Unknown But Known

by Arthur Ford

The Sun Myung Moon Sittings

Sometimes the course of my work seems to recapitulate some of the day. Such a sequence developed around the person of the Korean sage Sun Myung Moon.

Consider some of the ferments currently brewing. Reincarnation, a theme left severely alone by many generations of scholars, is currently having a considerable vogue. Several new books on the subject have appeared. Dr. Ian Stevenson resigned the chairmanship of psychiatry at the University of Virginia to investigate the hundreds of cases reported from the Middle East. "Of the 150 cases I've studied so far," he reports, "I haven't found a single fake." Professors E. E. Bernard of North Carolina State and Charles T. Tart of the University of California are doing studies of out - of body experiences where people have been shown to be in two places at the same time. An enormous volume of material has appeared in the press on the subject of possible communication with inhabitants of other galaxies. Meditation, in one form or another, has received unprecedented publicity of late. The dissolution and death of old gods and old institutions has also been a theme frequently heard.

Can anyone deny that world revolution, class and border warfare, and civil disturbance have been almost daily in the public eye? Astrology, until recently a dead subject, is booming, with responsible scientists now conceding that there may be "something to" certain of the astrologers' claims. The end-of-an-era theme, the idea of a new start for mankind in the approaching year 2000, cannot have escaped the attention of even the most casual reader. And the idea of ecumenicity, a world agreement among men on principles of living together, has taken hold of most of those, both religious and secular, who dare to look at the world as a whole.

Would it not seem at least a little unusual if all these themes were to be explored in some depth in a short sequence of two Sittings? As I read through the transcript of the tape recordings of the Sun Myung Moon sittings, it seemed to me quite out of the ordinary. Moreover, these sittings provide another opportunity to check the precognition of Fletcher and his co - workers on the "other side." Will the sayings of Mr. Moon achieve the predicted popularity over the next decade or so? Here are significant excerpts from the verbatim record:

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