The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

America 2

March 10, 1987

Father has asked of you many things; Father has been for years trying to push you forward to fulfill the great tasks for God. His tears were so many because he should have been relating such commands to the first generation, his own contemporaries, but they failed. Christianity failed to recognize the Messiah in him, and because of that, the course was extended. So without much explanation, with your own faith, you have had to take on the responsibilities of your own physical parents.

Now through my own ascension into Heaven, Heung Jin Nim can open up the big door of unity. The unity between the three brothers should have taken place before Father was 40 years old. If True Father himself knows your pain, imagine the burden of disappointment that he was carrying from God. Heavenly Father was so sad because all the thousands of years' preparation that led to the birth of the Second Advent had been invaded. Because again man couldn't see from God's viewpoint. Mankind couldn't understand how to change their opinions, and were even afraid to "ask" God from their hearts, in case it was "true."

When you see the ministers now finally beginning to realize the authority of the Son of God in True Father, when they can publicly repent for their misunderstanding and misinformation, then you must be of course grateful to God, but on the other hand you must know that these very people had been prepared, even before your birth, as the first generation to receive the Lord of the Second Advent.

I am now working directly with the I.C.C., and I desire that your prayers collectively support such a movement. Father wants to achieve a great goal before the year is out, and I as his son want to help him. I want to give him all of my support and love. That is why I am coming with so much desperation to brothers and sisters. When the Unification members of this nation realize that they have a close friend in me, someone who is always there for them in whatever situation they may be in, then an enormous revolution of heart will take place once more. A deeper relationship with True Parents will be ignited, and this movement will jump up to a higher level. When they realize that not only I, but Lord Jesus and indeed all the saints, prophets, sages and righteous men of faith of all the different religions are right behind them then they, through their five percent responsibility believing, will receive the greatest energy and power from Heaven.

Still an important mission of heart is needed from you people. I, as the Son from the True Parents' womb now claimed as the Son of God, want to be the bridge between yourselves and my True Brothers and Sisters. Because they belong substantially to another lineage (that you in your daily lives are trying to graft yourselves to) it may not be so easy for you to understand their hearts. Therefore, through your prayers, ask Heavenly Father to show you the hearts of the True Family, that you may understand them so that you may support them more. Why is it important to support them? Because they are the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the perfected lineage God's generations can be established. For the first time in history God Himself can say that He was glad He created man.

Don't just look at yourself in an individual way; beyond you are countless billions of spirit men waiting to assist in this dispensation. It is not important that you see them with your physical eyes, but it is important that you recognize their presence and give them their own chance for restoration.

As soon as New York belongs to God, then this nation easily can be claimed again by God. All the immense problems that pervade the society will be erased and many people who never dreamed that they could ever lead a religious life will be changed. Their lives will change, as drastically as yours did in meeting the Messiah. Your own life will be transformed.

Seek for such a rebirth, seek to be cleansed and purified. Seek to be the channel through whom God, True Parents, Jesus and I can work!

You know that Father and Mother love you and want you to receive the love of God directly, but Satan still exists and your lineage is soiled, so therefore you have to make the conditions for Heavenly Father Himself to flow within you and fill you.

So my brothers have faith. Let love shine out from your hearts.

God bless you all.


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