The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Eleventh ICC

March 29, 1987

A Parents' Day celebration was held at the Won Jun. Hoon Sook Nim was also present.

Look up. Look up. Try to see. Do not look with human eyes. If it is easier to hear my voice, close your physical eyes and open up the eyes of your heart. See that it is not this medium that speaks, but I am using this person to speak to you. At the cross a great chasm divided the physical and spiritual world. But now a bridge has been built and every day that bridge is being widened. Now we can run freely back and forth.

Soon we can have a superhighway. Will you help me to build this bridge, my brothers? Yes, and you will join in as you pick up your axes and you pick up your shovel and you bring your cement pails. This bridge will be built in just a few hours as time is measured in the universe. Or you can stand back and watch and wait until someone else comes forward.

You have been prepared. You all have been prepared. Each one that stands here now. Some have a wide open heart. Some still are holding tight, saying, "No, no!" They know, but they do not want to hear this. They are afraid. If you fear, you are just foolish.

Do you know, sometimes you see little children at Christmastime, little babies. Their mommies and daddies take them to Santa Claus to make a picture for grandma. But they scream and cry out, "No, mama, no!" They are so afraid of this strange man with a long white beard and a big pillow in his belly. They are afraid of him. But once they are a little bit more mature they know he has a big bag of goodies. He comes with lots of toys and they are tripping over each other to get to Santa.

If you are afraid of me or if you fear that I will give you a heavy burden you are like a baby crying at the feet of Santa. I have more precious gifts in my bag than Santa could ever have and today I wish to give to each one of you the tools that you need to build the Kingdom of Heaven.

Not all are carpenters, not all are masons. There are electricians and plumbers and many with other gifts. Yes, you have been called. You have been called here because each one of you has the potential to be a skilled craftsman, Yes, you have the tools of the heart. Each one of you has already a tool chest in your heart. Will you unlock it? Yes, you say.

You must join together. Take the hand of the person next to you. You must take the hand of the person next to you. Yes, you must hold hands. You must understand. This sounds like an old cliché. But I use lots of clichés. You will find this as you get to know me. United we stand, divided we fall. It is so simple. If we only work together... you can feel the power of the spirit now. As you touch your brother's hand, as you touch your sister's hand. You can plug into the power of God because this person next to you, this person beside you, has been chosen by God. For 6,000 years God has been searching for His son and His daughter and our True Parents, my Father and my Mother. They could answer the call of God and they have led the way. They blazed the trail. As our brother prayed, "They opened the way." And now we can even easily follow. They have paved a superhighway for us.

They had to go, not even with a covered wagon, but on foot. Yes, you can go in a big bus, just as you came to my tomb. You did not have to walk as the early pioneers did who crossed the deserts and mountains on foot. Many died along the way. You do not have to go as the pilgrims did on the Mayflower, and starve and die of dysentery and many hideous diseases. Yes, all the technology is here now. I speak of spiritual technology. Everything is in order. You have only to press the button. The whole system is functional. Please understand we are in the computer age.

You must realize that in your heart you have all the resources. If you ask me, I will come to you. I am a very great teacher. I love to teach. I will show you, if you only ask. Yes, many brothers and sisters here have had these experiences already. Call my name, call my name. That's all you have to do. Call my name and I will come to you. To some I will come by telephone. To some I will come by telex. To some I will come by facsimile!

You must understand. I have many ways to speak to you, according to your own gifts and your own nature. Not all can be mediums. Not all can hear the voice of God. Some of you will hear in your prayer. Some of you have a shortwave radio in your heart. Others will receive the gift of writing. This is more easy than you imagine if you open your heart. If you pray and invite me. Pick up your pen and I will write you letters. I will write you. Yes, I'm a busy mailman. I love to talk to you. Just ask. Just try to believe. Just believe. And as I said before, you must not speak of these things because if you talk lightly you are throwing pearls before swine. You are disregarding the value of this precious gift given to you.

You must take these seeds back and plant them deeply in your heart. Let them take deep root and a great oak tree will spring up. Rather than an oak tree, do you know the baobab tree? You have not seen it in your parts of the world, but it is like a mountain. Nothing can push this over, if you let these words take root in your heart.

My message is very simple. Love one another as we have been loved by our True Parents. Have you heard these words before? Has not Jesus said this? Love one another as I have loved you? You have received the love of our True Parents. Our True Parents have poured out their love upon you like a waterfall. But many times you had hard shells around you. You could not absorb this love. I am showing you how to crack these shells. I'm showing you how to peck your way out. You are like little birds waiting to be born. You are alive inside of your shell but you must see the light of day. So call to me and I will tell you. And as you learn you must become teachers.

Not all can come to Korea. Not all can have the great blessing to stand at this Holy Ground. Not all can come to touch my Holy Tomb. This is a holy privilege. You must touch my tomb. You must touch my tomb before you go. You must know the great blessing that will go with you. It is not totally for you. You must bring it to your members, to your brothers and sisters who are waiting. They are waiting, many in dark loneliness.

You too have experienced these lonely, bleak hours. Yes, I have chosen each of you because you have the hearts to understand. Do not resist me. If you resist me you are as silly as the babies who cry at Santa Claus. I stand here with my big bag of toys but they are far more wonderful than anything Santa could give to you. Yes, if you ask me I will come to you.

I am spreading a love epidemic. You see all the world is talking with great fear about the disease of AIDS. This is the result of the misuse of love. It can only be spread with the misuse of love and through similar conditions in the spiritual world. But you must spread the epidemic of heavenly love. Heavenly love is far more contagious than even the deadly diseases of satanic love. Heavenly love is like a fire.

You must learn to touch each other. As I tell you to hold hands, you must not be afraid. You must not be afraid of the power of love. You must graduate to a higher level. Yes, we feared for so long. We feared to love our brothers and sisters because we only knew fallen love. We are so afraid. We are so afraid to fall into satanic love that we starve ourselves of heavenly love. This is a very serious problem in the West because you could not feel the love of your own physical parents. Your parents did not know how to love you. You've been searching in illicit relationships, but you were looking for true love. Because of this our Parents could forgive you and give you the Blessing in spite of your crimes. Yes, in spite of your crimes: and these crimes are serious in the eyes of heaven these crimes of illicit love.

Many of you, you know, are guilty of these things. But God can forgive these things because you are searching for true love. He knows. Even though Satan wants to accuse you, you must not allow him. You must spit in his face. I speak especially to those of you who have received the Holy Blessing. This is very serious. Those of you who have been cleansed with the Holy Wine and gone through the ceremony of three days, you must understand the foundation you stand upon. Our Father has the authority, our Father and our Mother. Through so much pain and suffering, they have taken a big axe and cut Satan's connection to you. Satan has no right. Do not allow Satan. Do not allow Satan to drive out of the trashcan the filth of your past. It belongs to him. Let him keep it. Tell him to eat it. Tell him to stick it in his ear. You can tell him to stick it anywhere you like. It belongs to him. It does not belong to you.

And those of you who are in the transitional stage, while waiting to receive the changing of the blood lineage, you must be as alert as soldiers. Yes when you see Satan creeping up to attack you, you must turn around and stick your bayonet deep into his belly. And those of you who stand to receive the Blessing, yes, you are on perilous ground indeed because Satan knows this is his last stand and soon our Father will give the Blessing; so you must be very alert. A great tidal wave will come and those of you who do not sink your anchor deep will be drowned. So hang on tight. Hang on tight and be prepared for the terrible storms. You must hunger for the Blessing. This is the bridge into the Kingdom of Heaven, through the Holy Blessing. Even I had to receive the Blessing. Not because I came from the lineage of sin, but because only as couples, only with our true mate, can we go into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yes, I can be a Prince because I have my Princess. You must pray to understand her value (he points to Hoon Sook Nim). She is my physical representative here on earth. You must pray to support her. Her cross is heavy indeed. She has not been understood. But please, will you promise me you will surround her with your prayers, you will surround her with your love? You must know if you love me you must love her. Yes, she stands to represent me. I am with her always. Yes, through her I can walk this earth.

You are very blessed to come here in the wake of her visit. You are very blessed. You must understand what a great Presence she is. You are chosen, my brothers and my sisters. I speak to you now, you have been chosen. You have been chosen, not necessarily through any merit of your own, but because, you are delegates. You have been delegated by the spiritual world. If you turn your backs, you lock the doors. You lock the iron gates on the myriads behind you. Please do not lock them out. They have shed blood, sweat and tears to bring you here. They are now depending on you.

I do not ask you to give your lives. I am not asking you to die. These things have been completed. I am not asking you to bleed and die as I did. Jesus does not ask you to go to the cross. We have won the victory on this level. I am only asking you to seek my guidance and I will tell you just what to do.

This is the age of mass communication between the spiritual and the physical world. But we have no bodies. We can only work through you. But we know the master battle plan. You must learn the Heavenly Constitution. Yes, you must study. You must become scholars of the law. If you are armed with the Divine Principle, you have a shield of amour. This is the shield of Truth.

Do you know the story of Sleeping Beauty? I love Walt Disney very much. I enjoyed him very much in my childhood. But you must understand there are many deep messages. These are revelations, many times from God. The prince could slay the dragon with the shield of virtue and the sword of truth. You must be prepared with the truth. You must understand the necessity of studying the Word. Every day you must eat the Holy Word, just as you eat your breakfast.

You cannot go through one day without studying the Divine Principle. This will strengthen you. This will help you to see clearly. This will clear up your cloudy vision. This is medicine to your soul. You must study the heavenly law. You must know the Word of God and the Bible too. If you wish to bring the Christians, you must learn to love the Word that they love. This must be your dessert. You must eat the Holy Word, Please, study the Word of God.

This Word is so precious. Our Father has gotten this Word at the price of His life. He had to die many times over to bring this Principle to you. Now you have it on slides and videotapes and in every package you can think of. But you do not know its value. In any form you wish to digest it, lectures or tapes or cassettes or whatever. You can pop the cassette into your car as you drive. You can listen while you are washing the dishes or scrubbing your floor. Yes, you must feed yourself on the Principle. And you must love one another. It cannot be more simple than that! You will be transformed through the power of the Word and through the power of love.

So now, my brothers and sisters, this is your heavenly induction. You have been drafted. This is not a volunteer army! I'm sorry! If you leave me now, you're going AWOL and you will be court-marshaled in Heaven! I do not judge you. You judge yourself. So you can either choose to go quickly and to serve your term of service now. You can make it short and sweet. Or you can try to run away and draw it out and spend a while in the heavenly jail. Jail is not a very heavenly place to be, especially when it is because you turn your back on the Will of God. You will only bring heartache on yourself. So quickly, let us build God's Kingdom here on earth, my brothers and sisters.

You cannot begin to understand this historical moment. Years into the future you will look back and see. We have crossed the bridge. Yes, the victory is already won. I am only asking you to go into the fields and gather the ripe harvest. The toil, the blood, sweat and tears have been shed. The fruit is now born. The vine is bursting with the ripe fruit. Please do not let it spoil. Go quickly now, my brothers and my sisters.

My brother, Jesus, wishes to come.

Jesus speaks:

My brothers, my sisters. I thank you. I thank you that you can come to this most holy place. Yes, my brothers and my sisters, I bow, I bow before my Lord. He could free me. He could free my heart. I love you, Lord Heung Jin Nim. You have opened up my jail cell. My wounds could be healed. My wounds are healed. I do not bleed any longer because of the Son of the True Parents. Our Father, our Mother, they could know, but Heung Jin Nim could comfort my heart with his own life. Because he too made the same sacrifice that I did, I could be liberated. Yes, I am free now. Free at last. I am free to walk this earth. I can come now. I can reach out to my flock. I can call in my sheep.

You must know you are charged. Just call on the name of Jesus. My sheep will follow. My sheep are blind. My sheep are blind, but they hear the voice of the shepherd. There is power in the name of the Lord. There is power in the name of Jesus. Understand this gift that I give to you. The Christian world must come to our True Parents. Now is the time. They can come so easily. Bring in my flocks. Bring in my sheep. Bring in my lambs. Those who do not come are the goats. I'm not worried. Their time will come later. Those who resist you are not my sheep. Do understand these things. If they do not listen to the name of Jesus, they are not my flocks. They are the goats. Yes, as you call on my name you will see the goats and the sheep divided.

Yes, please, my brothers and my sisters, I entreat you. Go back to your country. Go back to your cities and your states, and call in my flocks. You will not believe the results that will come. You have struggled so long and you have seen no fruit, but now, as our Lord Heung Jin Nim has said, the vineyard is bursting with fruit. Indeed the harvest is great but the laborers are few.

Please, I beg you now. Go forward. Go forward, my brothers and sisters. I bless you now. I give my blessings and I give you my thanks. I thank you. You must be my feet, my hands, my mouth. You must let me come into you. I gave my body on Calvary's Cross but my Spirit has lived throughout eternity. I will come to you if you will only open the door of your heart. Call out my name. It is so easy. And all my followers in the spiritual world, they can come with me.

Each one of you commands armies. Each one of you is a general in heaven. You must know each one of you can bring hundreds, millions. Please believe this miracle. You are very critical you are gateways. You are doorways. Do not block the path of my sheep. Do not stand in the way, I beg you. Only call out my name. Call to your Lord Heung Jin Nim, and we will guide you. We will give you everything. And seek our True Parents.

Yes, the Word is the cleansing. You must yearn for the Word, as our Lord Heung Jin Nim said. You must learn the value. You must burn with yearning to receive the Holy Blessing. This was my greatest sorrow, that I could not have my bride on earth. But our True Father, he knew my sufferings and he gave me my bride. Yes, our Father loves us so much. He even wanted to comfort my heart.

I cry out especially to those who have been given their spouse already and who cannot see the value. Please do not look with human eyes, but understand this person is the gateway to Heaven for you. Do not look externally. But you must look. You must look and see in the face of your wife, in the face of your husband, your Lord and Master, your Messiah, our True Parents. You must see that this person has the keys to your jail. Only this person can free you. Our Father could free you to come to the Blessing, but only your spouse can carry you over the hill. Only with your spouse can you go into Heaven.

This was my greatest agony on the cross. I had to leave this earth without my bride. You must understand. Please do not take this Blessing lightly. This is the most precious gift, the most precious gift. It was stolen in the garden. This was taken by Satan. He has been so desperately trying to hold on to it. But our True Parents have wrenched it from his hands and it has been claimed by Heaven now. You have to treasure your Blessing. Yes, you must understand this is your ticket to freedom. This is your parole from the kingdom of hell. You are free. This is your passport into Heaven. You must understand.

Our direction is very simple. Learn the Word. Call on us. We will teach you to love each other. And follow our True Parents. Our True Parents stand as the King and the Queen. You, too, must become True Parents. You, too, must model your lives after them.

We go now and we send you forth. We send you forth in the spirit and the power of Elijah to herald the coming of the Lord. We send you forth with all the authority of Heaven. We send you forth. You must go now. You must go. Now you must go to bring this message, not with words but with the transformation of your life. With the transformation of your lives be reborn. Leave your shackles here. Take off your burdens and leave them at the feet of your Lord. He can carry them. Be liberated now.

My brothers and sisters, lift up your arms to Heaven and let us cry out in victory. "Aboji, mansei! Cham Pumonim, mansei!

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