Unknown But Known

by Arthur Ford

Introduction to Arthur Ford (Not from the book Unknown but Known)

In 1965 Rev. Sun Myung Moon came to America, for a tour around the country, blessing Holy Grounds.

At the stop in Philadelphia Pennsylvania they made a visit to the famous trance medium Arthur Ford.

Quoting Blessing Quarterly Autumn 1991/Winter 1992:

A Visit to a Medium

"Abogee," said Col. Pak, before starting. "In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there lives a famous trance medium named Arthur Ford. We can schedule a meeting with him, if you'd like."

"Yes, that would be good," responded Rev. Moon. "But we must do it quickly. There is very little time." Arrangements were made.

In Philadelphia, they sat around a table with a few other people who had come. Arthur Ford had never met Rev. Moon before and didn't know he was special. He went into trance, and his spirit guide, Fletcher, spoke. He said many things about Rev. Moon.

For example, he said, "It was necessary that Rev. Moon should come to earth. God had to have some man through whom the Spirit of Truth could speak. . ."

Toward the end of the reading, Fletcher informed them, "I have to go now. The energy is waning."

But Miss Kim quickly asked, "Have you anything to ask for Mr. Moon?"

Without hesitation, Fletcher answered, "I ask that those who have been blessed by knowing him. . .hold up his hands, shelter him, and feed him with their love. Give him your whole support. . .He is an instrument whom God is revealing himself. . ."

When Arthur Ford returned to his body, Rev. Moon took the subject position.

"When a spirit speaks to you from spirit world, it has a certain viewpoint," he said. "It will lead you in one direction. When another spirit comes, it will lead you in another direction. It is very important for you to learn the principle behind spirit world. . .

That way you will be able to grow to a higher level yourself. . . You were created to be Lord of Creation, so you should be higher than the spirits. They should help you. . . Also, you should find out what level Fletcher is at, so you can understand best how to work with him."

Arthur Ford was surprised by Rev. Moons remarks. He was also interested. He asked questions, and for about 45 minutes Rev. Moon explained many things about spirit world and about God's plans for restoring the world.

At one point, Dr. Ford's face lit up. "Do I understand you to say that those who are now in the spiritual world are able to advance only when they help people on earth to advance but that they don't reincarnate?" "That's right," answered Rev. Moon.

Dr. Ford was obviously intrigued. "Is that right? Is that right? he murmured thoughtfully."

"Well, who exactly are the angels? Just what is this Divine Principle you speak of? Should I work more on my own growth, or should I concentrate on helping others?" His questions kept coming, and Rev. Moons answers inspired him.

There were several priests in the group and Rev. Moon gave them advice, as well. It was a day none of them would soon forget.

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