The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)


One day in the beginning of 1984, on a somewhat chilly morning in Cairo, Egypt, I was having breakfast with Rev. Walter Gottesman. At the time, I was the International Itinerary Worker in Africa. Rev. Gottesman, an 1800 Couple, who was the missionary to Egypt, and I were seated at a table which was covered by very thick glass. All of a sudden, one corner of this glass cover cracked, and the line of the crack formed a small letter "h". We had not put any hot dish on that corner; in fact, all the food we were eating for breakfast was cold. But when I touched the place where the glass cracked, it was very hot. Both Walter and I were certain that it was some kind of spiritual phenomenon. Soon after that, we received the sorrowful news of Heung Jin Nim's Seung Hwa.

Heung Jin Nim was born in 1966. In early 1968, Rev. Kwak, who was my central figure in Kyung-buk area (south eastern South Korea), asked me to find one baby sitter for the baby Heung Jin Nim. I offered one of my best sisters, Miss Duk Neum Lee, who is now in Italy with her husband and children.

I have had many occasions to be thankful to Heung Jin Nim as he was growing up. For example, many times Father would hold international "Yut" games. Heung Jin Nim always helped the African team. Therefore, as I.W. to Africa I am so grateful for his giving Heavenly help to poor Africa.

By chance, Heung Jin Nim and I share the same birthday (October 23, lunar calendar). Many times in my life I had not noticed when my birthday passed, but when I found I shared the same birthday as Heung Jin Nim, I couldn't forget. In 1986, True Parents visited Los Angeles. At the time I was the Regional Director of Region #10 (California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii). Since their visit was around October 23 (lunar date), we celebrated Heung Jin Nim's birthday, simply but courteously, centering on our True Parents.

In 1987-88, Heung Jin Nim returned to us and he sincerely and diligently taught us. Most of his teaching concerned the unity among members centering on True Parents. During that time, I was still the Regional Director of that area. By speaking through many members as mediums, Heung Jin Nim helped me so much to develop my immature ministry in that region. Therefore, I determined to publish a book of his speeches during those years. However, it has been difficult to collect all of the speeches he gave during the period of his return. Even though I could not collect all of them, I wanted to publish this book without any further delay. As much as possible, I have tried to arrange these speeches in order according to the date they were given. Some manuscripts also include the place. Also, the speech that True Father gave on the Day of the Victory of Love, 1992 appears in the front of this book.

Heung Jin Nim is a wonderful example of a son of filial piety to Parents and of sacrificial true love for all people. Let us go forward as true Unificationists and follow his example in our lives of faith.

God bless Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim forever!

Compiled by Rev. Dr. Zin Moon Kim
National Advisor to the Unification Church of America
Parent's Day, 1992
New York

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