The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Korea 1

March 6, 1987

When True Love is the center of the emotional existence of man, then the relationship between people will change immediately. You will relate to your contemporaries as your brothers and sisters; your elders as your uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers; your youngsters as your children. Then when one member is absent, loneliness need not take place because with that replacement you can easily be filled up,

The same concern that you may show to your children is the same concern you should show to children who are not personally yours. The same way you would want to serve your husband, is the same degree you must show to others. The safety of these relationships is through the "True Love of God. When the True Love of God is there, there can be no selfish jealousy. Now through following the example of True Love, you can mould your own lives around that.

During this third month, Korea must completely change, through the heartistic foundation that has been laid by a few faithful ones, so Father is so happy, Father is so relieved. However He knows that you have the power behind you to subjugate the enemy Satan, but you have not made use of what was so easily available to you. Indeed when I listen to Grandmother W.s prayer, she is right along the right path. She really knows the Fathers and Mother's heart. The 36 couples should follow such a woman of faith, they should be running to her for guidance and love!

Heavenly Father allowed such people to endure incredible persecution and suffering because of the liberation of Heavenly Father's suffering heart. They must be clinging to such a person, and begging her to share the secrets of her heart with them. But they won't! They are far too proud. But I am telling you that the time is coming when the titles that you are hanging onto with so much pride will be removed from you, and given to humble people of love unless you change and heed my words. Listen to this woman; she knows the broken heart of God, she knows how to relate to Heavenly Fathers heart directly. You must be so thirsty to become like such a person.

Korea is surely a blessed country. There are more heartistic older women of faith who can affect such a revolution in this country. Externally they may seem to have small energy or even look quite frail, but I tell you, their spirit is stronger than the strongest man's. In a fight you may lose easily. Do not be fooled by the external situation of a person.

Now through Grandmother W., I want to mobilize the spiritual leaders, the older men and women of faith. They can be mobilizing the spiritual world through their united prayer. They are indispensable to God, but you have treated them with no respect, you have put them on the back shelf. You kept all the responsibilities for yourselves. Don't you realize that these older members are so valuable before God? Each department should have a prayer woman, who should be representing the True Parents to all brothers and sisters. I know that the Western members would readily welcome such women of faith and cling to them with desperation and love. So here in Korea this nation has to quickly change direction and really be ready to stand as the Jerusalem of the world.

People from all around the world must feel so drawn to Korea. But I'm worried because you cannot truly embrace the foreigners from your heart. Do not hold on to your nationality. In the future all the individual nations will be so mixed up that you won't be able to tell the difference between an African and a Korean. So don't hold on to that which doesn't belong to you. Already we can see the new race emerging out of the Blessed children. Do not nationalize them in your mind. They must feel bound to the nation of the True Parents, the nation of True Love, the nation of God. They must feel part of the one True Family; I want all the Blessed Children to feel so close to the True Children (of True Parents).

This is so important for you; your salvation will be through your children. Of course, they will love and respect you as parents, but through your relationship with the True Parents and True Family, their standard will automatically be higher than yours. You must push your children close to the heart of the True Parents and True Family. You must be crying in your prayers that your families can be totally grafted to the "True Olive Tree." So my words are few but the contents are many, and you must put these words into your daily life. This is my desire, that you all become the True Children of God.


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