The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Tenth I.C.C. and Others at the Sheraton Walter Hill Hotel, Korea

March 1, 1987

I have many things to tell you. I am very disappointed that you did not bring your machine, you did not bring your tape-recorder to the tomb. Because at that time many already knew that I would speak, many already expected that I would give my words to you and now you are searching and groping to find what they are. Can you imagine those poor souls who tried to put together the Bible? And now you can understand why there is so much confusion in the Christian world. These were mere memories many years later. We must have historical records of these things. When I speak I want you to treasure every word. You must record these things for future generations, these are very important. I want you to engrave them, engrave them in your heart, engrave them deeply, never forget them. But for the sake of your mind you must also have them on paper, you must also have them on tape. You must also have them tangible, physically, so that you can eat them and digest them, and they can become part of your flesh and bone.

My brothers and my sisters, my message to you is very simple; I want you to graduate from the school of heavenly love. This is the key, it is so simple. If you can love one another as I have loved you. Do you remember hearing these words before? For two thousand years my brother Jesus has been calling out, "Love one another as I have loved you." This is my charge to you, my generals. Love one another. We must start the fires burning, we must start the holy fire of love, as you love each other in perfect harmony, in perfect give and take, as you love each other, embrace each other.

Embrace each other now, my brothers and sisters. Embrace each other, and when you look at the one beside you, see not Joan or Mary or Harry or Tom, but see God's daughter, God's son. Look into each other's eyes, and see, this one is the one chosen by Heaven. This one that you thought of as just a simple member, someone who had their ups and downs, their highs and their lows, this one, this very one, is special to God. God has searched for six thousand years for just one of you! You took this very lightly. You did not know that each one is a prince, is a princess. You must love one another, my children. You must love one another as our Parents have loved you. My father, he is the king of love. This I said to you earlier today. My father, he is the king of love. My mother, she is the queen of love. And they have ordained me as the prince of love.

So I teach you now, I am your schoolteacher. The battle plan is the restoration of love, of true love. Satan knows this is God's most precious treasure, love. Satan stole the love from God. And God has been waiting, searching, yearning, groping in the darkness, for six thousand years. Don't make Him wait any longer, I plead with you. Love one another, love one another. Take the love that I give you, take the love that I give you and grow, grow and blossom, grow and bear good fruit. And take that fruit and feed your brothers and sisters.

When you go home to your cities, when you go home to your regions, do not tell them of the miracles, let them see the living miracle in you. Let them see you are transformed. Do not say a word. I told you, you must take these words very seriously. You must not speak of these things. Silence. You must not speak. You must become deaf and dumb. You must become speechless. Just as Zechariah lost his speech, because he did not believe, you must give up your speech because you do believe. You do believe that I, the Lord Heung Jin Nim, have spoken to you and charged you. Do not speak. Let your lives speak, let your lives speak. I am not interested in giving you a circus! I am not interested in putting on an act to excite you and thrill you. You can go to Ringling Brothers if this is what you want! Excitement and thrills - watch your television!

What I am interested in is to see you transformed, I want to see you reborn. And I want to see you bring that rebirth to America. As America is reborn, the world will be reborn. As America finds new life within our own church, the Unification Church. We are called Unification, meaning one, yet we are very broken up. We do not know love ourselves; how can we teach, how can we teach others to love? We must love, we must learn to love.

So take this love that I give you now. I fed you, I fed you at my holy Won Jun. I gave you physical food, I gave you spiritual food. You must do the same to my little ones. They are hungry, they are so hungry. When you can feed them, they will grow into giants. And you will see, I have already a mighty army prepared. And you will have nothing to worry about spiritual children, because they will beat down your doors to receive this heavenly food. They will trample on you to give them food, food, feed us, they are so hungry. America is starving, starving, starving for true love. Satan has given his filthy counterfeit. Everyone uses this word, they profaned it and defiled it "love" and only they mean selfishness, greed and lust. They do not know what love is. But you must be the teachers of love.

You, my generals, each one of you commands an army, each one of you stands before me to lead multitudes. But you must begin by being made anew. Put on your amour now. Put on your amour of faith, and wear your shield of love, proudly. You are the children of the True Parents. Many of you have been Blessed by the True Parents, blessed in holy matrimony, blessed in heavenly eternal marriage. The True Parents have washed away your sins, and you can stand proudly, even before Satan himself, because our Father, our Mother, have taken responsibility for your sins. You must put your sins behind you. Satan will try to drag them out of the trash can, but they have been thrown in the garbage already, now past, they are forgotten. Forget the past. Satan is digging in the dirt, trying to throw it at you. Throw it back at him! It does not belong to you. Let him keep it. Let him wallow in his own filth.

Even Satan will be restored, even Satan must come and bow before the Lord. He knows this, and he shakes in fear because this day is soon coming. He has lost his power. Do you know this? Do you understand? Satan is helpless, his hamstrings have been cut already.

I told you today, at my holy Won Jun, I said look to the offering, look to the physical cakes. All you have to do is go up and take them. So it is with the victory. I told you already, the victory has been won, it is complete, it is finished in spiritual world, it is ready. You have only to gather the harvest. I am not asking you to do even something difficult; it is so easy. I am asking you to go into the fields, where the grain is ripened, and fill your basket. It is so simple. You need only love, and faith. So simple. You don't even need hope anymore because it's here. That was for the Christians! Faith and love, it's enough, enough, faith and love.

But loving is so hard for you, because you have been so starved for love yourselves. Our True Father has poured out his love on you, but you are so covered with calluses, you just can't even see that, you can't even absorb it. You must tear away from you this callus, you must tear away from you this hardness of heart, and drink in the love of Heaven, drink in the love of our True Parents. And the more you reach out, the more you stretch your heart to reach your brother and your sister, God will fill you up. The more you empty yourself out, pour out yourself, for your husbands, for your wives, for your children, for your brothers, for your sisters, for the little ones, God will fill you up, and make you swell and swell and swell, until you think surely I will burst. But you will not burst. You will just continue to grow some more.

Your capacity to love is far greater than you know, far greater than you dream. You do not even know, you are little thimbles now, you can only hold a drop or two and you think you are full. It's not enough to even wash out your eye. But when you learn to love truly, you will be vaster than the ocean. You will go into eternity, your love will go on forever. You will become measureless. So please, my brothers and sisters, I entreat you, I ask you only love one another.

Those of you who have been called, you have been called through no merit of your own, you have been called because of your ancestors. And you have a responsibility to them. You have been called because of the indemnity paid by others. Our sister here, she is a holy princess. You must bow down before her. She is very precious in the sight of God. She is an old lady and her physical body is old and tired, and yet she fasts, day after day after day praying for you, for the Americans, for the Pentecost to come. And yet she is so humble, she shrinks at recognition, because she is a complete minus to God. You must learn from her, and the others like her, how to become a receiver of God's love, so you can pour it out, pour it out and wash each other.

Take home from Korea your gifts, but not just what you buy in Itaewon and Namdaemun! But take with you a big bucket, a big trunk, a big suitcase full of love. This is what you must bring back. You can bring post-cards and you can bring chimachoguris and you can bring kimchi and you can bring trinkets from Korea, but they have no meaning if you do not bring my love.

This is why you must not speak for these 40 days. Because if you give only words, no one will hear. But if you go back changed, if you are reborn through this experience, people will be deafened by your silence. They will be deafened by your silence. And you will see, they will be begging you, what happened, what happened, tell us please, share with us. But you must not tell them.

You can tell them with your life, tell them with your love, tell them with your embrace. Serve them, serve them, serve them. Love them, and they will know these things indeed are true. They must first see the transformation in each of you. They must first see you are not the same person that left America, you have come back a new creature. When they see this, they will know indeed a miracle did take place in Korea. And they will yearn to come to the Fatherland. And this yearning, burning desire to come, and to experience these miracles, this will be communicated to the Christian ministers. When our members are burning desperately to come to the Fatherland, then the ministers also, the ancestors become excited to come and to hear the holy truth.

This is the key. It is so simple. Love one another. The Beatles have a song they sing, "All You Need is Love." You can sing this song, it can become our anthem. All You Need is Love! You must remember, it's so simple. Even Satan's world knows. They do not know what love is, but they know this is what they need! They know it is what is missing in their lives. "There is nothing you can do that can't be done. There is nothing you can sing that can't be sung. All you need is love. Love is all you need." You need love. LOVE. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love. If you make a tape, make a tape of a million times "love". This is what you need to hear - love, love, love, love, love. You must become love-crazy, love-sick.

You must make a heavenly love epidemic. Just as Satan is killing off the sinners with his AIDS, and his dirty plagues. I'm sorry, this is not God's will, but they brought it upon themselves. So you must start the love epidemic. Through false love, through satanic love, these plagues are spread. Through the misuse of love, these plagues are spread. You must start the heavenly AIDS, but you must become God's aides, my aides-de-camp. This is what you must become. Heavenly plague, heavenly epidemic, heavenly epidemic. Just as the plagues of Egypt infected Satan's camp, until he said go, leave. Pharaoh told Moses, "Go to Canaan and get out of here!" So Satan must say "Leave me alone, get away from me."

Please. We must bring the ministers to Korea with the heavenly epidemic of love, true love. Do you not know that for months, for years, our Father has said this over and over, like a broken record; I think he is getting tired. But people are not listening. All he speaks of is love, love, love. Read his speeches, read his words. They are written, they are preserved for history. You must read them again and again.

You are so hard-headed, but I know, you have hard hearts, but inside they are very soft. This is just a shell, just a shell like an egg. When it's broken, it's all mushy inside. I know you have good hearts, you have clean hearts. That's why you are here. That is why you are chosen. Do not be arrogant, do not think for a moment you are somebody special because you are chosen. This is indeed a charge that is given to you. If you are chosen, as our brother said very well on the bus, you are chosen to serve. You are drafted. Look at it that way, conscripted into the heavenly army, whether you like it or not. And if you do not follow, I will not judge you, you will judge yourself. This I said earlier today. I do not judge you, if you cannot follow; if you cannot believe, you may leave. But you will be judged by your own heart. You will be judged by your own ancestors, not by me.

I welcome those who can believe. I am grateful to those who can follow. If you can believe, just love, and believe, so simple. If you love, the more you love, the bigger the base you make, this is the condition you must make for 40 days. It is a love condition, I tell you now. I will show each one of you how to do this. Because each one of you sings in a different voice, each one has a different shoe, but each one can love in his own way. I will teach you how to love. I am the professor of love. I will teach you how to love. If you ask me, I will teach you. But if you do not ask, I will not come. You must phone me. I don't phone you, you phone me! Phone home. You remember E.T.? Phone home! You must learn from our sister. If you call me I will always answer. I have call interrupting. I take many calls at a time. I have limitless lines. I have an eternal switchboard. Please I will not keep you waiting, I will never put you on hold. Sometimes you cannot hear. Sometimes I am speaking and your ears are blocked. Sometimes your heart blocks me, but I do not put you on hold. Please, call me. Call me in your prayer. Use my picture when you pray. Look into my physical eyes and I will speak to your hearts.

If I give you a gift, if I use you as I am using this sister, do not be afraid. She was very frightened, she was embarrassed. She almost stopped me, because she was embarrassed. I made her repent publicly. And because she did, she knew she made a grave error to block me. She has no right to decide when I will speak. I am the Lord of Heaven, I am the supreme commander. She has been drafted. It is not her choice. It is not your choice. So however I call you to serve, not everyone is in the signal corps, some are in camps, some go to the navy, some go to the army, some go to the air force. You must accept your mission without question. If I wish to speak through you, you must open your mouth and let me speak. If I choose to write through you, you must let the pen flow. If I choose to counsel through you, and give guidance to others, you must open your heart and share. You must forget yourself. This is the first test of love. This is lesson one, true love. Forget yourself. Become a complete minus to me. A complete minus to me. I will teach you, I will show you, how to truly love. Lesson number one, forget yourself.

If you think for a moment about your reputation, your good face, your good name, then they will laugh at you. Do you not think they laughed at our Father? Do you not think they laughed at our Mother? Do you not think they laughed at me? I went to school in America. I went to school; it's a dirty place right now. But God has great hope for it. You must know that God has spared America thus far, because of the fathers in heaven, because of those who gave their lives and shed their blood. But I lived there; I know America very well. They laughed at me because I was not of their world. But I did not care. Who cares for Satan's laughter? If you are mocked, if you are ridiculed on my behalf, this is a great honor. If they call you a fool, if they call you a space-cadet, take it as an honor.

But still, we must be wise. This is my heavenly underground. You don't want to stand up and say, "Please shoot me!" Please, use discretion. Discretion is the better part of valor. You must be smart. You are hidden spies. I told you, you must not say anything; do not speak of these things. Because words are just sounding brass and tinkling cymbals. They are nothing. They are soon heard, soon forgotten. Like last night's TV show, they make no impression. But love, love is the burning fire, it makes the brand that is never forgotten. When you love each other, when you truly can learn to love, this is the testimony that nobody can dispute. Nobody can accuse you if you love them. If you love them first, then they can receive.

What I wish to see is not a spreading of spiritual phenomena, but a spreading of love. These events are used for a purpose. These events are used to accomplish a purpose. This is a means to an end. The value is not in my speaking. The value of it is not in the act of the speaking, but in the giving of the message, and more so than that, the receiving of the message. If through these, what you call miracles, your hearts can be changed, I will speak until the sun rises and the cows come home. I will do what it takes. I will speak until this lady falls on the floor. But, if it does not reach your hearts, then I waste my time. But I believe in you. I believe you hear, I feel your eager hearts, and I thank you so much. I feel your willing heart, and for this I called you to Korea.

Yes, I carefully selected you. I carefully selected these participants. Not all of them are ready. Some seem very foolish, the ones from the other planet, we had many good laughs over them! But they are here for the contrast. They have a role, too. They are very important. Because of these who cannot understand in any way at this time, they too will come later. Because their spiritual world really does come from many other places, they will be taught and they will be resurrected. But they are not ready at this time. They are here to show the others how truly this is of the Lord. They are here for a witness. So none of them are here by mistake.

There is an absolute agenda in Heaven, an absolute plan, and God follows His timetable. And only you are the ones who interfere. If you refuse, if you lock the door, if you hold fast and won't let Him in, He'll have to go round the other way. But if you are open then the heavenly agenda can proceed. How smoothly we can go, item A to item B, and quickly accomplish the job. Please, my brothers and sisters, let us get the job done quickly. You know we have a great task ahead of us. In 1988, only a short time away, the Olympics, an international event, will come to Korea. This will bring the eyes of the world to Korea. This is in the providence of God. Satan knows this, and He will make his last stand at this time. After this he will have no more opportunity. So we must be ready. For this I call you my secret service, my heavenly underground.

You must spread the heavenly epidemic of love. True love. Satan is spreading his plagues of sinful, lustful, filthy love. Satan is spreading his venereal disease. This is a punishment, not from God. God does not punish in this way. This is Satan giving them the consequence of their action. Because they break the heavenly law. The natural world itself rebels, it is the creation itself that is rebelling against this misuse.

There will be so many, so many that are begging, begging to hear the Divine Principle, begging to go to Pusan to the Rock of Tears. And soon, soon, they will go to my tomb. Not yet at this time, not yet now. First we must have the Pentecost within our own ranks. But later, in the future, even the Christian ministers will come to my holy burial ground. And they too will be witnessed. They will see the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus will crown our Father King of Kings. Many will see. Many will witness. Many will have their spiritual eyes opened. Jesus has said, again and again, the true Christians, they will not resist, they will not be able to resist.

You saw our brother today in the Chungpa-Dong church. This was Jesus Christ that spoke through him. He could not resist. Jesus took him over. Many will have these experiences. And the Christians, they know, they know this. When Jesus comes, if their heart is pure, if they truly are Christians. Those who have a love relationship with Jesus, they know the voice of their master. They are the sheep and he is the Good Shepherd. So Jesus is waiting. He entreated you today to bring home the flocks.

I will go now. I do not want to be disturbed. The door is locked, is it not? Yes, my generals, your charge is simply to love them, to love one another. It is very simple. Love one another. Keep absolute silence. Do not try to interpret or twist my words. I said, keep absolute silence. Do you understand? This is very serious, you are just like spies. As surely as if I sent you to Moscow, you would not chit chat about the details of your secret mission. You must only testify through your love. So do not speak of these things. I will speak to you, I will guide you. Ask me, ask me in your prayer and I will come to you. Expect, expect to see me. I won't phone you, you must phone me! Call me and I will answer.

So, I bid you now goodbye, my brothers. Stand up. Let us offer a cheer of mansei to our True Parents, and a salute to your supreme commander. My generals, go forth into the battle, armed with the shield of true love, and Satan will fall before you without touching. The power of your love will strike him down. Believe! Amen! (Amen!)

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