The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Korea 2

March 9, 1987

It is often the stumbling block of man to over-analyze. Never analyze to the point that you lose God! What I mean exactly is that man's mind is limited in many ways, because of the conflicting tendencies within, one pulling towards God, and the other pulling towards Satan.

Therefore only a man and woman of unchanging mind belonging to God can actually be free to think in length and detail without any influence from a contradicting mind. This is your goal. Your mind must be checked always. Always be watching to see how you are going in mind. Heavenly Father has a hard job with man for this very reason.

When True Parents ask you to do a task, with enthusiasm you may willingly jump to the idea, but the reality comes when you have to set to work to materialize such words. Maybe for a while you go out with much energy from Heaven behind you, and the results start flooding in. After a while you get to a point where there is a slight stumbling block or steep hill in your path, and the results seem less frequent, so therefore there is wavering of mind!

What happens when the wavering takes place is that Satan has been given a base to attack and distract you from the original goal. Do not be distracted; do not give in to Satan, do not become his victim!

That is why you always have to check yourself; you have to make sure that your mind is going in the straight line that it originally started from!

Fortunately you have lots of help now, because Jesus and I are there to help you. Of course you need also to set a base for us to work! However, in all events, you know that you have five percent responsibility to fulfill. This time it may be difficult for you to understand the hearts of the True Parents. You must be able to empty out all the contents of your mind and allow Gods love and heart to enter. At that time you will easily and readily be connected to True Parents' heart. You will know because many tears will immediately be shed.

Tears from both the physical and spiritual way are cleansing you. Tears are washing away impurities. God's tears, however, are not the same as mans tears. It is your own responsibility to distinguish whether your tears are belonging to God or to man whether your tears are for God or for yourself.

Whenever you can cry for the sake of mankind it will bring you closer to the tears of Heavenly Father.


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