The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

The Second Day of the Workshop

May 13, 1987

Hello! Once again on the evening of this second day of Workshop, I have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity to speak to each one of you in your hearts. I have been attending each of the lectures, and just wanted so much to embrace you while you were listening.

Of all the billions of people living in this entire world, you are the ones whom God called. Many others were called also, but they didn't respond. Yet each of you had the faith to follow True Parents, putting aside whatever it was you had been doing in your lives for the higher calling of God. For this reason you are especially unique people in the entire providential history of restoration.

Through your efforts, you are securing a place in Heavenly Father's heart which no one else in all of history will ever occupy, be it past, present or future. Only those of you attending my Father during this time will know such a blessedness upon your arrival in the spirit world. That's why you should never give up, nor be defeated, no matter what. The future is bright with promise, the depth and beauty of which you can not imagine.

But, as you know, such a future world depends on us. We must create it through our daily efforts. By laying aggressive indemnity conditions, so much can be accomplished in a relatively short time.

That's why, as Rev. S. repeated emphatically during these two days YOU MUST TRUST YOUR ABEL FIGURE. Whoever he is, whether you happen to like his personality or not, HE IS APPOINTED BY GOD, and Heavenly Father is bound by His own principle to work through that person. By disregarding his faults, and seeking to strengthen his weaknesses with your prayerful support, you will see your Abel figure grow in wisdom and heart. When he is successful, your success will be assured as well. Best of all, you will make Father and Mother happy, and your leaders will be happy, too. Jesus and I will also rejoice on the day you bring such a resounding victory.

Please don't be critical of each other. You come from a diversity of backgrounds, but that diversity is no cause for division. It is your uniqueness of character that makes you who you are a child of God who is indispensable and irreplaceable to him. In all of the universe, no one else ever was, is, or will be like you again. So use your creativity to serve our True Parents with all of your courage and strength. Don't hold back anything!

Be alive and be willing to develop all of your God-given potential! Simply do it according to the direction given by your central figure. Following those lines, you can muster all the creativity of a Picasso or a Beethoven, and let the sky be the limit. Just be willing to push your own idea aside if it doesn't parallel the idea coming from your leader.

God would not support it unless it has the blessings of Abel, and in that case not only Heavenly Father but the spirit world and I will come down to assist. Then you can have confidence to walk into the office of the biggest minister in New York, and he will listen to you with interest and respect. When you tell him about Korea, he will seriously think about all that you say. This will not happen because of your power, but because of what I can do. However, your faith is the only condition I can use to make this happen. Your courageous activity is necessary as well.

So don't be discouraged because the results you are seeking have not been achieved yet. Put into practice what you have heard here. DO NOT TAKE THESE THINGS LIGHTLY. Use me, for I am here to help you! If you've called on me and haven't gotten an answer yet KEEP TRYING. I will come, rest assured. Working together is the key. If you work together with each other, truly in one accord, then I am already working together with you from that very moment.

I love you all so much. Some of you still aren't sure its true, but please believe. That is all that's necessary, and we shall make the Kingdom of Heaven a reality, and liberate both God and True Parents.

With all my love,

Your dearest brother,
Heung Jin Nim

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