The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

In Order That the Ministers May Be Liberated

March 28, 1987

In order that the ministers may each be liberated to feel the deep love of God, they must have people praying for them constantly. Even if you may riot pray for all of them by name, individual staff members must take a group of names and pray diligently for them so that the doors may be broken down, removing barriers and false concepts. In order for Jesus to come and relate to them on a higher level, they must be liberated to reach that level. Many already are so willing to change and have literally experienced rebirth, without even realizing it.

Even yourselves, as you were coming to the True Parents for the first time, it was important that you had someone praying for you. Now you have spent more years in the Church trying to mature into a position where you may also pray for others, but you too need prayers.

In your personal relationship with True Parents, be ever more sure. Of course, in order that the Ministers feel at home, you must declare your love to Brother Jesus, but at the same time do not forget your goal, which is to bring them to the Lord of the Second Advent.

They must feel to their bones something very holy and precious about True Parents. Remove the fear and suspicion in their hearts, and through your own love for True Parents let them also crave such a relationship. Although you may be physically younger than the Ministers, you are carrying the higher truth; therefore humility is a very important key word. Speak to them with a soothing, loving voice in personal give and take, yet have that deep conviction that Jesus and Heung Jin Nim are standing behind you ready to speak great words of wisdom.

Be open to receive the guidance from Heaven which will facilitate this mission for you. True Parents, even though they may be the King and Queen of the cosmos, also need prayers and support, especially now that the doors of Christianity have been opened on the worldwide level centering on America. Through the example shown by American Christianity, other nations will start to melt and accept the Unification Church, because America which represents the Lucifer position can be humbled before the True Adam (Father) and even before the homeland of Korea.

Amongst yourselves also, be sensitive and warm in your embrace. As you are loving me, also be sensitive to each other.


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