The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

America 1

March 10, 1987

I know that many brothers and sisters are waiting for me to come and guide them. I know how sad and difficult has been their path. How long they yearned for the Parents' love. How long they wanted to be free from internal pain. I, Heung Jin Nim, have come as your friend to bring you joy and happiness. I have come to tell you that Heavenly Father has not forgotten the sacrifice that you made for True Parents.

I have come to tell you that even though you think "How can God use me anymore?" God has forgiven you, and is giving everybody a chance to start again. Satan has already struck, and so therefore you can get up and go. I was in America. I saw what your difficulties were. I wanted so much to share the deep love of the True Parents with you at that time, but your hearts were not ready to receive me.

Now you can receive me directly. I have no barriers to come to you. May the grace and love of Jesus and myself be with you always.


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