Unknown But Known

by Arthur Ford

Sitting with Arthur Ford, November 2, 1964

Present: Mr. Anthony Brooke of England, for whom the sitting was held; Mr. Walter Voelker, the Rev. W. V. Rauscher, the Rev. Robert Lewis.

Fletcher: (interpreting for Cyril Arlington, former headmaster of Eton College): "I got to know Conan Doyle and I couldn't have disagreed with him more completely than I did about spirits. But now I find that it's easier for me to accommodate myself to this method because of the things I remember. It all comes back like the tide. I am very grateful I am able to communicate. I am grateful that you [Anthony Brooke] are taking your place. You know that we used to boast that the British Empire was really organized by boys from Eton. Now it seems to me that in the New Age, in which you are moving, it is not going to be necessary for Eton or anyone else to provide generals and that sort of thing. But we are probably the same brains who helped organize the Kingdom d the British Empire may be very useful in ushering in the Kingdom of God on earth -- and that's far more important. Do you understand?"

Anthony Brooke: I do, indeed.

Fletcher: And its God's way. It always starts like the -- I don't know -- if I had a blackboard I would draw a picture for you. (This man is a very clear thinker, but he is hard to interpret, you see.) I would draw a picture -- it looks like a pyramid -- like a triangle -- on the blackboard. Now at the top there emerges a teacher -- it may have been Abraham -- it may have been Moses or it may have been Jesus -- or it may have been any one of the great religious leaders. First, there's a solitary figure -- then it gradually extends until it spreads out -- and that is the symbol. It is from above and has a broad base firmly grounded. And so that has been God's way of making himself known to his people in every generation.

He has with him here a man who, he tells me, was from Denmark. Tells me that he spent over half of his lifetime in Korea. He says that he not only translated the New Testament into the Korean language but also was the first one to make the English -- Korean dictionary.

Anthony Brooke: Could you possible get his name?

Fletcher: Yes, it's . . . his name is Peter, but it's spelled P-i-e-t-e-r, Pieter Alexander. He came to this country as a child, was educated here, went to Korea around the turn of the century, came back when the invasion took place, and then returned after freedom was declared. And then at a very advanced age he says, "I graduated into this life."

But the point in coming he says, is that in company with two friends of mine, George Wynn and his wife, who also spent many, many years in that land, I met and talked with this remarkable person who seems to be winning the devotion of a great many people who we had thought were securely anchored in the churches which we had organized. There was something about him that made me feel I was in the presence of a person who was sent by God. I had never been able to quite understand the widespread idea about rebirth or a spirit incarnating again in an earthly body.

And then in our conversation with -- they called him Mr. Moon -- he gave me what I think is the most logical as well as the most scriptural and probably the true explanation. Spirits on this side progress, but their progression is helped or hindered by things done or undone on the earth plane. And since we find in every human being a quality of God akin to that which we possess, we are able, even though the person is not conscious of it, to work through earthly instruments. And that is the true explanation of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Whole Spirit individualizes, separates itself into different parts, but never separates itself from the source. But it can blend with a thing that corresponds to its own nature. Practically everyone on the earth plane is in some fashion being used, either as a means of helping someone here to progress, or to help someone on the earth plane to speak the Word or do the thing that is necessary. It is a sort of universal power, like electric current.

Here you have a great big bulb, maybe 100 watts, and there is a 60 watts -- then there is a small one -- then there are little tiny ones. Each one of these represents a degree of culture or civilization on the earth, and each one reflects as much of the universal current as that particular bulb is able to incorporate and make manifest. And Mr. Moon told me that he did not believe that reincarnation was true or was a fact, in the sense that a spirit entered into and became completely bound up in the physical organism of another person.

God does individualize in that person but nearly every person is carrying around what the psychotherapist (or the psychiatrist would say is an obsession -- but Mr. Moon insists that it is an incarnation. It may last for a while or it may be for a lifetime. It all depends upon the dedication of the person and the task that is to be accomplished.

Then there is a highly sensitive person, and he becomes the vehicle which is used either permanently or periodically by a spirit from high planes. He takes on some of the personality and some of the characteristics of that spirit until be begins to act like it. And then his own consciousness absorbs the knowledge which is passing through him in some cases: "I am Moses," or I am this, or I am that, and to some extent he may be. But that is what is meant by the coming of the Spirit of Truth. It is, and he made it clear to me that the more highly evolved a person becomes spiritually the more impersonal he becomes in the sense that, like St. Paul said, "I died that Christ may live" and then at another time be said, "I die daily."

And Mr. Moon made it clear that every man who is seeking spiritual growth or understanding has to die -- because in dying it means you are pushing -- (not physical death, that's of no moment whatever) -- your selfishness, your desires, your egocentric being is daily pushed further and further away from the center of your being so that the spiritual impulse that seeks to express itself through you can become manifest.

And there is no happiness that can transcend the happiness of death -- the death of selfish interest, personal self -- centered desires, and all those things which are causing man to be, even while in the body, earth -- bound more truly than he could be even when he is free from the physical body. That is true happiness -- to become part of the Universal Mind and Heart and to express it.

And so a person may very well say, "I know I have lived before," because he is acting under the guidance of a person, who has lived on earth and who now lives through him. And if you read your Bible with understanding, you will know that "the end of the age" not "the end of the earth" (for there will be no physical destruction of the age -- a type of civilization) will ultimately result in a supra-civilization, which may be what you mean by the Kingdom of God.

But at the end of the age from which you are just emerging you enter a New Age. It was said that there would be many false Christs and many people would claim to be what they were not and they would lead the people astray in many directions. And those are the people who are just as real as the rest of us, but who have for some reason refused to accept the spiritual heritage which they had a right to claim.

Mr. Moon says a person -- a psychic or a medium who may be controlled by an entity who hasn't been here very long and who probably is still expressing and trying to validate some of the things that she believed while on earth -- may look at you and become aware of a personality that is more than you are at this moment -- at this particular hour of your life. She may get the idea that she is dealing with another incarnation. There is no reincarnation in the sense that there is a law which drives people back over and over again, but there is a law of correspondence. And when Jesus said, "It is necessary that I go, because if I (and the word 'I' as he used it meant 'I' the limited ego, which you know as your friend Jesus) -- if I do not go the Spirit of Truth cannot come." In other words, he knew that he could only manifest in the highest and truest sense and speak the final truth, the spiritual truth, when he was no longer handicapped by personality -- when he was no longer limited to the recognition on the part of his friends that he was just Jesus of Nazareth.

They could not always know that there was something more than the carpenter's son. There was something using him. And that is what I meant when I said, "The things that I do you could do, because I will send the Whole Spirit -- the Spirit out from the top -- until it envelops and involves all those who are ready to receive it." And that was the only time I ever really understood the Oriental preoccupation with the idea of rebirth. Rebirth is a spiritual thing. The spirit uses physical instruments, but is not limited to them.

Pieter Alexander says, "George Wynn was with me and Lillian Wynn was with me when we met him. Because I was fluent in the language and different dialects I was able to understand what he meant. I did not mean to stay so long, but I wanted to -- tell you that because I saw these young clergymen here."

Anthony Brooke: Could you say anything about the significance of Mr. Moon in relation to any other individual in the flesh today?

Fletcher: You mean in interpersonal relationships?

Anthony Brooke: What can you tell us about Sun Myung Moon?

Fletcher: His mission is as a teacher, a revealer. At the end of an age always there must be a few, sometimes even one, who will become the voice of this Intelligence -- Creative Mind -- which you call God. Its relationship is to the rest of the world what that of many have been -- in the past. Abraham spoke and became the voice of God for a tribe. Moses spoke and became the voice of God for a nation. Jesus spoke and became the voice of God for the whole world. But the Anointed One cannot die -- God cannot die. And the effort that is necessary now and the divine purpose for which Mr. Moon (is) brought into your consciousness is simply stated in this way, "It is necessary (he is the voice of inspiration, guidance) to restore to mankind an understanding of his full nature and his relationship to God."

And out of the shambles of a crumbling civilization and above the cries of distress that you hear in every part of your world today, there is a plan slowly and definitely unfolding to restore man to the state of perfection which is necessary if he is to live happily and handle wisely the instruments that materialistic science has wrested from this mysterious and growing universe.

Restoration not of anything of the past simply because it belongs to the past, but restoration of the basic truths out of which all civilizations and all religions have grown.

There have been many and each one of them has been solitary until be has touched and inspired others -- and gradually the pyramid spread out. He is not the first, nor the last. But for the present moment he is, in my estimation a most important spiritual light that shines in the darkness of your confused world. . . .

And he has the rare quality of projecting himself, which isn't a miracle really. It's simply an employment of techniques which swamis, yogis, and holy men have known and which the saints have known for projection until you become real and visible to your devotees or people whom you need in order to further the kingdom. Mr. Moon in deep meditation can project himself and be seen just as Jesus has been able to project himself and be seen by the saints. This is one of the marks -- of the messiahs always.

Walter Voelker: What can we ourselves do to help?

Fletcher: Hear the word and do not allow tradition to blind you to revelation. You must remember that every person that comes with revelation that threatens the selfish interests of people entrenched in anything on earth is going to be persecuted. But we know here that when a person burns another at the stake, or crucifies him or hangs him, it is because unconsciously the spirit within him is telling him that the person he is crucifying is right. But he cannot afford to admit that because he has accepted the persecutor -- hangman -- the crucifier -- as maintaining traditional beliefs.

And so whenever you find anyone persecuting another person you know that the one who is persecuting is doing it in order to keep himself from admitting the truth. And he is killing the one who threatens his security, because the inquisitor is always unsure. He is guilty and his insecurity drives him to a frenzy -- that is why you have such hatred, such strife on earth today. People in vast numbers are clinging to things which they no longer believe. But they have not been willing to listen. Therefore, in their ignorance, they destroy the secure person who threatens their security. That is why the person who is crucified is always calm and even happy in -- the hour of his martyrdom. He is sure.

Walter Voelker: How can we reach others and bring this to their attention?

Fletcher: I know of no way except individuals who experience God in some form -- who have had the courage to look at what they are and what they have and what they believe through the lens of revelation and inspiration -- then speak.

The Church is undergoing a transformation because it is inevitable at this particular point in history -- the beginning of a New Age and the end of an old one. Even the Church with its holy traditions has to bring Christ down from the stained -- glass window -- take him from the altar put him in the hearts of men -- let him walk the streets.

And the Christ always has as a symbol of his authority the child -- and when the Christ was worshiped as a child, be was not worshiped by those in authority -- it was by those who had lived and looked into the heavens and read the course of man.

Mr. Moon reminded me that in the Book of Revelation there is a picture of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, coming down out of the heavens. And there was a door on the east and a door on the south, a door on the north and a door on the west -- and when the teacher comes, he always has to come through the eastern gate. In the Holy City of Jerusalem there is an eastern gate long since sealed and blocked. It will never be opened until the new teacher comes.

From the east comes mysticism -- a willingness to be absorbed in God -- God is not something apart -- he is something within. From the south comes all the beauty, the ritual -- these things which adorn and make beautiful the message. From the north came rational thought clear thinking -- reformation -- and change. From the west came the critical, scientific analysis.

And now in the New Age, it is an age of orchestration -- of a symphony -- of unity. And the New Teacher will be neither Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, or anything else. The Holy Spirit speaks in universal terms -- and God will no longer be fragmented. God will be the one God -- who sent forth his Son not once but many times.

Anthony Brooke: At this point can you say something about the spirit that is appearing in England that calls himself Truth and who has been seen by some people in solid form?

Fletcher: That's Mr. Moon's projection -- a form of apparition -- the projection of the Spirit of Truth -- who expresses himself through Mr. Moon. In other words, in the language of the occult mystery schools, its the astral or spiritual body of Mr. Moon projected and seen by those who are ready for it. You must remember that when Jesus of Galilee was crucified and buried -- when he came back in his spiritual body he was seen only by those who had known him and whom he wanted to see him. Those who were not prepared did not see him. But then he spoke -- on the Bay of Galilee he broke through all national boundaries and all tribal taboos -- and every man heard the message in his own way. In other words, he became the Holy Spirit -- the Whole Spirit speaking no longer only to Jews -- but speaking to everyone from the then known world. Its always the method of . . .

Anthony Brooke: Can you say how near we are to such a breakthrough of universal truth?

Fletcher: You are in the process now. But before Jesus became manifest there were people who had been prepared -- John the Baptist came prepared. But the world has grown and multiplied -- the means of communication have become simpler and easier. It takes not one man in a little country to be a John the Baptist, but many men in many countries to herald the coming.

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