and sisters, the spirit of Heung Jin Nim is very much here... and I want to work through this person. He sometimes struggles, so I know he feels very bad that I can't just come immediately. But I want to speak to you today because you've made the effort to come out here to this place.

This is a very holy place. I know you can feel it already. This place is sanctified. Not by me, but by my Father and Mother, by my True Parents. They're the ones who laid the foundation for this place. They're the ones who built it for me. All I did was try to be a loyal son, try to be a son who could bring them honor, and be as good a boy as I could be. And I go on that way. But because of the foundation of my Father, I gave my life for him so happily, so happily. It was an easy thing for me to do. But as I could give that, then this place could be sanctified. So, please understand, it is really the True Parents that you face today, not merely your elder brother or your Lord Heung Jin Nim. Yes, I've been given a position in the spiritual realm which is very special, which is the highest, but I'm standing on the shoulders of my Papa, my Aboji.

He's the greatest man who ever lived. Whatever name they call him, Christ or Messiah, it doesn't matter, he's the Father. He's the father of all mankind and all of history. And my mother is right with him. They stand together. And so you've come here to meet them, truly. And all I want to do is help you meet my parents. Because many of our brothers and sisters have not met their parents yet. They haven't met their father and mother and that's why their lives are still dry. I'm so sorry for this.

I'm living. I'm living with you for this very purpose and I will do this eternally until each and every one can come into the complete merging with my Father's heart. Our movement is planted around the world, throughout all the countries of the world, even behind the Iron Curtain, as you know. There are brothers and sisters who have given their lives, but I tell you especially these providential countries of America, Japan, Korea you have come from America many of you, most of you. You've gone through Japan you're now in Korea. These three providential countries really truly need to unite with my Parents' heart now.

This is the time. This is the key time and the very mission that I've got to do is to help you one by one, yes, one by one. I know it's hard for you to understand how I can reach out to you. Some of you don't feel worthy. I know. Some of you don't trust yourselves. Some of you don't really trust me yet. You don't really think this is me, do you? Somebody here thinks this is this medium. It is not. It is not. Wipe out the last percent of doubt from your mind. If you feel one little trickle of doubt, put it aside. It is me. And you need to move into a new realm of belief in your deepest heart. Please understand. Belief is in the heart. Your heart needs to open so deeply. It is something far beyond the letter of the law, far beyond the word. It is a part of you which many of you have not yet discovered.

You're still struggling to open those doors. That's exactly why I've come down. That's exactly why I'm with you. That's why it was such a joy to build a bridge with my True Parents from the spiritual world to each one of your hearts. This bridge is not just to the physical world, it's right into each of your hearts. Understand that. My bridge is right into your heart. And I can work with you. You want to know how? Don't even ask me. It's something too deep, too much. But I can work with you. I'm not like a physical man running around here and there trying to help this and that person singly. Not at all. No, I've been given a special power by the position that has been given me, truly, by God and by my True Parents. Understand that.

And please open your minds to that because, when we think of reality, when we really understand what reality is, we realize that we never began to even touch reality in our former lives. And even just now there are so many doors to be opened, so many doors that need to be opened.

It's like a long hall, and in that hall there are many doorways. And now you are just turning the knob on one little door. And you go down and see another door and another door. And that hall opens up on the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. It is a realm you cannot imagine. But please keep opening those doors.

Some of our brothers and sisters are trapped in little closets, locked up. And I really want to unlock those doors for them. And I'm trying so hard. I've grabbed the knob from the other side, but many of them, they don't even realize there is a door knob or that I'm on the other side trying to turn that knob and help them out. I'd rip the door off the hinges, but it involves also your five percent.

You know the Principle. I can't force my way in. The highest realms of spirit do not deal in domination. They do not deal in taking over. The highest realm of spirit deals in loving and harmonious cooperation. I need your cooperation, brothers and sisters. I need it so desperately. Because each of us is to unite with so many others and to ignite fires wherever we go. It is so important as you go back to America that America can be revived. But before we talk about reviving the nation or even before we talk about reviving the Christian ministers, and before we talk about reviving our movement, each one of us needs to be revived in the spirit of God and in the spirit of our True Parents and in my spirit of victory. Please understand that. It begins with each one, with each one of you.

I stand on my Father's shoulders, but by his effort alone. No, not by his effort alone. I made effort too. Something I did also. I'm not bragging. I'm humbly offering myself. I want you to understand and learn whatever I could do. Please understand, your life is in your own hands, and so there is no miracle. The greatest miracle is the one that you can do. And that's the one miracle that stands between us and the Kingdom of God.

God is all powerful. He's almighty. He's the Master of miracles. The Bible is full of them. History is full of them. Miracles are happening every day all over this world. Miracles you don't even know about. Our True Parents have been doing miracles all of their lives. And now I'm able to do miracles, too, in my own way. Yes, Jesus it goes without saying. But there is a miracle that only you can do. And yet, it involves a deeper search into your own heart. So many of our brothers and sisters are struggling with resentment, with feelings of frustration, with inner conflicts, with sexual problems, with so many blockages. They don't understand. And it's like that little closet. It is such a hell of a place. The door needs to be opened, brothers and sisters.

I'm asking you to please seek more deeply, because each of us has our own little closets inside. Some of us are more liberated. Some of us are a little less liberated. We go through many things. But I'm here to help you. I want to help you. I cannot dominate you, as I said. But I can take your hand as you reach out. As you reach out in belief, in heartistic belief, I can help you. Please understand that. That's my whole life's purpose. If you don't give me that open hand and that arm reaching out to me... What do I have to do?

I tell you, the heart of God is to reach out to every person who struggles to each and every one. The heart of God is with each and every one. Wherever there is the slightest struggle, God is there. He wants to alleviate it and He wants to liberate it. God is in those places. So God is on the other side of that closet door, too. It is not just me, but it is God with me. It is God with our True Parents. And we are crying and just screaming for your victory day by day.

Know that the love of Heaven is with you, that you need merely believe. Don't think you believe just because you believe the concepts of Divine Principle. The Divine Principle is in your heart, in each and every heart. And it needs to be open. That's the real truth of God. That's the real truth of God the truth within you. The truth of what you are is son and daughter of God. Satan would love to keep you from that truth. He knows he can't keep you from reading books. He knows he can't keep you from reading pamphlets and hearing lectures, but he knows that he can lock up the door to your heart and write all kinds of evil phrases on it and keep you away from it, make you afraid, make you lose your hope.

Brothers and sisters, don't be frustrated because this is the day of victory. Satan has nothing to stand against, now. Truly he can be defeated. Truly he can be overcome. Satan is a liar. He's the master of lies. How can anyone believe those lies with the truth of God among us? Satan has been lying to individuals about themselves. He knows he can't lie about God to those of us who have accepted Divine Principle in our deepest hearts.

He knows he can't lie that way any more. But he still tells a lot of lies to us about ourselves. But what we must do is believe in God believe in our True Parents believe in me. And also don't believe in Satan. Just become an atheist in relation to Satan. You understand what I mean? Please understand. Please understand and open yourself to that. I know it's not easy but it's just a step in the right direction. It's the real issue. I love you, brothers and sisters. I love you deeply. Someone take hands. Everybody.

This is a special day. I don't want you to ever forget it. Some of you will come here again. Some of you may go home and not be able to come back again, but even if this is just one afternoon we have together, then let it be the guiding signal for your life.

This is your opportunity. Please understand. This is your opportunity to make big steps ahead. As you go back to America, there is nothing stopping you from being the greatest evangelist, the greatest testimony, the greatest man or woman. God knows how great you are. That's why He brought you to our True Parents. That's why He brought you to this very place today. You're chosen. You're chosen. You may not fully believe that, but you are. I chose you here. I know who you are. I know your lives. I'm with you more than you know. I'm with you day by day many times you don't know I'm there, but I'm with you because I love you deeply. And God's given me the gift to be with you. Reach out.

Just as you grabbed the hand of that brother and sister who's next to you. Grab my hand. It may not be fleshy and bony and have hair on the back, but I want to tell you it's a substantial and a more substantial hand than the one you're holding on to right now. Substantial in spirit, substantial in victory. Take that hand and believe in it and go forward. God bless you, brothers and sisters.

I love you. I love you. I love you. Help each other, please. Remember this love only has true value as it's spread. The spirit world is not going to save the earth. The spirit world will not save our movement or America. It's you who will do it. The spirit world is ready to sacrifice everything to help you do that. And I am the leader of the spirit world. So I'll say that with responsibility. It's you who can do it. You just don't know the power at your command. We are ready to help you completely. But it's you who will do it. God bless you. Brothers and sisters, honor my parents. Come to know them. Come to know them. Because it's they to whom I testify day and night. Without them, what would I be? What would I be?

My brother Jesus, in his life 2,000 years ago, he was already great. It's a mistake to ever think Jesus failed or to irresponsibly pass those words around. Jesus was truly the Son of God. But he is more the Son of God now since our True Parents have come. He stands also on their shoulders. I love him very deeply. We are one. So if I help you, he helps you, especially to reach out to his flock. Yes, it's that flock that really came from him. He feels so deeply committed to them.

Jesus Speaks

Feed my sheep. They are so hungry. But they are so desperate. They don't even know what they want in many cases. They don't know what they want. Many of them even in the week that they are here in Korea are wandering around the city looking for something. They don't know that it's right in their own hearts. It's not in Itaewon.

Please take care of them. Please love them. The words alone are not enough to change them because they have loved me deeply all their lives. To the extent that they can, they've poured out their hearts. But they don't know how much I've loved them. They have felt some of my love like little children. But they want something more and they don't know what it is. And sometimes seeking that desperately, they get into trouble just like little kids. But it's me they want. And I want to show them that love the deepest love of all. Love that will take them far beyond themselves. Far beyond the level they stand at now.

It's up to you. Ultimately, the only place I want to bring them is to our True Parents. They're my True Parents, too. I am so grateful for your coming here. So I'm so grateful to my Lord Heung Jin Nim because he gave me a chance to pour my heart out in a way that I never could before, to be liberated, and to be able to come to this earth in a capacity I never could. Understand, that as he came to the spirit world in very much a similar way as I did, I could unite with him so deeply. What a joyous moment to find my True Brother, someone who's almost like a parent to me!

Brothers and sisters, I can't tell you how much I'm ready to support you as you reach out to the ministers in your areas. This coming week as you reach out to them, I'm right with them. I'm with you. I want to bring the two of you together.

Thank you so much again for coming here.

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