A History of the Unification Church in Canada: 1965-1991

by Franco Famularo

Chapter Four - Robert Duffy's First Term [Part 4]

Initial Restructuring -- New Hope for a New Canada Tour and the Yankee Stadium Campaign --The Washington Monument Campaign and Rev. Moon's Visit -- Ideological Work -- Final months of Duffy's first term

E. Final months of Duffy's first term

On the surface it appeared that the Canadian Unification movement was reaching new heights. Since Duffy had become national leader in November 1974 activities had been hectic. Membership had doubled, speaking tours had been conducted and an anti-communist wing of the movement had by then been effectively launched. By spring 1977, however, Duffy was becoming increasingly withdrawn as Sung San Lee and Alan Wilding forged ahead with anti-communist activities and Terry Brabazon took charge of spiritual and outreach activities.

In late February 1977, shortly after the Rally for World Freedom, Duffy attended a leaders' meeting in New York where he reported about Canada's recent successes. There he was asked to send ten percent of the Canadian membership to Europe. Accordingly, Alan Thibideau, John Bellavance, Pierre Kohler and Franco Famularo were asked to join the European One World Crusade in Germany. They departed in early April.

In early March it was decided that a three-city tour of Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto be conducted. Most of the membership was mobilized to do outreach activities for ten days in each city concluding with a speech for the general public and invitations to workshops. The main purpose as usual was to gain membership but, interestingly, unlike the previous three city tour, Duffy did not speak; Terry Brabazon did. Meetings were held on March 18 at the University of Ottawa for fifty people, at Place Bonaventure in Montreal on April 8 for sixty people, and finally at the Westbury Hotel in Toronto on April 29 for fifty people.

During the Ottawa campaign, on March 20, 1977, David S.C. Kim, then president of the Unification Theological Seminary visited Toronto and presided over a meeting where all Canadian members participated. At this meeting Duffy's role as leader was discussed. Sensing the friction present among the leading members of the church, David Kim referred to the New Testament letter of James and advised the elders of the church to "confess their sins to one another and pray for one another, that they may be healed."86 The meeting was a significant turning point for the church at the time.

It was common knowledge in the Canadian Unification Church that several members, including Sung San Lee and Terry Brabazon had written to Rev. Moon and Mr. David Kim concerning Duffy's leadership. According to Brabazon he wrote to David Kim because he thought Duffy needed help:

I thought he needed help with this task. This guy was in trouble but I never thought that he should be changed. I thought David Kim would take him aside and give him some spiritual counsel.87

Whatever the intentions of Lee, Brabazon and others who wrote, it was not long before Duffy's term as leader came to an end. At a meeting on May 15, 1977, Duffy was transferred to Ireland where he served as national leader until early 1983. At the same meeting Martin Porter, the former national leader of the Unification Church of Italy, was appointed to be responsible for the mission in Canada.


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