Unification Thought

By Dr. Sang Hun Lee

To the Reader:

The book you now hold in your hands is the first full translation of Unification Thought from the original Korean to English. Translation of abstract thought from any tongue to another is at best difficult, and in this case faces the challenge of passage from an Oriental language to a Western one.

We hope that by this work a path has been opened up, one not strewn with stumbling blocks (literary and otherwise) but one by which the spirit of our civilization, the mind of the reader, and the spirit of Unification Thought can unite in a fruitful new understanding.

Initial capital letters are used for words and phrases describing organic parts of the structure of the Principle presented herein; otherwise we leaned toward the current style of avoiding capitalization. Italics are used for foreign words and phrases except in cases of frequency of appearance. Quotation marks, besides their familiar applications, enclose the first appearance of terms used in an unusual or technical way, and twice set off neologisms used to conform to the Korean as much as possible.

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