The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Korea (At Mr. N's home)

March 3, 1987

As you see in the New Testament is relating to Lord Jesus Christ so also I want you to record every word from Heung Jin Nim, and also all those that have relationship with me, to collect their experiences together to make books written at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. All the volumes of Satan's books must be destroyed, and replaced with Heavenly books, things to do with God.

You people are both fortunate and unfortunate. You are unfortunate if you do not fulfill for God. If you throw away the Blessing that God has given you. You are fortunate if you meet the requirements for God, and try your best to really serve God.

Now because Lord Heung Jin Nim and Lord Jesus Christ are one in the spirit world, then we can help you to win this war. You know that actually all people of the world want to receive the True Love of God. They do not realize that that is what it is called, but their original minds and hearts are longing to come back, come close to the Heart of God. You people who know about the True Parents, instead of being complacent and comfortable, you have to change. You have to become beautiful people of love, who can be like a magnet to draw people to the Messiah.

Just because you have your good jobs and your good positions, you feel you can behave as you want. Aren't you worried that God is watching you all the time; aren't you worried that all is being recorded? Aren't you worried that the future of your Blessed Children is at stake, because of your attitude toward other people's children? You must love them! You must love other's children more than your own children. Then Heavenly Father will come with so much love and blessing to your own children. Please change your attitude! Please change! Please become people of deep love, the love of Jesus, the love of True Parents!

Do not bring more pain to our True Parents; already the True Parents have suffered so much. Please do not make them suffer any more. You will be given a chance. I know that when you get caught up in the Pentecost of Lord Heung Jin Nim and Lord Jesus you will have to change. You will have no choice. All of you, at this moment, must shed bitter, bitter rears. You will be running to ask forgiveness of those whom you persecuted and rejected because of me. You will want to bow before them! However, I can spare you that moment if only you can quickly change your opinions, and quickly accept the Son of God, the Son of the True Parents.

Change! And give hope to God. Through you changing, then give others the example to also change. You can do it! Do it.


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