The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Twelfth ICC at the Won Jun

April 26, 1987

Yes, my brothers and sisters, you must understand the power, the power in the name of your True Parents. This is a key that Heaven gives you now. Cham Pumonim, our True Parents. Say it with pride. Cham Pumonim, We are their children. We are the children of our True Parents. We have been ransomed with the blood, the sweat and the tears of our True Parents. You must understand that I come, I come to you now, I come through this borrowed body to speak to you not to take your eyes from our True Parents but to bring you to the True Parents, because when you see your True Parents you see God Himself.

Yes, Abonim, Omonim, they are the flesh and blood of God on earth. Yes, you must understand the power in this name "True Parents." Cham Pumonim. Yes, say it with pride, Cham Pumonim. Cham Pumonim. Cham Pumonim. Yes, we are their children, sons and daughters. Yes, you can never know the price your True Parents paid to bring you to them. To bring you out of hell and into Heaven they had to die many times, many times, many times. I could not even know in my life on earth, even though I am their flesh and blood son. Only in Heaven these things are known. Only God Himself knows the value of our True Parents. (Heung Jim Nim began crying and pleading at this point.) To you, my brothers and sisters, I pray today that you can go crazy, go crazy like mad men and mad women, to cleave to, to cling to our True Parents.

You see these little children (there were some present), how they hang on to their mothers. "Omma." They will not let them go. They cling to them. They will not be separated. So you must be to the True Parents. Because as tightly as you cling to them, the closer you come to Heaven. You can inherit from them what rightly does not even belong to you. Because of their love, because of their suffering, because of their blood, sweat and tears, God allowed them to give to you what only belongs to Heaven.

My brothers and sisters, a New Age has come on the earth. Heaven can come down to earth now. Lord Jesus, I, Lord Heung Jim Nim, my beloved sister, Hae Jin Nim, all of the heavenly saints, all of the martyrs, all of those brothers and sisters who have gone before, those of the 36 couples who are now in the spiritual world, all those who knew the True Parents on Earth, we can come down and work. Conditions have been made as never before in history. You must understand. These phenomena are not miracles, not miracles in the true sense. It is a healing that has taken place. A big gap, a big wound has now been closed. Heaven and earth can come together in a way that previously was not possible.

These things were only possible through your True Parents. You do not understand the meaning of Heaven descending to earth. But it is the completion of the Age, my brothers and sisters. We are just cleaning up now. Yes, we are just cleaning up. Everything is concluded. It is finished. Yes, we are just cleaning up. The Kingdom of Heaven is ready to be lived in.

Will you stand idly outside the gate or will you charge forward? Welcome your True Parents! They will not live there alone, you know. Yes, they will not live there alone. They could have gone long ago, but they will not go without you. So great is their love. So you must go in quickly, my brothers and sisters. You must call to them, "Cham Pumonim."

Go into the Kingdom! Bring the Kingdom here on earth! It is so close at hand. It is so close at hand. It is here and yet you do not see it. It is here now, my brothers and sisters. You must wear the name of True Parents as a banner of pride and honor. Yes, you must let the world know that you are a son, that you are a daughter of the True Parents. There is no greater honor in the universe. To be king, to be queen is nothing. To be the president of IBM is garbage next to being a son of True Parents, the daughter of the True Parents. Yes, the world looks to its models and heroes, its film stars, Princess Diana, all the glory and the glitter of these famous and popular figures. But in the eyes of God who are they? If you can wear the name of True Parents you have indeed reason to be proud. Not because you have earned it but it has been given to you as a gift, a precious gift.

My brothers and sisters, do you know the most precious gift that our True Parents have given to you, concretely and substantially? (Everyone said "The Blessing.") The Blessing, yes. You have never known the value of the Blessing. The Blessing is your passport to Heaven. Through the Blessing our Father has stood before Satan and before God and with a big knife, with a big sword, he has cut your connection to Satan. He has taken your chains that bound your hands and feet and cut them and said, "Satan, you cannot touch them, they are mine! I have bought them! I have ransomed them with my blood, sweat and tears."

You do not know how pained our Parents' heart has been because you do not even know the value of this gift they gave to you. They gave it gladly, joyfully. It was the most thrilling moment of their life to give it to you. But you have not understood its value. Yes, it has not been understood. Many of you members, especially you Western members thought, "Oh, I am getting married," or "I don't like the color of his eyes," or "I don't like her voice," "I don't like her character or his attitude."

It does not matter. You must understand. If you are given Al Capone or Godzilla, it does not matter. It does not matter who your mate is, but the fact that you could be ransomed from eternal death into eternal life. That your children can be born sinless, this is a miracle. This is a miracle! This is such a great miracle. Please I ask you to gratefully, gratefully thank our True Parents for this Holy Blessing. Those of you who have not yet received this Blessing from our Parents, you must yearn for it with all your heart. Nothing is more important. This is your passport to Heaven. This is your ticket to freedom.

Look at your wife, look at your husband no longer as your wife or your husband, but look at that person as God. This is God in the flesh. Do not look at the imperfections of this person. This person is your doorway to Heaven. You must be so grateful that you have been given the Blessing that you have a husband or wife with which you can go to Heaven. You must be grateful every day. This is where the Revolution of Love must begin.

Perhaps some of you have heard my words before. I have spoken of a love revolution, of a love epidemic. Our Father is waiting to see this in the Blessed Couples. You are the Elders of the Church. So as you learn to truly love, as you learn to truly love within your own family, this love epidemic will spread. It will become a wild contagion. But if you cannot love your own husband or wife, how can a love epidemic spread? So please, I ask you all to repent today. And to pledge before Heaven that you will love your wife, you will love your husband at the cost of your own life. That you will never again judge them, that you will never again resent them or criticize them. But only you must kiss their feet.

You must thank your True Parents. Thank your True Parents every day that they could give you this Holy Blessing. It is only through the Blessing, my brothers and sisters, that the satanic lineage could be washed clean. This is the final step to the coming Kingdom. Yes, yes, I speak of these things for a reason. I speak of these things for a very profound reason.

So I charge you, my brothers and sisters. I charge you who have been called here today to go out as missionaries to witness to the new life that has been given to you through the True Parents. Yes, you must witness. You must be thankful. Regardless of the circumstances of your personal situation, just that you could be eligible for the Blessing is a great miracle. It is the greatest gift that Heaven has ever given on earth. Yes, because through the Blessing you are called children of the True Parents, children of Heaven. You came from the lineage of hell, and yet you are being admitted to the palace. You are being admitted to the palace with the full rights of the royal heir born on this road. Can you take this lightly?

Please, my brothers and sisters, you must have a new relationship with our True Parents of overwhelming gratitude. You must look to them to inherit, to inherit everything. If you are a true son, if you are a true daughter, you must look to them to inherit and to receive everything.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, and look to your husband, to your wife as God Incarnate. Look to that person as your greatest treasure. That person is your gateway to eternity. Through that person your eternal lineage can come. on earth. Through that person you can climb the stairway to Heaven. You can only go together into the Kingdom as couples. Yes, there are no swinging singles in Heaven, my brothers and sisters. Yes, you can only swing together in Heaven.

Even I, the Prince of the Universe, I have my bride. I could only take this position because I have my bride. Yes, my Father knew this was my only pain. I gladly went to Heaven. I gladly went to Heaven on my Father's behalf. I joyfully sacrificed my life, but my one regret was that I went alone. My Father quickly gave me my bride. I could ask for nothing more. Nothing more. I can be happy. I can be happy because I know that, through my death, life can come to many. I knew that, through my death my Father's life could be spared. My Father could stay here on earth with you where you need him so desperately. Yes, you cannot go on without him. You are still like little babies. If he left you now, I hate to think of the consequences.

Please grow quickly! Yes, you must graduate in the school of love. Do not spend your lives in kindergarten, my brothers and sisters. Please, you must graduate. Take the burden on your own shoulders. Lift the burden from your True Parents. Let them see you are big boys and big girls now. You will carry the load for them.

My brothers and sisters, I am very glad to see you here today. Yes, wear the name of True Parents with pride and honor. And wear the name with dignity. Say the name often. Do you know when you speak the name of True Parents, when you simply say, "True Parents, Cham Pumonim," [he gave the name in two other languages also] in any language, wherever it is said, the spiritual world stands to attention? Yes, there is power in the name of the Lord. There is healing in the name of the Lord. There is a Christian hymn that sings of the name of the Lord. You must say the name often. Say it proudly. Identify yourself. And as you say proudly, "Yes, I am a follower of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Yes, I am a Moonie," it is like a flashing light. Have you seen the blue-light specials in the K-Mart? Yes, it's like a flashing light. The spiritual world sees your blue-light flashing, "here is one, here is one! This way, folks, come on!" Spiritual help will come to you.

Yes, you must never hide the name of True Parents. It is your badge of authority. If the FBI comes to investigate you, they flash their badge and without hesitation you open your door. Or if the police officer or someone in a position of authority, when they show their badge, everyone trembles. Your badge is True Parents' own name. Yes, you must announce to the world with pride and dignity, "I belong to the True Parents" and the spiritual world will come running. They want to get on the bandwagon now. Everyone wants to be identified with True Parents. But those of you who came before this great highway was open you are indeed very blessed. So you must let if be known, you must advertise.

We have been underground for a long time. But these days are over. You must advertise. You must wear the picture of True Parents with you and you must proudly show your Divine Principle book, anything. Whatever you like. If you want to get a button that says, "I am a Moonie and proud of it" or if you want to wear a beanie with a spinning pinwheel on the top that says, "True Parents, True Parents, True Parents," I don't care. You can think of anything you want. It doesn't matter. But you must broadcast. You must broadcast who you are; you are the children of the True Parents. Say this over and over with pride and dignity. You can stand before the mirror and practice it if it is difficult for you to say. You can practice it in your family and in your center. Then you can go out and let it be known. Many doors will still slam in your face but many will open wide before you. This is Aladdin's magic lamp. You will be surprised. Because the spiritual world recognizes the name of our True Parents.

Yes, you must summon the spiritual world to help you. The spiritual world is ready. My brothers and sisters, you do not realize the incredible resources that are at your disposal now. They are waiting. They are on earth already. They are not waiting to come down. They have come down. They are waiting for their orders. Each one of you commands an army. Each one here, each one who wears a badge that says "True Parents." And each one who wears the magic ring, if you have received the Blessing, you are in the Officers' Corps already. If you have been blessed by our True Parents, you are not just in the heavenly army but you are an officer of heaven. So you have great authority in Heaven. Please use it, use it for the sake of the coming of the Kingdom. Let's not waste time. Let's stop milling around the gates and let's go in, my brothers and sisters. Let's go in. Let's stop fooling around and wasting time.

Our True Parents are waiting. You must go first. They will not live in the Kingdom alone. They will not live in an empty house. Until the last one has gone in, they will wait outside. If you wait for them to lead you in, you will be waiting for a long time. You must bring them in. You must call to them and say, "Please, Abonim, Omonim, come in, we are waiting for you." Only then can they come and sit in their rightful place and receive the rest of the reward that they so richly deserve.

So say the name often, loud and proudly, of our True Parents. Yes, you must learn their language. You must understand. If you are their true children, you have been adopted from another country. Spiritually, I speak of spiritual things, you have come from a different lineage. But if you truly want to be recognized as the authorized son and daughter of Heaven and you still speak the language of your fallen family, your Egypt or your Babylon, it will be hard to be believed.

This is not easy. But you will get much help. You will get much help. You will get much spiritual assistance if you make the determination in your heart. Because if you do not do these things on earth, it is so much more profoundly difficult in the spiritual world. Yes, you must speak the Korean language because the Korean language is the seed that God will use to bring the universal kingdom. There will be a spoken language on earth and this language is Korean. You must learn the language well.

Each of you. you must study the Korean language from this day. Do you promise? If you are really children of our True Parents and you cannot even speak your parents' language, isn't this rather bizarre? Yes, how could anybody believe you when you say, "This is my Father, this is my Mother but I cannot even say good morning to them?" How absurd.

Yes, you have not understood the great importance. And you will see the delight of our Father. Just as a physical parent, when their child says its first words, "Mama, dada," the parents are so excited. "He's talking, he's talking." You would think it was the Gettysburg Address. It was "dada." As you begin your first little efforts to speak our True Parents' language, you will see their delight. And this excitement, this support that Heaven will pour on you, will encourage you to do more.

Yes, Heaven will provide you with assistance. You must make the heartistic condition. Heaven will give you opportunities. Heaven will open many doors for you. But first you must have the yearning in your heart to do it. You must have the determination and the desperation and then the means can be provided. The materials can come. But do not worry about the external details. First you must be desperate. You must be so desperate that you must drag your Korean brothers and sisters to your cities and to your centers. You must kidnap them to teach you the Korean Language. If you have this kind of desperation, then you will find them. You will find them and they will come to you. But you must call to them spiritually. You must advertise. You must advertise that you are desperate.

If you had a life-threatening disease and you knew that there was some cure for it, you would not just sit back and hope that perhaps maybe some day I will find it or I will make the connection with Dr. So and So. You would go to any lengths to find whoever this doctor is who has this magic cure. So if you are desperate, desperate to learn the Korean language, Heaven will recognize your desperation and will give you the necessary assistance to do so. But the condition that I ask you to make now is the determination that you will do this.

Yes, next year is very close at hand. In 1988 Korea will host the International Olympics. People will come from all over the world. Yes, you must make the determination that by the Olympics you will be able to speak to your True Parents. I am not asking you to stand up and translate for Father. But that you will be able to speak, that you will be able to speak to your True Parents by the time of the Olympics. And if you can make this resolve and you can fulfill this, you will see what incredible blessing will be poured down upon you.

Our Father is looking very much to the foreign members to see who can understand him. So I trust you, my brothers and sisters, that you understand the value of speaking our Parents' language. This is the language of Heaven. This is the language of the coming Kingdom. Language is one of the biggest barriers that divide people. It causes much heartache. Much misunderstanding. Much suffering. So these barriers must be broken down for the worldwide Kingdom to come.

First you must know the language of our Father and Mother and then you can receive from them directly their precious words. Yes, my brothers and sisters, and you must know the Law of Heaven. You must know the Heavenly Constitution, which is the Divine Principle. You must eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You would not think of letting a month or two go by with no physical food. You know that soon your spirit will leave your body. But some of you are very careless about nurturing your spirit with the Holy Word. Some of you are very careless indeed. You must daily consume the Holy Word because this will give fire to your spirit. This is the food that your spirit man needs, the Divine Principle.

Yes, your spirit man cannot live without the Holy Word, cannot live. And by this Holy Word, as you digest it every day, you will see your life changing. You will see your eyes open. And things that were never clear to you before you will understand. You will be transformed. You will be reborn through the power of the Holy Word. And you must eat your Bible as dessert. Your Bible is the foundation upon which our Father could receive this precious revelation.

Divine Principle is the key to unlock the many cages in which people are trapped. Divine Principle is the key, but you must become incarnate. You must become the Word made flesh. You must be filled up with this Holy Word. I want you to promise that you will never let the sun set without opening this book. This is the Book of Life.

As you fall in love with the Divine Principle, you will find that you have new power and authority to witness to the Christian ministers. We have many ideas in our heads but these have not been actualized in our lives. And as a result we have brought very meager results, very poor and very barren fruits. Very withered and dried up little fruits.

As you become reborn, you will find the flocks coming after you. You will find the sheep beginning to follow you because they will see that you are well-fed. They will see you are well-nourished. Yes, you must understand they will know that you know where the watering-hole is. They will perceive that your spirit is very healthy and alive. They will see the living Word within you. Yes, the time has come for the Christians to come home. The Christians are being called now by our Lord Jesus. He is gathering up his flocks. He is gathering them in. So as you consume the Holy Word of Heaven, as you proudly wear the Badge of Honor, as you display your authorization from Heaven that you are indeed a child of True Parents, as the spiritual world recognizes you, they will guide the prepared souls to follow you to come to Korea and witness the Holy Land here and to meet our True Parents.

Yes, these ministers who come to Korea, they are changed. Sometimes you do not see the results right away, but their lives are re-made. Yes, even to come here is a condition. Their ancestors are liberated. Even the most negative ones whom you feel have been a tremendous waste of time and energy, they are not a waste of time and energy. It is a condition of Heaven that must be fulfilled. So please be confident. Do not worry about how to bring them. I am telling you simply. Let it be known. Let your light flash. Announce to the world who you are, that you are the child of the True Parents. Digest the Holy Word daily. And love your husband, love your wife.

You must have the Love Olympics in your house. Each person in your center, in your home, in your family, wherever you are, with whomever you see every day. If you are physically separated from your husband, from your wife, surely there is somebody in your life with whom to share the Holy Word. You must compete with each other and also, even though if you are physically removed from your spouse, love is not contained by physical distance or barriers. You must have a competition. Competition of love.

I declare now the beginning of the Love Olympics. Who will be the gold medal winner? Who will win the gold medals? (Silence) Nobody's interested here? (Responses) All right, there is not only one gold medal in the Love Olympics. Everyone can win the gold medal. Yes, you must break each other's records. You must constantly compete to form a new record and a higher record. Yes, these are the Olympics our True Parents are waiting to see.

My instruction to you is very simple. Love each other. Love your spouses and treasure the Blessing. Consume the Holy Word of Heaven. But most of all, cling to the True Parents. Announce to the world and Heaven will give to you everything because the Divine Principle is the recipe of restoration. If you study the Divine Principle, you will become like your True Parents. This is how. If you look at them and wonder sometimes, "How can I be like Father? How can I be like Mother?" You've got the instruction manual right in your hand. All the directions are included in the kit. Just open them up and learn. Just read the instructions. They're very simple. Step by step details. Detailed information is given. How to be a true son, how to be a true daughter. It is all contained in the Holy Word.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, so I charge you now, do not take these things lightly. And of course you have pledged to me to become desperate to learn your Parents' earthly language. But carry these things in your heart. When you go back to your country, when you go back to your cities and your states and your homes, you must advertise without saying a word. You must advertise with transformed lives. You must let people know that the miracle you have experienced is not hearing the voice of Heung Jin Nim come through another's body. This is no miracle. This is a simple phenomenon that you do not understand. But the miracle will be the transformation of your life.

Talk is cheap. If you go home and say, "Guess what happened to me. I saw such and such and thus and so," it is easily disbelieved. People will turn a deaf ear on you. But if you say nothing, if you bury these things deep in your heart and your life is transformed, they will be pulling at you to tell them what happened to you. You can give them the recipe for success. You can give them the prescription of restoration that I give to you now. Love your True Parents. Treasure the Blessing and love your spouse. This is your greatest gift from True Parents. Consume the Holy Word daily. And learn the language of your Parents. Such simple, simple points.

Remember the Divine Principle is the instruction manual for restoration. The directions are included in the package. Just read them. Read them and follow them. And you will look more and more like True Parents every day. Your Spirit will become robust and healthy. And the sheep will follow you to the watering hole.

I go now. And I want you to welcome our brother Jesus. Our Lord Jesus wishes to speak to you. And I love him very much. I welcome him to come now.

Jesus speaks:

My brothers and my sisters, I am grateful to be here today. I am grateful, my brothers and my sisters, to see you here at this most Holy Ground. Do you realize, my brothers and sisters, that this piece of earth upon which you stand is Heaven on earth? This land has been claimed by Heaven. Through the sacrifice of our Lord, and I will call him Savior, Heung Jin Nim, this land is totally claimed by Heaven. Satan cannot come here. Satan is not allowed to come here.

You must understand why I call Heung Jin Nim Savior. He has told you that he comes only to lead you to the True Parents. This indeed is true. Yes, my brothers and sisters, many call me Savior but we are like steps on a staircase. Heung Jin Nim comes to offer himself as a bridge for you to come into a new life, and a new relationship that you have previously not experienced with your True Parents. Because he is their living son, he is the flesh and bone of the True Parents, he has an authority to speak on their behalf. He has an authority. He has an authority that no one else in Heaven, not even I, have. You can trust him. You can trust him. He will come to you. I will come to you. We will help you. We wish to work through you. Will you open your hearts and let us come in?

I want to bring home my sheep. I have waited for 2000 years. They did not know the meaning of my death. They did not understand. They have gloried in my death for 2000 years. You can only imagine the pain this has caused me. But you could know our True Parents finally could reveal to the world the meaning of my life and death. Many things are yet hidden. Many things I do not ever want to be known. Only God will know. They are too painful.

But my pain can be ended now. My heart can be healed. Not only I because of our True Parents, but because of the great majesty of their son who has proudly stood on their behalf. He has come as a true lord. He has come forth in the name of his Parents. He knows he is their son. He stands proudly on their behalf to command the armies of Heaven. Oh my brothers and sisters, you must follow Lord Heung Jin Nim because he will show you how to become True Parents of the True Children. True Parents of the True Children. Yes, you heard me. True Parents of the True Children. You are the True Children of the True Parents but you must also become True Parents of True Children.

Do you realize no one else on earth could ever fulfill these things? You are being charged with something that nobody else has done. You must become True Parents. Yes, you must become True Parents. This is our Father's desire. Not that you follow him blindly as sheep, but that you take up his cross and you become True Parents. Yes, you have your youth, you have your vigor, you have your physical bodies. You can do what I could not even do. You can become True Parents.

Your Father has often spoken to you of these things. He has said his desire is for you to become True Parents. Have you heard Him say this? (Response) I tell you these things are true. You must become True Parents to True Children. As you become True Children to the True Parents, then you can indeed become True Parents. And this phenomenon can multiply upon the earth.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, the day has come to bring in my flocks. Bring them home to your True Parents. I have waited. I have waited many, many years for this day. And at last...I will lead them. I will lead them if you let me. If you open your hearts to me, I will call to my sheep. My sheep are blind but they know my name. You must know the power of my name. You must not fear to express your love for me, because I love the True Parents. I love the True Parents greatly. Where our True Father stands I am with Him always. He is the one who could liberate my heart. I love the True Parents. I love them.

When you call the name of Jesus, I give everything to the True Parents. I am the delivery man for the True Parents. So do not be afraid to pray in my name. Do not be afraid to thank Jesus. My sheep will hear and they will search the darkness. My name is also a flashing light. You who know the name of True Parents, you who are the children of the True Parents, can mobilize the highest realms of the spiritual world. The Christians are on another level. They're on another floor. So you must call. Your flashing light for them is "Jesus." And then you can bring them up, bring them up the elevator to where the True Parents stand.

You must understand the power of these names. You must proudly wear the name of your True Parents. To my sheep you must use my name. I want to be your best friend. We will work together, my brothers and sisters. In the name of our True Parents, in the name of Cham Pumonim, we will bring the Kingdom on earth. We will bring the Kingdom on earth and 1 will lift the Crown of Glory and place it on our Parents' head. 1 will bow before their throne. I will bow before the eyes of my sheep and they will know.

Do not worry, my brothers and sisters, they will follow me. Those who truly love me, they will know when I kneel before the True Parents' throne. They must kneel or turn their back on me.

So say the name of Jesus also. If you wish to call my sheep you must let them know you love me. Then they can trust you. They are afraid of you. Many times they are afraid of you. Because they are afraid you do not like me. They are afraid you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. But they know the power of my name. So if you say with pride and confidence, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," the Christians will follow you gladly. This is the key. This is the magic word to open their hearts. And you must say proudly the name of your True Parents.

This is the key that will open the highest realms of Heaven. So if you go with that spiritual authority, to the Christian world, to the highest realms of Heaven, my sheep cannot resist you. As our Lord Heung Jin Nim said, they will see you are fat and well-fed. They will see you with their spiritual eyes. They will follow you to the waterhole. They will know that where you are, there Is good food. That where you are, there is life.

So, my brothers and sisters, I thank you from the depths of my heart. I thank you. You must understand that only you can liberate the heart of our True Parents. Only you can liberate my heart. Only you can fulfill the meaning of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice. All these things have been received by Heaven. But you must take them and use them on earth. God has already received these things. But you must bring Heaven and earth together. These things are complete in Heaven. Will you bring them down to earth? Yes, my brothers and sisters, I ask you now. Use the resources that Heaven has given to you. Use the resources proudly, with courage, and with dignity, because you are indeed sons and daughters of Heaven. You are indeed, princes and princesses in the Heavenly Court.

You are the authorized children of the True Parents. When you have passed before our True Parents, and the Blessing has been given to you, when you have fulfilled the ceremony of the separation of the blood lineage, the cleansing of the blood lineage, you stand in the authorized name that Heaven has given on earth, the True Parents. From that point forward your lineage can be born guiltless, free of sin. Such an incredible miracle!

My brothers and my sisters, I ask you now, bring in my flocks. Because they are ripe and ready. And our True Parents have waited far too long. Do not be a stumbling block, but rather become a bridge. Lay yourself over the rocky precipice and they will follow you. Lay yourself over and become a bridge. And they will walk upon your back.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, you are abundantly blessed to live in this age. Only in Heaven will you know what great gifts have been given to you to know the True Parents here on earth. And to receive the Blessing. Even I could not receive this in my earthly life. Only in Heaven could these things be given to me. But you who can bring forth children on the earth, you are the most blessed of all mankind. You are the most blessed. You are the envy of all the heavens.

So do not take this charge lightly. For this reason our Lord Heung Jin Nim said you must love your husband, love your wife at the cost of your life. Because no one else in the history of the world could stand before God guiltless and free as a true couple. Only on the foundation of our True Parents' blood, sweat and tears. You are the first generation. So you must really have the dignity of Blessed Couples. All the heavens bow down before you. Do not take this charge lightly. Do not waste this. This is a precious diamond that is given to you. This grieves our Father's heart more deeply than any other sin. Those who have trampled upon the Holy Blessing. Nothing is a knife deeper in his heart.

So, please, you are good brothers and sisters. You will receive these words. These words will be given to you written from Heung Jin Nim and myself. And you must study them carefully because those of you who are called here, those of you who have been brought from across the world, you are delegates, you are missionaries. Please understand these things. You will go forward. You will go forward as witnesses. You come not for yourself. Do not ever think for a moment that you are here for yourselves. But you come rather as representatives. Each one of you must go back with your suitcases packed tight the spiritual gifts. Not with a loud mouth, please, but with gifts that you will share with your brothers and sisters.

Give them the keys to the Kingdom. Change your lives. And show them how to read the Heavenly instructional manual. Yes, you must become Divine Principle crazy. You must become crazy to consume the Divine Principle. And also you must love the Bible because my sheep are on another level. They are still in the basement. These are the words that they know. These are words that they understand. But when these sheep can be elevated and when these sheep can become true children, you will see a force unleashed that neither Heaven nor earth has ever seen before.

You must understand that when my sheep come to the True Parents a healing will take place. The power of Heaven can descend that has never yet existed on the earth. So I ask you to bring in my sheep, not for my sake, not even just for the sake of True Parents, but for the sake of God Himself. For the sake of the coming of the Kingdom. Yes, if you bring in the Christians, if you bring in my flocks, you will see quickly, the Kingdom can come on earth. But until this is fulfilled, we cannot live in the Kingdom.

So when Lord Heung Jin Nim charged you to go into the Kingdom, he is telling you, "Bring in the flock." Bring in the flocks. Call to my sheep. Bring them to your True Parents. Then you will see the power of Heaven come down on earth. Yes, you will see Satan crumble. You will see the communist world collapse before the power of God. And you will see quickly the external Kingdom accomplished overnight.

When the Christians can unite with the True Parents, Satan knows this is the final battle. Satan knows this is Armageddon. Satan has been trying for 40 years to prevent this providence. But when the Christians can recognize that I have come again, and that I walk on this earth arm in arm with our True Parents, when they can kneel down in humility before the throne of our True Parents, when this day can come, Satan must flee.

So let us drive him out with the power of love. Let the sun rise now upon the earth. Go forth. Go forth, my brothers and my sisters. Bring in the flocks. Bring in the sheep and bring them to the throne of your True Parents. Bring them to the throne of our True Parents, the mighty throne of heaven. And I will place the Crown of Glory on our True Parents' head. I will lead them. I will show them that the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and the King of Glory is our precious Lord Sun Myung Moon and his beloved bride Hak Ja Han. They reign as king and queen of the entire universe. And that I, Jesus of Nazareth, known as the Christ, bow in humility before them. I bow before them. Any who will follow me must do the same. I bow before the name of True Parents. I bow before our precious Lords, our True Parents, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han. These names are the sun and the moon. These names are the light of the world. These names are the liberation of mankind and of our Father in heaven.

So take this power with you now, my brothers and sisters. It is given to you from Heaven. Yes, you have the light of the sun and the light of the moon, our Father, our Mother, to guide your pathway. Their Holy Word, their Holy Word, yes, my brothers and sisters, now is the time.

I thank you in the name of our True Parents.

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