Unification Theology

by Young Oon Kim



I. Background

The Korean Religious Heritage

Korean Christianity

Sun Myung Moon

II. Revelation

Revelation and Reason

The Case for New Revelation

Sun Myung Moon and Revelation

III. Principle Of Creation

The Reality and Nature of God

The Partnership of God and Man

Significance of the Family

Living in Two Worlds .

IV. Original Sin

Diverse Interpretations of Sin

Modern Views of the Fall

The New Testament Teaching about Sin

Augustine on Original Sin

The Reality of Satan

Unification Theology on the Fall

A. Two Trees in the Garden
B. The Sexual Interpretation of the Fall
C. That Ancient Serpent, the Devil
D. The Spiritual Fall and Physical Fall
E. Could God Have Prevented the Fall?
F. Effects of the Fall

V. Jesus: His Mission And Fate

The Creedal Portrait of Jesus

The Findings of Modern Biblical Scholarship

The Historical Jesus

Jesus and God's Kingdom

John the Baptist

The Public Ministry of Jesus

Current Opinions about Jesus' Death

Who Led Him to the Cross?

The Risen Jesus

View of Unification Theology.

VI. Christology

The Person and Work of Jesus

Christology Today

Some Additional Problems

A. His Messianic Calling
B. Geneologies of Jesus
C. The Virgin Birth

The Holy Spirit

The Trinity

VII. Eschatology And Modern Theology

The Consummation of History

Apocalyptic and Modern Theology

A Theology of History

VIII. God Acts In History

Theology of Reparation

Restoration Through Indemnity

Biblical Clues to History of Restoration

A Biblical View of Christian History

Age of Ideology

Global Disasters and Reconstruction

IX. The Second Advent

The Fundamentalist Apocalyptic "Signs of the Times"

A. Help from Above
B. Modern Ecumenism
C. The Course of Human Events

The Need for Leadership

Where Will He Come?

The Final Homecoming

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