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Unification Thought was published after philosophically arranging and systematizing the Principle of Creation and the Principle of Restoration of the Divine Principles, in addition to the Word (the contents of sermons and instructions of Reverend Sun Myung Moon). Therefore, it goes without saying that the thought itself presented by Unification Thought is that of Reverend Moon.

The content of Unification Thought is somewhat complicated and rather inconvenient for those readers who are not familiar with philosophical concepts. So I took advantage of the opportunity presented by the last 100-day training session in which I gave lectures, and I assembled main points from the contents of Unification Thought and summarized them in the form of questions and answers. This enabled the trainees to understand the material on a deeper level.

Therefore, I decided to publish this as a booklet. I hope this will help those readers who are interested in Unification Thought (Unification Philosophy).

This convenient booklet was published to aid the study of Unification Thought, this thought being one of the three pillars of the Unification Principles: the Divine Principle, the theory of Victory over Communism and Unification Thought. I believe that this booklet must serve to grasp the main points of Unification Thought, because, as mentioned above, this is merely a summary of the content of Unification Thought.

Praying for your health. the author

January 30, 1974

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