The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

America 4

March 12, 1987

America is a country that God is most concerned about. You already have been involved in many activities and projects.

Heung Jin Nim, whose blood has been shed in this land already, can be used to purify the land. But you people, you Unificationists, must now remember that you can claim that victory. That you can be cleansed, you can be washed clean from all your sins. And indeed the sin of this nation can be taken away through the blood that was shed.

You must however believe in me. You know that True Parents have ordained me with such a glorious mission. I only want so much to share the love from both Heavenly Father and True Parents with you all. Throughout America many brothers and sisters can have their lives transformed, they can be new people. Shed your old skins, throw away your old garments, and put on your amour of truth.

Heung Jin Nim and Jesus are giving you this amour for free. But you are so suspicious of us. Our only request is that you can unite with us, Jesus and me. We want so much to help you, so that you can support True Parents more, and in doing so you will be bringing greatest joy to God.

Why do you hesitate? Why do you doubt? We, Jesus and I, want so much to not just liberate you but liberate all of mankind and all the spiritual world. Your brothers and sisters in the spirit world, those who have been following True Parents, want so much that you can make the most of your own lives on this earth. My brethren, let me guide you. I will never deceive you. I will never deceive or lead you astray! I will never do anything to hurt you. I want you however to grow, mature and become parents who can also be ignited with the love of God. America is behaving like a child, when it should be taking responsibility for the whole world. You know that God prepared America, a land full of milk and honey. America must grow up spiritually.

When you members make that renewed commitment, then the foundation can be laid to reach outside people, who will be able to respect you much more. Some of you have such fear to approach those of high social standings. But you don't need to fear because in the Spirit World these people lose such titles if they do not relate to the King of Kings. So spiritually you have a higher standard. Spiritually you should feel confident.

You are Abel to those people, and especially now that Jesus and I are working directly with you. So therefore you people here, let's go, let's be determined to build the Kingdom of Heaven. You see, America must unite with Korea, It's important that Lucifer must be humble before Adam. Externally Korea is a poorer nation, but internally very rich. A little bit of America must go to Korea and a little bit of Korea must go to America.

Be grateful, you people of America. Father and Mother have invested so much love and time with you. Look at the missionaries. So many have really suffered for the sake of God and True Parents and mankind and some spent no time with True Parents. So be grateful, and give more energy to such brothers and sisters, some of whom even gave their lives. I will come to those that want to develop a relationship with me.

God Bless.


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