Unknown But Known

by Arthur Ford

Arthur Ford Sitting, Arlington, Virginia -- April 21, 1965

Arthur Ford: May I explain this, I am happy to be here, I have had the pleasure of sitting for your Leader and before that for some of the rest of you. We came today because we wanted to sit at his feet and learn from him. But he wants me to go into trance and what I am going to do is always an experiment. If we ask a discarnate to manifest on earth for even a moment, he has to have an instrument or vehicle suitable for that, so he borrows either the mind or any of the senses that he needs of a human being, In my case, I go to sleep because I was trained by a yoga, In this state of unconsciousness in which my objective mind is pushed aside there is a personality called Fletcher comes through. I believe Fletcher is what he claims to be, and I've checked on him and there was such a person. Other people have different ideas -- it doesn't matter. The fact remains that Fletcher for 40 years or more in all parts of the world has been able to gather information that I could not normally gather I've brought with me today several people who have had experience with the Fletcher sittings and I think they will help to guide you any way you need. In a group like this there is not much chance of getting personal messages, not because they are not there, but for two reasons: that is not what we are here for; and the second reason is the time -- The trance seldom goes over 45 minutes or an hour.

I am glad to let Fletcher come in -- What Fletcher will say to you, I do not know. Two things I ask you to remember; consciously I do not remember what I have said, and the other thing is that Fletcher never speaks for himself -- Fletcher has no opinions. He interprets ideas and symbols, and puts them into words which you can understand. I think that in a limited sense this is what happened on Pentecost when the twelve suddenly began to speak in languages they did not know, and to preach the gospel. There is no other explanation except that some discarnate spoke through them. They were not speaking in unknown tongues. They were speaking in "other" tongues. It's a matter of degree and not of kind. When Fletcher comes, I hope he gives you something worth while. This is not the sort of thing I am used to doing. Fletcher said at the last sitting for Mr. Moon that he felt very inadequate to speak and interpret for the kind of people who came to Mr. Moon. However, I am sure he will do the best he can for you. I do this (putting blind fold over eyes) because so many people think all these things take place in dark rooms. I will leave on the light. I hope you always will be in the Light.

Fletcher: Greetings. My name is Fletcher. I am very honored that Mr. Moon wanted me to interpret for some of the people here who are interested in the things that he does for it is a continuation of work which they began on earth. It is a hope that some dream we dreamed might some day be realized in form. They are many.

There are men here I have seen before because they have somehow become a part of the group consciousness. -- A man who says that he looks around and sees young people who are here and young people whose minds became ready for an open frank facing of truth and some of them because of a little contribution I made. This man has spoken before; he says he founded a newspaper, he founded colleges. And, he says, I knew about your Leader as a man in a small country would know where there was a deep current of spiritual power and dedication flowing. Our country needs that. He sounds like Su Si Koo. I have spoken to my friend, Pak. And there is someone here who has been to a college at some place called Pusan. He greets you. And he brings with him a man who helped to shape his thinking -- who helped him to find through a study of the words of Jesus, the meaning behind democracy, This man, he says, is Alexander Pieters. This man says, I went to Korea many years ago. I went to save what I thought were the heathens. I lived to find my soul and to find my destiny. And I like to think that. (I'm interpreting and these are not his words exactly but he is fluent in your tongue because he tells me that he was able to translate the New Testament into your tongue). And with the help of Edmund Soper I had the opportunity of presenting a dictionary.

Voice -- I think Mr. Soper was a missionary.

Miss Kim. We don't know him personally.

Voice: Did he have something to do with founding a school in Pusan?

Col. Pak: The person who appeared first -- Kim Song Soo I understand founded a school in Pusan, and college or university in Seoul.

Fletcher: It was through my friend Alex that I learned the true meaning of democracy.

And Pieter says that he hopes Brother B. will extend my greetings -- it' funny, he says give my greetings to someone named Lord. Send my greetings to the Lord.

Is there someone named Lord?

Dr. B.: Bishop Lord is the bishop of the Washington area.

Fletcher: He was a Methodist, he says. He says he is here because of Mr. Moon although he won 't remember me because of the multitude that came -- I once had a long talk with him. I told you about it once before I think, did he not -- I'll not repeat except that he is here today with this other man and they want to speak. Alex says that his friend Soper, whoever he was is here. I don't know who that is do you?

Miss Chea: I think it is the name of an American missionary in Korea.

Fletcher: No, he says he was not. He was, he says, God forgive me, a theology.

(Laughter in the background)

Col. Pak: Could you ask Mr. Alexander Pieter about the mission, in his terms of Sun Myung Moon.

Fletcher: Yes. You are now entering the New Age of which prophecy spoke. You are in it. What you are witnessing around the world -- the things which frighten you -- that make you fearful of the future -- are simply the death rattle of an age that is dying. And the prophetic souls of the past have spoken of teachers who will come, and Jesus himself said, I will send the Spirit of Truth, and he will guide you. "And he said, I will be with you until the end of the age." Not the end of the world.

He knew that in the few decades that lie ahead the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, will speak through many men and touch the lives of many people. But Jesus, the historical Jesus, has kept his promise. He is no longer as a person too deeply concerned. He was -- as many of you will be -- he was an instrument, a vehicle, through whom an incarnation took place. And the continuation of the incarnation the Christ, not Jesus, but a Christ, is the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit has never been silent -- never been inactive. And in this age you are moving from a limited universe into the universe in which the creative spiritual force that is called God -- in many names ~ and worshiped in many ways -- will touch the hearts of people, and many prophecies will be fulfilled.

The Holy Spirit is the Whole Spirit of God. He is not limited to one group, one man, one church, one nation, one race. And out of the truth that has been revealed will come a new structure. And into this will be poured the basis, the elemental, the eternal truths that are coursing. And from that will grow a religion that you can call Christian, Buddhist -- you can call it anything you want. It will be a religion of the Spirit and all the accretions of superstition will be gradually sloughed off.

R. M.: Fletcher, what role is Sun Moon to be playing in all this?

Fletcher: In his time and in his place he is one of those chosen, as men have always been chosen, to be a revelator -- to be, in the language you speak, a sounding board for the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth speaks through him. The Spirit of Truth will speak through the humblest one, here or anywhere who is willing to listen.

M. B.: Fletcher, you mentioned that there would be many manifestations, and this is not confined to one group. What are some of the hallmarks or the criteria that one looks for in which these people seem to be identified other than their own identification of themselves. Is there anything that we should look for because there are many prophets these days and many of these manifestations, apparently.

The world has known many saviors. The very word savior means a healer. Mr. Moon is one who is to heal, not simply the bodies, but the minds and the spirits of men. And when a person is healed he is free. When a person is healed he is saved, if he continues in gratitude and humility. Mr. Moon's contribution will be simply that of all those who have been redemptive in the history of mankind. He will speak not of things which men argue about -- he will not put words like wings under his own opinions -- he will speak of basic things out of which every spiritual yearning and aspiration must grow. He will speak of an eternal God. And he will speak of that God in action through men. And he will help you, as Jesus tried to help you -- and which so many of you have forgotten -- that the man who is spiritually healed and free is no longer under law. Law is a rigid thing -- it helps you to find through your senses a great many things. But when a man lifts his consciousness spiritually, he is free from the law, and he lives by Principles. Law is for the ignorant -- limited. Law in another sense is for the man who would plumb the secrets of the physical creation. Behind law there is a reality, and the reality is Principle. Law can be cruel. Principle is kind. Law is rigid. Principle is fluid. Law governs three-dimensional man. Principle builds and sustains the real man which is the individualized part of God within.

There is one thing that will distinguish both science and religion tomorrow -- and has already been sounded by men like Mr. Moon and others -- that is that everything physical and spiritual is a manifestation of the creative spiritual worship of God -- and apart from that there is nothing.

Col. Pak: Fletcher, may I ask you this? Mr. Sun Myung Moon has been, as you testified, a spokesman of God to reveal the truth known to us as Divine Principles. He has many followers around the world. Now there is certain confusion among the Christians. They feel that following Mr. Moon's teaching -- it somehow gives them a confusion against the teachings of Jesus Christ and therefore would you clarify his mission in relationship with the mission of Christ -- and how the two things differ -- how the two are the same.

Fletcher: Very simply. All religions crystallize. Jesus never used the word "religion". He spoke of life, and love, and God in action. Religions are all man-made. A priesthood develops. Every sort of material thing enters in. Men are jealous of their opinions and they cling to their traditions. There is no truth -- never has been any truth once and for all delivered to the saints.

Truth is God. And truth is a growing expanding thing. It always comes through people who are able to lift themselves above the level of consciousness on which most men are forced to live and who become aware -- and then become vocal -- and so become redeemers. Mr. Moon is one of those who is directing the thought of people back to these simple Principles stripped of all superstition, stripped of all ecclesiastical and religious symbolism. He is doing exactly what Jesus in his life tried to do -- what every man who has ever been a channel of revelation has tried to do. God has never had anything to reveal to man except these two things: ( 1) that God is and (2) that Man is a part of the Divine Creation. And what God is, in their concept, every man is in the process of becoming. Mr. Moon is not antagonistic -- (in nothing he says).

But he (Col. Pak) asks the question -- why is there opposition . Read the history of the saints. Read the history of the reformation. Read the history of the church. It is not a very pretty record. But every man who has ever dared to proclaim a spiritual experience, and tried to make it meaningful to others has either become a martyr -- or the thing, the experience, has been transformed by others into a dogma. God forbid that this should happen again. The world is now in the process of change. Within the next two decades even nations will cease to exist in the old sense. Sectarianism which is an artificial barrier erected by devout men, but limited in their vision, will perish. The great heresies of the past have centered around dogmas, traditions. Men who violated those or refused to believe them have suffered.

WV- Do you have advice for us?

Fletcher: Yes. Listen to every man who speaks out of experience. Know that the Holy Spirit is manifesting, guiding, directing. He speaks in many tongues. He is not limited. He is the Whole Spirit of Truth. And his message is shaded to the understanding and the need of those to whom he speaks. But the eternal Principle behind it is always the same -- God -- and Man -- in relationship each to the other.

The great heresies of the future will not be as they were in the past. The heresies of the future will be these: You will be outside the fold of God's people if you hate -- you will be outside the fold if you engage in violence -- you will be outside the fold because you will have turned your back on God. God will not have turned his back on you . And when you turn your back upon God you face the negative pole, and that is symbolized by Satan. Satan is the name for Eternal Hatred. Of course, at any moment, you can turn -- and face God -- love, service -- a refusal to be snared by material things or interests -- a dedication to truth at the expense of hallowed institutions.

The religion of tomorrow will not be called Christian as you know it now. You are already living in a New Age, a post-Christian age. Principles of the Christ are not limited to any age. The institutions which men have builded about the revelations of the past will not be important in a very few years. Mr. Moon is one who comes into a part of the world where there has been great suffering -- and where the pressure of cruel screaming materialism hangs like a destructive cloud. He will help to dispel it. And every man will do that everywhere. He is one of the revelators -- Listen to him.

He is a fortunate man who has found a teacher who does not mouth pseudo-truths, who strips away everything to hide you from the only truth -- that God is -- that God is in you. And God is holding out his hands and calling you because he needs your hands, he needs your voices, he needs your eyes, he needs your dedication -- not to him -- God needs nothing from you -- you can't give him anything -- but God needs you because other people need you. And your religion, your revelation, will be without meaning until it is translate into redemptive love and saving service -- until you build a picture of the future which when men look upon it

Col. Pak: May I ask? Mr. Moon is revelator, you said, and you spoke of incarnation of the Truth. In other words are you speaking of "revelator" in terms of incarnation of the Spirit of Truth?

Fletcher: Wherever the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, as Jesus calls it, wherever that Spirit touches a man and heals him and guides him, that man has become a vessel in which the Holy Spirit finds a place of action. In some people a complete personality is changed till when you look upon it you may say this must be some old teacher returning. They thought that about Jesus -- because they see a person whom they have known, but they see him from a different angle. And when a man is transformed by an experience of truth, then he views everything -- everywhere in a different way. You do well to follow Mr. Moon. But Mr. Moon does not include within himself all of God. He includes more of God than any of you -- but that God seeks through him to completely enfold you into the One -- so that you may find yourself in peace.

WV: Could you tell us very briefly whether we should work within our churches or form a new movement? And what is this revelation briefly?

Fletcher: The revelation is the same thing that every savior has brought to the world.

MB: Then what is new about this, Fletcher?

Fletcher: There is nothing new. There is nothing new, but there is much that man has forgotten -- and organized religions of all kinds have forgotten to a large degree the thing for which they were organized. That is why there is such restlessness, such seeking, on the part of people everywhere.

MB: Fletcher, we should not keep you too long. I feel that you have more than satisfied the desires and interests of the group here. We are very appreciative.

Thank you, Fletcher.

Fletcher: The light that you see will be that radiance which comes from men who are sick of war, sick of hate, and sick of everything -- and who in desperation will live to face it and reflect the light of God. Good-bye.

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