The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Delivered, in Korea

March 3, 1987

Heavenly Father is so heartbroken when He looks at the way the family that True Parents are trying to create out of the Unification Church in many corners has been turned into a cold organization, lacking heart and love. I, Heung Jin Nim, am not happy and will not tolerate any more. I will not allow such people to continue to use my Father's church for their own political and selfish purposes. They do not realize that, because I am in the spiritual world that I can see everything that is going on. I am aware of their minds! The time is coming when their seats will be pulled out from under them. They have to realize that if they are doing things because of themselves and not because of God, then they must pay for that! The time is coming.

People no longer can reject the Son of God and get away with it. All over the world people have been easily throwing negative words at the Messiah. Satan has been using people as his agents. But the time is coming when that will stop. I, Heung Jin Nim, by prayers of desperation being made, can then take these prayers to God in order to bring change.

My brethren, I am really concerned about your spiritual state, which is why my servants are diligently recording my words. You may not accept my words from one source, but I cannot stop going forward, so you will have to accept from another source. These words will have to he heard.

In the spiritual world my armies are right behind those who are "True Followers" of the True Parents. Do not think that just because you cannot see Heung Jin Nim, that he is not there, he is not active! The reverse is so! I gave my life for the fulfillment of God's will on Earth. I gave my life for you. Yes, each one of you. Yet you do not realize, you do not understand that my life was taken so that you might have life, you might have everlasting life.

Repent! You people repent! You are in no position to be rejecting me or the ones that I love. If they follow the directions that I have given them, then I can extend my help to them. So you people are like the thieves that turned my Father's house into a "gambling" parlor spiritually. How can you be riding in your big cars and eating your good food, when the Messiah was prisoner in Danbury, going the course of servant of servants. How can you be so thoughtless! You don't really love True Parents, you love what you have gained out of them, you love your own personal gains. But beware! Yes beware because Heung Jin Nim is on the warpath. Heung Jin Nim cannot tolerate any more of this type of hypocritical behavior. These are the Last Days as I have said and when you look at the Book of Revelation, then you will see how God is working in the Last Days.

What is love, and how is love to be used? Can you follow the teachings of Jesus? Jesus said you must love the Lord your God then you must love your neighbor. Actually if you have the love of God in your heart, then you have to love others. It is because God has this special type of love that mankind can have a chance to receive forgiveness. People should never forget that (especially at the Last Days) mankind caused the most grief to Heavenly Father. Yet what did God do? He was quickly looking for ways to restore that situation, He was trying to find ways to communicate with His children, He was trying to find ways to share His love with man again.

This is because the love of God is unchanging; that is because the love of God is parental. You cannot behave with such violence and hatred to your brothers and sisters, when the True Parents are personally giving you so much love and when you yourself have been given grace from God. Please do not lose your blessings! Please do not become like the Pharisees and Scribes; they felt that they were doing everything good for God. Yes, externally they were following the laws and the prophets, but internally they were no better than the heathens who were worshipping idols. This is a very sad and pitiful situation!

Now Heung Jin Nim is sending the sword from Heaven to cut and destroy all the idols that 20th century men have created, religious and non-religious! You must become clean internally, you must change your direction from selfishness to selflessness. You must stop accusing others and judging them, when you yourselves are not living the True Parents' way.

You may not like to hear the truth; Satan does not like the truth either, but the truth must be known. The truth will set you free. Free to experience the love of God, free to go forward and experience the heart of God, free to become sons and daughters of God!

You have been following the True Parents for many years. You have been experiencing their warmth, love, tears. You have seen their sufferings for the sake of God and all of mankind. You cannot get away with unprincipled behavior any more. I warn you. I warn you. Change! Change your minds, change your feelings! Become true disciples following the Messiah!


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