The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

About Foreign Missionaries

March 17, 1987

What is the first main reason that True Parents initiated the missionary program? The first main reason is to restore all of the failures of previous missionaries, those who had gone to these third world countries in order that the Gospel might be known. However, instead of that, they became external in their mission, and instead of giving the love of Christ to these "poor" people, instead of going to the lowest, poorest situation and position, many turned the local inhabitants of their respective countries into servants and even slaves.

Not only are you restoring that mistake, but also that of colonialists who greedily went and stole wealth and property and became dictators in a land that was not theirs. There has been much resentment accumulated! On top of that, God is wanting you to indemnify the relationship between yourselves (e.g., America, Japan, Germany) representing different nations.

So as missionaries, you have a huge burden, much more than you could imagine! You had to shed many tears. You lived so poorly and even gave your lives for the sake of this incredible restoration. Your indemnity will be remembered in history.

So now, how can you go forward? You need to find very loyal religious citizens from your countries, who that have in heart accepted True Parents, and together you must set up strong heartistic prayers to God. You, as the ones who have laid the foundation in the mission countries, can then claim back everything: all the sacrifices and victories made especially by our True Parents. True Parents have won such tremendous victories over Satan and can stand victorious before the spirit world and physical world. You know that Jesus and I are united and that all the great prophets, saints and martyrs, including those missionaries (who have already given their lives for the sake of God, True Parents and mankind) are all united. Heavenly Father has given the "Go" for the greatest assistance to come down to you. Now is the time to feel confident that many natives will come and follow this great message, this great Truth that the King of Kings is walking on the earth.

I Heung Jin Nim am your shepherd. Just as in the time of St. Paul, the most aggressive and opposing person will change. They will be caught up in the Pentecost of your nations. You have much wealth in the spirit world that you can claim. You can easily speak to me, Heung Jin Nim. Do not wait for a reply, just know that you have been heard and because of your faith, then we are making the way already for the replies and answers to be known. As you go forward, do not feel alone. You are not alone! Satan's greatest weapon in your hearts is to make you feel isolated. I know that True Parents have set up sister nations and trinities, so that you can spiritually support each other.

Also other nations, especially developed nations, must really feel responsible for the third world countries, not just physically but spiritually. It was the stronger nations that brought about exploitation. Therefore as members living in the developed countries, you have to feel as desperate (that great results may come to these mission countries) as those who have gone as pioneers.

Especially when brothers and sisters in America become inspired and enlightened, they can realize that their situation is so much better than missionaries in the third world countries. They have to repent on behalf of all those who went to exploit these poorest nations. America, as I already said, has to take greater responsibility for the world. You have got the greatest energy of love coming directly from the True Parents.

This is a most inspiring time, because you can see that finally the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven is here. May God bless you, and may you share that love with all people of the world.


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