Unification Thought Study Guide

Translator's Note:

This booklet is the result of a desire expressed by numerous people for a more meaningful understanding of Unification Thought. Its contents are derived ultimately from the original Korean text of Unification Thought, written by Dr. Sang Hun Lee, Director of the Unification Thought Institute, of Seoul, Korea, based on the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

The Japanese edition of this work was translated into English by Professor Kenji Nomura, Director of the Unification Thought Institute, Tokyo, Japan, and subsequently underwent final English corrections by the Unification Thought lecturers at the Barrytown International Training School, New York.

The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a study aid to the original English text of Unification Thought, published in 1973. The desire of all those involved in the production of this booklet is that it will allow its readers to gain a deeper, more fundamental insight into the profound concepts presented by Unification Thought. It is hoped that this will bring a deeper appreciation for the ways in which this new philosophy can substantially contribute to establishing a unified and peaceful world, based on love and truth, through providing the foundation for a common relationship among the many different existing ideologies now in use throughout the world.

The Editors
November 15, 1974
Barrytown, New York U. S. A.

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