The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

America 3

March 12, 1987

God Bless America! This is what our True Parents have been trying to do for you people of the land of America. They have been trying, with all of their minds and soul and body, to bring the blessing of God to America, to you people.

For years now you have been going out for different campaigns, you have been trying to understand the heart of the Parents. In the course of events, many have fallen by the wayside and lost the vision that was once ignited in their hearts.

Why does God want you to work so hard? In a word: "True Love." His motivation for creating us in the first place was to share His true love. To have give and take of true love with mankind. So when you walk out on the streets of New York, can you say that you can touch, smell, feel or experience true love? On the contrary, you may even become disillusioned or cynical and remark that it looks like an impossible task. When you realize that Satan for thousands of years has made man prisoner to sin, then you can become indignant and even angry. Well, with this kind of attitude you can quickly become filled with energy.

Therefore, with even a small amount of love in your heart, try to reach out to the lost brothers and sisters who are roaming the streets. Reach out to spiritually dead people who selfishly gain material wealth, reach out even to prideful, arrogant, religious people who only feel satisfied in their own salvation. After such a realization you can imagine the desperate heart of the True Parents, who have been filled with the True Love of God. They cannot bear for you people or any others to have any trace of Satan's lineage in you.

Through understanding the Divine Principle you can see that Heavenly Father has been waiting for man to realize that their own responsibility is so vital in the restoration program.

Now because of my own offering to God, True Parents and all of mankind, new doors can be opened. The laborious task that you singly had to carry out can be easily reduced, and I can, with my brother Jesus, help you to get to the goal faster. Would you like that help or not? Would you like to quickly reach the goal so that our True Parents may rest?

As I already said, some have already given up the idea of perfection or ever building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth concretely. I am telling you to change that concept and review your situation before God. In comparison to others, how fortunate you are to know the True Parents. How happy you should be that you received Blessing and some even have children, especially when you look around you and see that, in the secular world, few have a vision that will bring them eternal happiness.

Do not allow Satan to stand in your way. You have to kick him out! You have to get rid of his feeling. Be grateful! So much to be grateful for. Your ancestors are so puzzled, when they look at your behavior towards True Parents. For them, True Parents is their thousands of years of hope, even though the meaning of the Messiah is not always clear to them. But especially because I could come to the Spirit World, then I can clarify many things.

So, as you go out in your missions, know that your hard work will be remembered centuries down the line; that in itself is a great contribution to building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.



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