The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

On the plane to America before Anchorage

March 9, 1987

Look, M., at the creation. It's like modem art! It's like ink splashed on paper at random. So you can see that God is more avant-garde than man can even imagine. M., look, how with care and deliberation God uses the paint brush so precisely to thinly draw arteries of rivers. It's beautiful, too look at the sunrise sending brilliant lines of colors to contrast against the different shades of grays that decorate the earth. And who was this created for? It was created for you, for me, for all of mankind. The earth looks so immense to you especially when you are flying high in the sky, but in reality it is just a speck in the cosmos. However, all the love of God was concentrated in this small speck for the sake of mankind.

You know what I am getting at, don't you! Yes, indeed, that explains a little of the depth of the suffering heart of our Heavenly Father. Look how meaningful even a journey such as this could be to each person when they realize that God was pouring out His love for them as He created this earth. Then in that realization their attitudes to Heavenly Father would be that of immense gratitude!

True Father and True Mother understand this point fully, they know the hard work of God. Through your prayers and your hard work return joy and gratitude to Heavenly Father. Let this world truly belong to the rightful owners. That is why I can without hesitation give my life for the sake of Heavenly Father. I want to show my absolute gratitude and love to Him, and most of all bring all things back to Him.

For sure the Kingdom of Heaven will come on Earth!


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