A History of the Unification Church in Canada: 1965-1991

by Franco Famularo


This study is the first chronologically inclusive history of the Unification Church in Canada for the period 1965-91. The principal motive of this effort is to compile, as precisely as possible, an historical record of the activities of Unificationists in Canada, from their initial presence until 1991. Additionally, it is the purpose of this work to demonstrate how a religious movement founded in Korea, established a permanent foothold and eventually expanded throughout Canada. Since an historical reconstruction of the Canadian branch of the Unification Church has not been attempted until now, it will for the most part rely on primary sources.

To list the names of all the gracious individuals I am indebted to would fill several pages. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone, not named below, for their assistance in ways known and unknown, great or small.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents of all humankind, who have provided me with spiritual new life. I also wish to especially acknowledge Rev. Moon who personally encouraged me to attend the Unification Theological Seminary (U.T.S.) during his visit to Canada in 1991.

Practically, this work would not have been possible without the support of my primary thesis advisor, Dr. Michael Mickler, to whom I offer my heartfelt thanks for his support and critique. Also, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Richard Arthur for his commentaries and genuine interest in the subject matter. In addition, I would like to thank the members of the U.T.S. faculty, administration and staff who helped in countless ways, and especially my fellow student, Mr. Michael Balcomb, for his editorial comments and technical assistance.

The feasibility of this study, nevertheless, is largely due to the help of my friends and colleagues in the Unification Church who helped in the compilation of historical data, through sharing their stories, diaries, notes, letters, and generously granting me numerous personal interviews during the past several years. All who participated in forming the Canadian Unification Church should be mentioned here; however, for the sake of brevity I would like to mention Robert Duffy, Alan Wilding and Wayne Lamond who participated in the initial discussions, which eventually led to the assembling of this work in its present form. Among the numerous other individuals I would like to thank are: Carolyn Bing-Wo Ivanusa, who typed most of the Chronology of the Unification Movement in Canada; Mubina Jaffer Lagare, Wesley Ramage and Helene Dumont who provided me with details I could not otherwise have acquired. Finally, I am eternally indebted to my wife who stood by my side faithfully in patient support. Also special mention is made of my young daughter for her many joyful interruptions.

Franco Famularo
Barrytown, New York
May 1994

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